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Naturally Rejuvenate Your Vagina with the Yoni Egg

Are you curious about the yoni egg? In this episode of the Woman Gone Wild Podcast, I’ll be giving you an introduction to the yoni egg, the many benefits of using the yoni egg, and how to start your yoni egg practice. If you’ve been looking for a natural, safe, and deeply healing way to tone and rejuvenate your vagina – you might wanna check out this cute little avocado 😉

Inside the Episode

  • What is vaginal rejuvenation
  • What the yoni egg is and where it comes from
  • Is the yoni egg body-safe?
  • The Pussy-Mind
  • How NOT to approach the yoni egg and vaginal toning or rejuvenation
  • My full-spectrum, holistic approach to vaginal rejuvenation
  • Yoni egg vs. kegels
  • Yoni egg benefits
  • The yoni egg controversy
  • Why rejuvenate your vagina at all?

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