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i help wild-hearted womxn deepen into their sacred sexuality, soul essence, & pussy potency

the pussy queen

yanique bell

you feel the call to go deeper into pussy consciousness. and you're done feeling chained to other people's approval...

I know you've come a long way. You've taken one courageous step after another to live life on YOUR terms. You're not afraid to take risks and regularly challenge yourself outside your comfort zone. You have a child-like wonder and relentless curiosity. You see the beauty in everything and believe in infinite possibilities... But for some reason, you still find yourself hiding, people-pleasing, and holding back all this amazingness living inside you. I help fierce and absolutely extraordinary wild womxn shed the mask once and for all and inhabit their full pussy potential and wild essence.

step 01

The journey begins with crystal clear clarity and a comprehensive roadmap to getting your delicious desires met. We'll get to the core of your desires so there's no confusion and you feel a deep, soul activation around your goal. I'll run somatic diagnostics to illuminate your internal roadblocks and identify external support systems that will facilitate your transformation and the manifestation of your desires. You'll leave this session feeling lit up from pussy to crown and with complete clarity about what you want and how to get it.

somatic blueprinting session

step 02

Next, the work begins! You'll have the opportunity to heal and transform in a profoundly safe and nurturing coaching container fit for a queen/x. You'll explore your inner blocks and complete intensely liberating shadow work that will bring you into divine alignment with your soul's original essence. In this coaching space, you'll not only heal the internal blocks to your desire, but also learn how to regulate and re-wire your nervous system to achieve anything you want, from unlimited self-love to financial success.

deep healing & sacred alignment

step 03

Then, we play! You'll use my unique Pussy-centered approach to expand your pleasure, own your crown, and rewild your life. You'll learn how to infuse your life with Pussy and watch as a revival takes place in and outside the bedroom. Pussy invites us to dream bigger, lead from the heart, and live unapologetically in the pursuit of our bliss and fulfillment. Using breathwork, meditation, and sacred sexual practices, you'll rewild and manifest from the inside out - expanding your orgasmic & personal potency.

pussy expansion &  wholistic rewilding

Experience my unique Pussy-centered approach to orgasmic living, profound intimacy, and erotic bliss.

get pussy-centered coaching to...

expand your orgasm

reclaim your sacred slut

explore pussy consciousness

become a rich bitch 💋

unleash your true essence

fuck like a goddess/x

date like a queen/x

cultivate unstoppable confidence

and take the world by storm!

step 00

I work with only 3 private clients at a time for 3 to 12 months and spots are filling up! Your custom package will include everything you need to thrive.

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i'm quite exquisite at what i do.


Before working with Yanique, I felt very disconnected from my body and my inner voice. I felt like I was stuck in Limbo, unclear about my goals and desires and forcing and struggling a lot. Feeling constant stress and anxiety paralyzed my actions.

Yanique helped me reconnect to my body, actually being able to hear my inner voice and listen to my intuition, while quieting down and accepting the voice of fear and understanding what she was telling me.

Reconnecting to my body enabled me to step into my energy, connect to my pussy, and to my power. Yanique helped me excavate my desires and the vision of the life I want to live, while helping me understand what was holding me back, identifying my fears around my goals and what they were actually meaning. 

My biggest win is feeling more self-love and acceptance. I now see my worth and feel more badass on a regular basis. 

Now, I actually know how to deal with blockages and overwhelming emotions so that they don’t run the show, while slowly letting go of perfectionism and control. My greatest lesson was that when I show up as myself I hold the most love, appreciation, gratitude and worth.

Yanique always made me feel seen and heard and clearly managed to make sense of the mess in my head...

lara r., germany

At the beginning I was super nervous. I didn’t think I needed much help or healing in my sex life, but boy was I wrong! There was so much that I suppressed in my love life that was so unhealthy... but my normal. The insights I received from our sessions last with me every day.

Now, I’m able to relax during sex. To step out of my head and allow my body to experience. I’m able to go with the flow of sensations. It brings me closer to my partner and our sex life has definitely gotten better. I enjoy sex more which I never thought I could ! (I’ve always enjoyed sex). My orgasms have also intensified! It’s been a win all around!

When I went to see Yanique, I was not an open person. It was so hard for me to talk to anyone about my feelings, emotions, and sex life. She creates such a safe and warm space that I found myself really able to open up. She’s helped me heal child wounds that kept me from being able to articulate my truth! 

Her meditations are super intense and designed for you to safely talk to the issue, trauma, or old belief system that is holding you back from being your full sex goddess! If you're on the fence about coaching, just dive into it! Whether you think you need it or not, the answer will be: you will thrive with it!

Yanique is not only full of knowledge and wisdom, she brings this to you in such a peaceful and guided way.


I love the overall energy Yanique creates. We worked on some deep inner child and shadow work exercises together. That can be pretty intense and yet somehow Yanique kept the energy flowy and light but at the same time deep. It’s an amazing skill to do that and not something every coach is capable of.

 I have a lot of sexual trauma I’ve worked through and on for some time so working through a lot of these early pain points was very hard for me emotionally. I was definitely not looking forward to it but my desire to begin dating again pushed me on. At the start of coaching, I knew I still did not feel safe even entertaining partnership.

Now, I’ve actually put myself out there to date again! I didn’t even think that would happen for another year but this transformation has all come about in 6 months which is amazing. I’ve fallen into love with my body again and my conversations with men feel so empowered. I don’t think I ever felt this level of confidence in dating before!

Yanique's space holding is ridiculously safe! Again, I’ve experienced a lot of trauma and going into coaching relationships can be scary because there’s uncertainty of how that will all be perceived. Not once did I feel judged or unsafe. Quite the opposite and it made me feel as though I could truly make the type of transformation I desired!

Do it! Seriously just do it. It can be scary, we can create blocks around spending the money but it’s so worth it and the side benefit to doing this work is it’s actually increased the money in my life!

Yanique is just incredible... I’ve actually put myself out there to date again!


In the beginning, I was a little nervous, for sure! I had a whole list of issues for us to tackle, but the two biggest were wanting to fully enjoy being in my body during sex and wanting to connect more deeply with my partner. This had to do with tackling some of the left-over issues I had from sexual assault and a religious upbringing.

I really appreciated that we began from a position of exploring my desires in sex but ended up tackling a lot of the mental and physical blockages I had.

This really helped me see how sex is linked to my overall health and vice-versa, and I think it's given me a more holistic understanding of the importance of sex and intimacy in our everyday lives. The coaching space was very safe and comfortable! Yanique has a very nurturing, calming presence. 

I also loved that we didn't shy away from tackling some of the deeper wounds that came up. And the assignments outside of our sessions were achievable and helped me move forward with my larger goals as well. Yanique has shown me that this work doesn't need to be overwhelming - even when it might seem a little intimidating, she will be there to guide you through these challenges! 

Yanique really helped me add more fun and spontaneity to my life. She helped me to relax and find the right mindset to allow myself to initiate sex with my partner during the week. And her easy-going, very confident presence made me feel more comfortable discussing sex and intimate issues with her- which in turn made it easier for me to discuss some of those things with my partner. Yanique is an absolutely amazing coach.

Yanique, you are PHENOMENAL!!!! If anyone has ever found their calling, it's you.


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