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6 Natural Ways to Rejuvenate Your Vagina

February 8, 2022


I didn’t think I would be needing to find ways to naturally tone my vagina. I used to think my vaginal tone and wellness was not something I needed to worry about until I was in my late 30s or after having several kids…. Until last winter, on my way back from a run in the freezing cold, I peed my pants on the sidewalk only blocks away from my home. Not exactly something I expected to experience in my mid-20s 😅.

Ever since, I’ve been paying more attention to my pelvic floor and vaginal tone. And I’ve learned that keeping a healthy, toned, and supple vagina and strong pelvic floor isn’t just important for preventing stress incontinence. It also helps in recovering from a vaginal birth and even prepares you for an orgasmic birth. Plus, a rejuvenated vagina is an orgasmic vagina. And you know, the best part? You don’t have to pay for expensive temporary procedures or undergo surgeries. Keep reading if you want to learn how to naturally tone your vagina and improve you pelvic health.

What’s Vaginal Rejuvenation? Can You Naturally Tone Your Vagina?

First, let’s talk about what vaginal rejuvenation is. Vaginal rejuvenation is a broad term for the process of restoring health and vibrancy to the vagina and pelvic floor.

For womxn who are experiencing overly tense muscles and sphincters (common in conditions like vaginismus where penetration is incredibly painful and not possible, even by just a finger), vaginal rejuvenation means focusing on releasing tension and trauma from the vaginal tissues and de-armoring the pelvic floor.

For womxn who are experiencing incontinence, weakness, are recovering from childbirth, or the symptoms of menopause, vaginal rejuvenation will focus more on building strength and methods to naturally tone your vagina. Notice, I use the term “tone” and not “tighten”. You don’t want “tight” vaginal muscles which can lead to numbness and painful sex. A “tight” vagina is not a healthy vagina.

A good vaginal rejuvenation program will focus on BOTH of these areas: releasing tension and building strength.

What does a healthy vagina feel like?

For starters, despite the colloquialism, a “tight” vagina is not a healthy vagina. Both overly tight and overly loose vaginal muscles are prone to pelvic floor disorders, pain, and vaginal numbness. Vaginal numbness is the lack or absence of sensation, particularly pleasurable sensation in the vagina.

A healthy vagina is one that is toned, supple, and sensationally alive. When you’ve cultivated a healthy vagina, you feel connected to your vagina. You can sense your vagina’s messages and feel her pull inwards. You honor her desires – and her no’s.

A healthy vagina is cultivated through regular attention, practice, and play. Yes, I said play! This isn’t long, arduous work! Some of the practices I’m about to share with you can be done in as little as 5-20 minutes. Pick one and add it to your morning or evening routine this week:

6 Natural Ways to Rejuvenate Your Vagina

#1 – The Jade Egg: Best Way to Naturally Tone Your Vagina

I first explored with the jade egg in 2019. (I’ll be sharing more on my experience in an upcoming podcast.) It is my absolute favorite tool for toning and strengthening the vagina and pelvic floor. I prefer it to regular contract-and-relax kegel exercises because of the emphasis on developing real subtle muscle tone and a deep mind-pussy connection.

I share an introduction to the jade egg in this podcast – Naturally Rejuvenate Your Vagina with the Jade Egg. It’s basically just a piece of pure jade crystal that has been polished into an egg-shape. The practice is said to have come from the Taoist tradition. Female Taoist practitioners taught concubines and wealthy womxn how to develop their vaginal dexterity and become better lovers using the jade egg.

In recent years, the jade egg has grown in popularity along with other “yoni eggs”. I personally prefer and recommend the use of the jade crystal, because it’s minimally porous, easily cleaned and sterilized, body-safe, and durable. In comparison, stones like rose quartz are more likely to scratch and even crack along their fault lines. Especially, if they’re not handled with care.

However, each stone carries its own metaphysical benefits. If you’re passionate about crystals, you may want to do some additional research to see which stone is suitable for you. But, for beginners, I endorse and recommend the traditional jade. (Alternatively, you can opt for a glass stone.)

Once you’ve chosen your stone and the right egg size (they come in size small, medium, and large), you’re ready to begin your jade egg practice.

A simple jade egg practice:

  1. Start by preparing a sensual, private space. Feel free to light a candle or put on soft, soothing music.
  2. Cleanse and prepare your egg for insertion
  3. Lay down with your knees bent (pointing towards the ceiling) and feet flat on the floor.
  4. Start by massaging your mons and vulva. You can use your fingers and an organic, natural oil, like coconut oil. Breathe into your pelvis, connecting with yourself as you massage.
  5. Now, bring the wide-end of your egg to the entrance of your vagina. If your pussy is a “yes” to the jade egg and this practice, gently and slowly insert the egg, guiding it in with your breath.
  6. Once inside, you may not feel it there (It may take a couple weeks before you actually develop new neural pathways and can feel the egg inside). Practice contracting around the egg and then relaxing.
  7. When you’re ready, remove the egg and thank your pussy and jade egg for this sacred time.
  8. Cleanse the egg and put it away for later.

This is a very brief introduction to a basic practice. And chances are you still have a lot of questions.

Like: What size egg should I get? How exactly do I clean and sanitize it? How do I use my breath to guide it in? What are all the different ways to squeeze around the egg? How do I get it out? I’ve heard some people add weights, do you recommend that?

In my program, Vaginal Rejuvenation with the Jade Egg, I answer all these questions and even cover topics you probably haven’t even thought about. Enrollment in the live program is starting soon!

As you’ll learn in the program, I balance my jade egg practices with soothing and healing practices. And the other ways to naturally rejuvenate your vagina below…

#2 – Breathwork

mmmm yummy yummy pussy breathing.

When I had my oopsy daisy on the side of the road, in the freezing cold, this is where I started. So many people don’t realize just how essential breathing is to pelvic floor health. While you may do a jade egg or kegel exercise for 10-20 minutes, you breathe every second of every day. And with each breath, you are training and conditioning your pelvic floor based on your posture, how deeply you breathe, and your core.

By doing just 5 minutes of conscious pussy breathing or pelvic breathing, you begin to train yourself to breathe more deeply and maintain your body’s correct alignment throughout the day. Over time, this helps to relieve tension from the pelvic floor, naturally tone your vagina, and create optimal pelvic health.

I also use breathwork in my Vaginal Rejuvenation program to help in the gentle release of stuck trauma, wounds from past relationships, and fears that can be causing tension and pain in the vagina and pelvis.

Using breathwork as a gentle healer can liberate old pains and build body awareness. It can also help to restore pleasure sensitivity in the vagina.

#3 – Vaginal Reflexology

Each section of the vagina correlates to another part of the body including the heart, spleen, kidneys, and more. By working with the reflexology points and de-armoring the vaginal walls, you’re also inviting balance and health into the other organs of the body as well.

The deep vagina, for example, near the cervix correlates with the heart. This is fitting since this is the deepest part of the vagina. When a womxn is ecstatically aroused and her pussy feels safe and open, the uterus lifts higher and this part of the vagina tents open to receive a deeper connection. When we are fucking from a deep love for life, ourselves, or our partners, the more Pussy is open to receive this depth of pleasure.

#4 – Mind-Body Work

I’ve spoken a lot about Pussy Consciousness in my podcast (the Woman Gone Wild Podcast). The foundation of your vaginal rejuvenation program is awareness. The more aware of and connected you are to your pussy, the more you’ll be able to sense what your pussy needs to thrive. I’ve heard many stories of womxn who begin vaginal rejuvenation work just wanting to tone their vaginas and improve their orgasms, and in the process, become so attuned that they were able to catch cysts and potential problems before they progress into a truly painful experience.

Not only is a pussy-mind connection medically essential, but cultivating a loving connection to your pussy will transform your sex life and the way you treat yourself. If you’ve been struggling to love yourself or speak with confidence and power, restoring your connection to your pussy will rejuvenate your vagina AND you. You’ll regain access to your bliss, your very essence.

A pussy-powered womxn is a womxn who is resilient, radiant, and grounded in her deepest self. You feel and become unstoppable. (and unfuckwithable – well not in that sense of the word 😉)

#5 – Vaginal Steaming

As much as I’m the Pussy Queen(TM) and love exploring all things pussy, vaginal steaming is one of those things that initially didn’t speak to me.

Personally, I’ve got a real sensitive vaginal microbiome so I’m mindful of what goes in my vagina. But after learning more about the vaginal steaming process, I’m now team steam. By combining different herbs, you can naturally cleanse and soothe your vagina. It’s recommended for vaginal rejuvenation postpartum and can also help with menstruation symptoms.

#6 – Nutrition, Hydration, & Exercise

Finally, the holy trinity – diet, hydration, and exercise. A few years ago, I started getting physical therapy for a sporadic hip pain that I was experiencing. It turned out my hips were out of alignment. I wrapped up my latest treatment last fall and have been relatively pain-free since. What I’ve learned from working with different physical therapists is that no muscle group exists in isolation. EVERYTHING is connected. The body moves as a whole. If you have weakness in one area, you’re most likely overcompensating and have tightness in another. This is why taking a full-body approach to pelvic health is essential – and also why I approach vaginal rejuvenation as a full mind-body-heart-soul endeavor.

Maintaining healthy nutrition, drinking lots of water, and getting regular exercise and joyful movement will all help to decrease stress, increase pleasure, and lay the foundation for a thriving vagina and sex life.

Now, are you ready to get started on your vaginal rejuvenation process? There are lots of tools to naturally tone your vagina and experience a more orgasmic pussy.

Combine all 6 methods in an effective system to naturally tone your vagina and revitalize your sex life, get the full online program: Vaginal Rejuvenation with the Jade Egg

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