hey, i'm yanique

i take wild womxn deeper into the wild - deeper into sacred pussy wisdom, power, & erotic bliss.

And when I'm not leading in the Pussy Revolution, you can find me working on my novels, singing my heart out in the shower, and doing impersonations of David & Alexis from Schitt's Creek. In other words, I'm real lol. I bring humanness and humor to sacred healing & sexual empowerment. 


the princess diary leg pop is kinda my specialty šŸ˜‚

the pussy queen

yanique bell

i used to be a people-pleasing good girl

until I decided to go from "holy" and "broken" to Whole & complete. 

So, you might be wondering: how did I get here? How did I become the Pussy Queen?

The (kinda) simple answer: my whole life has led to this path. Since my earliest memories, I struggled with sexual shame. I would be playing and exploring my world at the age of 4 and 5 and then suddenly remember that there was something fundamentally wrong with me.

And I didn't even have a word for my pussy, I just had a feeling that that thing down there made me bad and playing with it made me worse.

So, I started looking for ways to be "good" again. I became a devoted Christian, I got perfect grades, I got an Ivy League education, I tried to make everyone else proud...

Until I started to suffocate. The depression I silently struggled with in childhood came roaring back with thoughts of suicide. The religion that had promised me unconditional love and acceptance failed to deliver on its promise.

In the Fall of 2015, I found myself shaking, feeling irreparably broken, unlovable, and unseen. Then, I heard a voice. Soft, clear, and true. "You have to save yourself."

That day, I made a decision to live - really live. One by one, I let go of the toxic beliefs that were making me sick - that told me I was broken, incomplete, or bound for hell.

Day by day, I journeyed deeper and deeper into the wild, until one day I was finally ready to go back to ground zero, back to the place that scared me the most: Pussy.

i was terrified...

I had only decided to heal my relationship with my pussy and sexuality because I was eager to find love and knew I would never be able to be intimate with someone unless this part of me was healed.

I saw my pussy and sexuality as just a means to an end... Gosh, was I wrong.

I found myself in my local library - my childhood safe haven - looking for books on sexuality and empowerment to help solve my shame problem.

I was surveying the stacks when my fingers landed on Vagina by Naomi Wolf. I plucked it from the shelf...

The cover was two-fold. On the front was a circle cut-out, a peek-a-boo, to a painting of a woman holding a leaf over what I would soon learn to be the "mons." It seemed to be beckoning me inside...

I opened her up and read the inner flap...

"intersections between sexuality and creativity... scientific evidence that suggests that the vagina is not merely flesh, but an intrinsic component of the female brain-- and thus has a fundamental connection to female consciousness itself"

i felt an electric current run up and down my spine.

"a fundamental connection to female consciousness itself"

it was like i had literally been struck by lightening and awakened to my true path.

Right there in the library, in my my sacred place, my soul began to remember... I knew that this was what I was made to do - this work... I didn't even know what "this work" was yet. I just knew I would be teaching it, practicing it, being it...

Every cell of my being came alive when I read that line.

And now for the more complex answer to how I got here: After that day in the library, I dove deeper into Pussy. And while experiencing a past life regression during a pussy de-armourning practice (join my signature program Pussy Elixir to learn more šŸ˜‰), I discovered that this wasn't my first time at the Pussy rodeo... I've been doing this work for many lives. And it all began to make sense... I realized that when I was younger, it wasn't just our society's collective sexual shame & misogyny that I was picking up on, but shame and trauma that I had carried in from past lives.

I wasn't just terrified of my Pussy, but the power she held and what might happen if I embodied her (again) and all my gifts...

This work is not just what interests me, it's my soul calling and soul legacy. It is the expression of my soul's unique essence.

But I also have some impressive Earthly qualifications to back me up as well ;)

I started exploring and independently researching the relationship between Religion & Science while getting my Bachelor's in Religion at Princeton University. I've studied at the Tantric Institute for Integrated Sexuality and continue to study and learn from masters in the fields of Tantra, somatic healing, holistic sex, and science-backed transformation.

wisdom from many lives

and many masters...

i take an approach to healing, spiritual expansion, and pleasure that is based in embodied wisdom, science, and ancient philosophy

The spaces I cultivate and teach in feel incredibly safe and radiate radical compassion because I truly believe every single ounce of you is beautiful, sacred, and lovable. ALL of you belongs here.

your pussy is more than just a means to an end.

I'll be honest, when I first started sharing this work, I played it safe. I felt like a weird evangelist trying to plead the case for Pussy.

It was draining. It felt empty. I felt myself straying from the spirit of my work and that electric pulse that launched me onto this path.

I found myself people-pleasing again and watering my message down so I didn't scare womxn away... I was catering to womxn who were still afraid of Pussy, just like I was years ago.

While I believe this work is for everyone, I know I'm not for everyone. If you've found yourself here, still reading these words, I know that you're ready for so much more than just a "fun date night" or another list of ridiculous standards to meet in the bedroom.

My work is now simply for the love of Pussy. For the love of your free expression, wild embodiment, and full ownership of every single piece of you and the desires that light your soul on fire.

i work with womxn who've had their initial awakening and are now ready to go deeper and deeper into their wild.

so just how well do we match up?

What Iā€™m known for:

My love for yoga and meditation (the breath is everything *brb ugly crying*)

Sneaking away to the beach every chance I can get

Tripping up on my words (and making up new ones) on the Woman Gone Wild podcast (check it out!)

Always volunteering to open the wine... and often fucking it up

Having wayyyy too many books out from the library than can actually be read

countries I've been to


novels in progress


solo dance parties/week


womxn i aim to impact


my favorites



childhood story

the series of unfortunate events

thing in my house


sex toy

jade egg

how did we get here?

one wild, courageous, soul-stretching step at a time. let's take the next one together:

inhabit your full pussy, heart, & soul

heal, replenish, and deepen into pussy consciousness

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