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yanique bell

hey, i'm yanique

writer. creator. Mystic. Lover of all things erotic.

Come as you are and don't hold back. I've made room for ALL of you.

real love starts here

When I share my story with people, I'm often met with bewilderment and yes, a lot of questions. The mind can't quite understand how one makes the transition from being a people-pleasing, celibate, good Christian-girl dedicated to her faith to... well, the Pussy Queen™. To the mind, it feels like a big leap, but in my heart and soul it has always felt like a homecoming… a shedding of false selves and a deep sigh into the me that was always here, despite what I presented to the world out of fear and shame. 

I've always been sensitive to the bigness of the Universe, the wonder of life, and the invisible force that connects us all. I feel it in music. I hear it in the rustle of the trees. I breathe it in with every breath I take. 

I got here by following the very same energy that has brought you here. It's the unquenchable desire to heal, love, and become. I was incredibly afraid of this work when I first started, but I knew it was my work to do - for myself and for you.  

a peak inside my journey...

I blend Tantric philosophy, modern science, global spiritual teachings, and my own embodied wisdom to deliver training and tools to experience soul-stretching sex and greater self-realization. I've studied Tantra, sex, and love at the Tantric Institute for Integrated Sexuality. And I received my Bachelor degree in Religion from Princeton University where I studied the intersection between science and religion. 

At the core of my method is a return to Self - not the thinking self with its many identities, thoughts, beliefs, and fears - but the Deeper Self, which is pure unchanging essence. From this place, all is love.

Whether you're a seasoned meditator and Tantra-enthusiast or just looking to experience better sex, this core teaching is accessible to you and it will revolutionize the way you play, love, work, and move through your world.

I believe that everyone deserves to experience soul-deep love and orgasmic effervescence. There's so much more to experience... 

my coaching method

you deserve a love as




as you are.

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