the pussy queen

by yanique bell

pussy elixir 

the mystery school

a 12-month immersion into pussy consciousness to develop your wild feminine power & orgasmic mastery

for the modern feminine mystic

What if you felt safe enough to fully trust yourself?
If you let yourself let go completely into your heart and pussy's true desires... who might you become?

What untapped magic do you possess?

imagine having access to your most orgasmic and potent self...

 most orgasmic and potent self...

let's tap into your wild pussy power

how can we fully experience oneness or feel whole and powerful, when we're disconnected from ourselves? 

signs you're disconnected from your pussy's full orgasmic potency






you struggle with letting go and being present during sex and in life

you don't feel sexy or confident in yourself

you're wound up and holding a lot of tension in the body, vagina, and pelvic floor

you have leaky sexual boundaries and don't always ask for what you really want in sex & life

you're experiencing vaginal numbness or lack of orgasmic pleasure

if you want to become wildly orgasmic, increasingly intuitive, and consistently present,

reconnect with your pussy.

"My orgasms have intensified"

~ Sara A.

i used to be vaginally numb and sexually shut down.

I couldn’t feel much during penetration and something strange was happening every time my partner was inside me...

During penetration, I could feel myself freeze up and recoil into myself. It was as though every ounce of turn-on I felt only moments before, was quickly replaced by a fearful emptiness and deep yearning.

It was not at all the orgasmic experience I thought I should be having. I felt like my body shut down while my heart opened up to reveal a gaping hole that terrified me. 

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was carrying trauma in my vagina and an unimaginable amount of shame.

so, I took a deep breath and I dove into the numbness, into the pain... right into the center of darkness in my womb...

At times, I thought I was imagining it. Maybe they're just ghost symptoms.... Or, even more bleak: Maybe this is just how it is for every woman.

Worried, I did what we all do. I asked Google for answers. A quick search told me that "Contrary to popular opinion, most women don't feel much during penetration. The vagina is not very sensitive to pleasure." A pit formed in my stomach. The source was "reputable"... And yet I knew this wasn't true. It couldn't be... I had heard stories about women who could orgasm for hours from the slightest touch. I knew deep down that the vagina was not naturally numb. 

The wounding and trauma in my pussy showed up as numbness and tensing in my vagina - and pain and tenderness in my cervix. 

I could feel the lure of Pussy tugging on my heart, inviting me into her glorious depths... 

What I've experienced still shakes me today. I'm not who I was. Sweet sweet baby goddess, you've only scratched the surface of your pussy's potential...

here's what you need to know

"how is silent numbness affecting my pussy sensitivity and spiritual growth?"

Numbness is the reduction or lack of sensation. Numbness can often go unnoticed as it easily becomes our "normal."

Some signs you're experiencing pussy numbness:

- a lack of pleasure or sensitivity during penetration or vaginal play,

- inability to orgasm or anorgasmia (during self-pleasure or sex with a partner),

- a feeling of emptiness or nothingness during sex, sometimes accompanied with a general feeling of disconnection, dread, or of being outside of the body or stuck in your mind, rather than fully present with the sexual experience

the main contributors...

Sexual shame, past relationship wounds, childhood trauma, encoded guilt and disgust around being sexual, internalized racism and misogyny, feelings of unworthiness, brokenness, and unlovability - ALL keep us disconnected and numbed out. Numbing and blocking is the nervous system's way of protecting you from future harm.

This is why healing pussy numbness is such a deeply personal and expansive experience. It's also why I've made PUSSY ELIXIR a year-long immersion, so you can really dive deep and uncover the root cause. 

"What causes pussy numbness? why is my pussy desensitized?"

emotional barriers

Lifestyle & mindset

lack of orgasmic training & holistic sex tools

This is often overlooked in many programs. It's not enough to know where your g-spot is and what strokes to do. I'll be teaching you my core principles for Orgasmic Living and offering a full lifestyle makeover that will fully support your body, your incredibly lush and sensitive nervous system, and your pussy. These lifestyle shifts will support you in orgasmically thriving, while simultaneously restoring pleasure sensitivity to every area of your life.

And of course, orgasmic sexual training! So many of us have an expectation that we should automatically be good at sex - that the default is an easily orgasmic, dripping wet pussy. And so we think numbness is our pussy being broken, rather than our body needing generous amounts of playtime and affection.

To become adept at sex, we must train. In PUSSY ELIXIR, you'll receive the key practices and tools to make anywhere in your pussy (and body) orgasmic, as well as my unique approach to pleasure that is based on a true love for Pussy and not performing.

emotional barriers

lack of orgasmic training & holistic sex tools

Lifestyle & mindset

But numbness goes beyond just you.

Women aren't the only ones who are sexually numb. Men are too.

Our sexual culture & the way we've been taught TO FUCK IS de-sensitizing & traumatizing cocks and pussies alike.

It's beyond time to rethink the way we fuck. The answer isn't in another vibrator. I mean, have you ever wondered why there's no pink pill for the female orgasm?

Female sexuality is intricate, personal, and deeply intertwined with the female brain and female consciousness itself.

The numbness, disconnection, and tension that you're experiencing is directly connected to the numbing, abuse, and silencing of the divine feminine around the world - a process that began 6,000 - 12,000 years ago.

The vaginal tissues are so sensitive - we carry not only personal trauma and wounding within our pussy but collective and ancestral trauma as well.

It runs even deeper...

And a Pussy revival is underway...

The return of Pussy Consciousness and celebration of the divinely feminine has begun... in fact, Pussy was always here.

behold the power of pussy

Aboriginal Australian Rock Art from Kakadu National Park, Arnhem Land, showing the All-Birthing Mother Goddess in an M-shaped birthing position with her sacred pussy displayed | DNA analysis has shown the Aboriginal Australians to be the oldest (non-African) society in the world, their migration out of Africa taking place between 51,000 and 72,000 years ago. 

The Kilpeck Sheela-na-Gig in Herreford, UK and an Ashbourne carving also believed to be a Sheela-na-Gig | Sculptures of Sheela-na-Gig and her divine yoni were placed at the entrance of Celtic churches and citadels - dating back thousands of years.


Aboriginal australian goddess

Paintings of Mary Magdalene from the 15th and 16th century | In medieval and renaissance paintings, Mary is often depicted in blood red, a traditional symbol of the womb priestess and witch-shaman lineages. She holds an alabaster jar of anointing oils, common among priestesses. The mystical qualities of pussy, womb, and womanhood were often seen as the anointing gifts of these priestesses, as they assisted men in their quest for spiritual rebirth.

"The Triumph of Venus" - a desco de parto (birth tray) painted in Florence circa 1400, showing Venus surrounded by a golden mandorla, symbolizing the vulva, with rays of divine light emanating from her pussy and enchanting her worshippers below.

Mary Magdalene | Left: By Moretto da Brescia, Italy, oil on canvas, painted c. 1540-1550 | Center: By Quentin Massys, Netherlands, oil on oak panel, painted c. 15th or 16th century | Right: By Carlo Crivelli, Italy, c. 1480

the triumph of venus

mary magdalene

A traditional depiction from 19th century Tibet of the yogini Sukhasiddhi who lived in the 11th century | Sukhasiddhi is known for her generosity and enlightened teachings. A latecomer to Tantric Buddhism, she became an enlightened teacher and joined a lineage of female adepts who initiated many of the now famous male teachers of their traditions. The awakening powers of her pussy is unmistakeable.  


Real self-love starts here.

consistent presence, orgasmic surrender, confidence, and self-trust...

all stem from your connection to pussy

There is scientific evidence that pussy is more than just flesh. Pussy is "an intrinsic component of the female brain" and "has a fundamental connection to female consciousness itself."

~ from the writings of Naomi Wolf

Pussy elixir targets...

Your personal pleasure blocks & emotional history

Inherited ancestral trauma, wounding, & programming

Somatic residues from the collective and unresolved past-life trauma

healing your pussy means healing on every level.

Pussy Elixir is unique in scope, design, and depth.
Every body is different. That's why you're not only receiving universal tools, extensive training, and year-long support, but access live calls where you can receive personalized tools tailored to your needs and the way you play.

And Pussy can't be rushed. This work is not only deep, stretching into every area of your life and through centuries of collective trauma and programming, but requires a softness in approach that so many miss.

solutions that look like this:

We're often sold on straight-forward

one-size fits all

But the reality is 

healing looks a lot more like this:

You're receiving holistic tools, year-long support & expansive Pussy training

your vagina has a living consciousness and she's trying to speak to you.

Are you ready to not only let her speak, but allow her to take you to places so visceral and awe-inspiring, that you go beyond anything you could even imagine...

Becoming sensitive to pleasure means becoming sensitive to your pussy. A whole world of sensations, profound primordial wisdom, and soul-deep knowing is literally at your fingertips... 

reborn into mystery...

but talking about pussy as sacred & a feminine tool for awakening has become taboo.

Women are routinely shamed out of their pussy and sexuality. In a world that has only just begun to take a serious look at female biology and sexuality...

women experiencing sexual numbness, tension, or shutdown are often prematurely put on medication and anti-depressants that don't get to the root cause.

In PUSSY ELIXIR, you'll be learning your anatomy and using age-old tools from the Tantric and Taoist tradition to gently release trauma and restore sensual vitality to your cells.

You'll also be empowered with language and knowledge to help you better communicate your needs to doctors when needed, and honor your deep pussy knowing. 

You'll also be better equipped to detect misinformation like this...


"Tight" pussies aren't healthy pussies. This is a model that only cares about male sexual pleasure and seeks to map male sexuality onto women's. Female sexuality is fundamentally different from male sexuality - both are beautiful but require distinctly different approaches. Tight, numb vaginas are prone to pain during sex, pelvic floor disorders, infections, and sexual dysfunction in women. 

3 misconceptions about your pussy (that seriously need to stop circulating)...

The vagina is supposed to be "tight" and numb.


There's much more to female pleasure than just mechanical touch. That's why this program is a comprehensive 12-month deep dive into all the components that make orgasm possible and how each can deepen your orgasmic experience.

Orgasm is just about the mechanics -getting the pressure and speed right.


This is a product of poor science done in the 20th century. While you certainly don't HAVE to experience a vaginal orgasm in order to have a thriving sex life, vaginal orgasms are possible for the MAJORITY of women and is not just for a small part of the population. You can heal and re-sensitize your nervous system and unlock your vaginal orgasms: I'll show you how!

Only some women can experience deep, vaginal orgasms. 

we've known it since time immemorial...

Pussy and her veils of skin and holy womb are primordial gateways to divine consciousness, creation, and awakening.

your pussy has so much more to offer you...

This is not a program to conquer, subdue, or master your pussy, getting her to hand over the orgasmic goods. This is a journey back to fullness - you will be invited to inhabit the fullness of your sexuality, pussy, and power, releasing any demands on your body, pussy, and sexuality to perform. You'll learn my little secret to letting go of all the pressure and expectations and becoming naturally and effortlessly orgasmic.

In PUSSY ELIXIR, you'll not only be re-sensitizing your pussy but cultivating a completely new relationship with your true essence and sexuality.

if you want to become wildly orgasmic, increasingly intuitive, and consistently present,

reconnect with your pussy.

the pussy queen

by yanique bell

pussy elixir 

the mystery school

~ Valerie S.

"I've fallen in love with my body again"

"I have a lot of sexual trauma I’ve worked through and on for some time so working through a lot of these early pain points was very hard for me emotionally. I was definitely not looking forward to it but my desire to begin dating again pushed me on. Yanique's space holding is ridiculously safe! Now, I’ve actually put myself out there to date again! I didn’t even think that would happen for another year but this transformation has all come about in 6 months which is amazing.

I’ve fallen in love with my body again and my conversations with men feel so empowered. I don’t think I ever felt this level of confidence in dating before!"

~ Jaclyn W.

"I swear I physically feel softer. The increased pleasure sensitivity has opened me up to a whole new world of soft, slow touch that would've never registered before. The only word that comes to mind is delicious."

"I loved SO MUCH about Phase II of Pussy Elixir! Taking the time to build up arousal, creating sensitivity in my breasts, playing with breast orgasms... I feel so much more connected and present in my body now and I spend so much more time with self-pleasure because, wow, was I missing out on so much of my body that wanted to be explored."

a 12-month immersion into pussy consciousness to develop your wild feminine power & orgasmic mastery

for the modern feminine mystic

join now


To offer: (1) a deep and nourishing space for your pussy to heal, (2) a sacred initiation into Pussy Consciousness, (3) and tools to access the divine codes, orgasmic, and magical properties hidden within your pussy and womb.

In all the great spiritual traditions, it's been known that Pussy and her veils of skin and holy womb are primordial gateways to the soul and divine consciousness. 

Pussy is the most powerful portal for transformation, awakening, and enlightenment on the planet 

This science-backed education is paired with 

In this program, you'll receive high-quality education on the 

the nature of your erotic anatomy, and how to rewire your nervous system and 

mystical traditions, as well as my own embodied wisdom and experienced spiritual teachings. 

We draw on modern science, psychology, and Tantric philosophy to heal your vulva, vagina, and womb and reconnect to your orgasmic essence. But, your sexuality and sacred pussy wisdom can't be learned in a textbook. You'll recieve:

the Tantric and Taoist traditions and feminine 

science of pleasure

ancient wisdom from

awaken brand new pleasure pathways from vulva to womb and beyond. 

Audio trainings and practices and Live call replays for live practices, Playshops, rituals, and orgasm training sessions


one year

immersion into pussy consciousness

The most important component to this program is YOU. 

 You'll receive 99+ guided practices and replays for live practices, rituals, and ceremonies to experience what I cannot give you: 

For this reason, you are invited to hold each ounce of knowledge in

I've designed Pussy Elixir so you not only receive the holistic sexual education our society is starved for, but 

within your cells. 

 you can unlock. 

the codes of consciousness stored 

the deep soul knowing that only

the womb of your own heart 

 and decide for yourself what is true, what is yours, and what is medicine for you.

The most important component of this program is YOU.  I've designed Pussy Elixir so you not only receive the holistic sexual education our society is starved for, but 

the deep soul knowing

only you can unlock. 

Journey Through the Spiral of the Womb

Every lunar cycle we go deeper and deeper. Pussy likes to take her time and this program is catered to her slow, enchanting dance, beckoning you deeper and deeper. Each evolution brings you deeper into your knowing, deeper into Pussy consciousness, and deeper into pussy, as we journey from vulva to womb.

Pussy Elixir flows like the womb spiral. 

The Womb spiral represents the infinite unfolding of knowledge and evolution. When you trust the journey, you receive exactly what you need and what you're ready for in each cycle. 

inside pussy elixir

the 12-month immersion into pussy consciousness to develop your wild feminine power & orgasmic mastery

at a glance: 4 phases, 12 months

phase 1

phase 2

phase 3

phase 4





Each phase focuses on one of the 4 major regions of Pussy, starting from the vulva and the sacred opening of the vagina. Each month, going deeper and deeper into Pussy, cumulating with a breathtaking arrival into the Cosmic Womb and the source of everything...

Every cycle, you unlock new sensual trainings, guided practices, and Live Practice Calls, Orgasm Expansion Classes, Pussy Consciousness Rituals, and more.



....and she will reveal her secrets to you.


Month 1 -3

vagina is queen

Pussy is ordained by the goddess. As a new member of her court, you'll learn the secrets to ecstatic arousal, foundations for orgasmic living, secret passageways to her erotic hot zones, deep strokes to de-armour and unlock her defenses... Phase I is all about vulva, healing, and sovereignty. 

phase 1


month 1

orientation & sacred initiation

Pussy Elixir commences with a sacred initiation and soul activation. You'll also receive an orientation of the program and learn how to prime your nervous system for an orgasmic year of healing, expansion, and pleasure.


live call replays

• Website & Program Orientation
• Sacred Initiation

module 1 - orgasmic living

Pleasure is a lifestyle. In this module, you'll learn the 6 Foundations for Orgasmic Living and the core things you want to do daily to support your deep pussy healing and orgasmic flourishing.


sensual training

• Foundations for Orgasmic Living
• Sex is not a "Drive": Sexual Seasons & Your Stress Cycle


• Pussify Your Diet & Lifestyle - Playbook 
• Sexual Inventory Playsheet

live call replays

• Playshop: Pussify Your Life
• Pussy Consciousness Ritual

module 2 - greeting the body

Before we encounter the sacred feminine, we must greet the body. Deepen your somatic awareness and begin to melt away numbness in this week's revitalizing practices.


sensual training

• Somatic Awareness & Sexual Ecstasy 


• Easing into the Body - Body Meditation
• Deepening into the Body - Body Meditation

live call replays

• Live Practice: The Body Love Session 
• Orgasm Expansion Training: Focus

module 3 - Vaginal sovereignty 

Come to the altar and make your offering. This week, you will de-armour your vulva and vaginal opening, gently releasing trauma and stuck energy in the process.


sensual training

• Vaginal Sovereignty: Consent & Your Vagina


• Vulva De-armouring - Guided Practice & PDF Guide
• The Vaginal Altar - Guided Practice

live call replays

• Live Practice: Vulva De-armouring 
• Pussy Consciousness Ritual


month 2

module 4 - the sacred gateway

As we approach the Queen, we must learn to navigate and seduce her gatekeepers. Mind-altering bliss is but a hair's breath away... Nothing is off limits...


sensual training

• The Goddess of Disgust
• The Goddess of Shame


• All is Welcome - Guided Meditation
• Pussy Breathing - Guided Primer Practice

live call replays

• Playshop: BDSM Erotic Reveal
• Neural Conditioning

break week


module 5 - Erotic Hot Zones

Do YOU know your way around a pussy? Get a divine tour of your pussy and all her secret passageways, in this week's expedition into your erotic hot zones...


sensual training

• Commune with Your Anatomy 
• Habit Hacks for Friend-Zoning Your Vibrator


• The Pussy Tour - Guided Exploration

live call replays

• Playshop: Vaginal Deprogramming
• Orgasm Expansion Training: Pussy Strokes

module 6 - Vagina consciousness

Breathe into the depths. This week, you will reclaim your vagina from the shadows, fully inhabiting her once again (or for the first time). Through breathwork and conscious presence you will begin to experience the consciousness and aliveness of your vagina. 


sensual training

• Vaginal Embodiment: Inhabiting the Fullness of You


• Vaginal Embodiment - Pleasure Practice
• Vaginally Alive - Guided Breathwork & Meditation 

live call replays

• Live Practice: Vaginal Reclamation & Embodiment Ceremony
• Pussy Consciousness Ritual


month 3

orgasmic play week: pussy sovereign

Celebrate your Phase I growth and expansion in our first orgasmic play week!


live call replays

• Playshop: Crystal Pleasure 
• Playshop: Archetypal Play 
• Orgasm Expansion Training: Glow

End of Phase 1 pussy gatherings & Rituals

Now that you've played in the Queen's court, learning her cues and her erotic hot zones, becoming a seductress to her sacred gatekeepers, it's time to gather around the Pussy Circle and make an offering to the tribe. Pussy is awakening inside you now, you feel her irresistible pull to go deeper and deeper... even now, she beckons to you...


live calls

• Pussy Gathering Ritual
• Neural Conditioning to Integrate Phase I 

Rest, Free-Play, & Integration 

11 - 12

Email coaching available.


Month 4 -6

the charmed & aroused vagina

A charmed pussy is a generous pussy - the more you give, the more you receive. As Pussy calls you deeper and deeper inside, a seventh sense awakens. Where you were once numb becomes electric and intoxicatingly orgasmic. Get ready to taste the nectar of the goddesses, the elixir of life...  

phase 2


month 4

Phase 2 opening ritual

Everything begins with intention. Before ascending the second spiral and exploring the vaginal veils, you'll receive and align with the unique intention that will shape your personal experience of Phase II...


live call replays

• Ritual: Phase 2 Opening Ceremony

module 7 - pussy worship

We begin the second phase of Pussy Elixir in outstanding devotion to the divinely erotic and sensual. This is your initiation into sacred eroticism - are you ready to drink from your own cup?


sensual training

• 3 Ways to Work with the Sex Deities
• Liberating Your Inner Sex Goddess & the Sexual Kaleidoscope


• Sex Goddess Activation - Primer Practice
• Kiss the Honey Pot - Guided Meditation 

live call replays

• Live Practice: Pussy Worship 
• Pussy Consciousness Ritual

module 8 - Ecstatic arousal 

Some secrets set you free. These precious pearls are a pussy's best friend. Learn the secrets to a lusciously "wet ass pussy" - after this week, you'll never fuck in the same way again...


sensual training

• Tantric Secrets to Ecstatic Arousal  


• Tantric Pearls - Guided Breast Massage 
• Vaginal Initiatrix - Pleasure Practice 

live calls

• Playshop: Golden Goddess Sanctum 
• Orgasm Expansion Training: Breast Orgasms 

module 9 - the black pearl (G-spot)

Long before a White man "discovered" the g-spot, it was known in the Taoist tradition as the "black pearl." Your (G)oddess area is gushing with potential, though for many she holds the residue of trauma and wounding. This week, you will nurture her, like a faithful gardener. 


sensual training

• The G-Spot: Lure, Energetics & Activation


• Mid-Vagina & G-Spot De-armouring - Guided Practice 

live call replays

• Live Practice: Mid-Vagina & G-Spot De-armouring
• Pussy Consciousness Ritual


month 5

module 10 - Make Anywhere Orgasmic & G-Spot Orgasms

Can I tell you a little secret? Your entire body can become orgasmic. This week, you'll begin your vaginal orgasm training and learn how to make anywhere orgasmic using the resonant pleasure technique. 


sensual training

• Make Anywhere Orgasmic with the Resonant Pleasure Technique
• For the Love of Pussy


• G-Spot Activation with the Resonant Pleasure Technique - Pleasure Practice 
• For the Love of Pussy - Pleasure Practice

live call replays

• Live Practice: G-Spot Goddess/x Orgasms
• Orgasm Expansion Training: Increasing Your Pleasure Capacity

Break Week


module 11 - happy pelvis


sensual training

• Cultivating a Happy Pelvis  & Healthy Vagina 24/7


• Happy Pelvis Daily Stretches - Video
• Decompression & Deep Massages for a Happy Pelvis - Video
• Pelvic Breathing - Guided Breathwork

live call replays

• Neural Conditioning
• Orgasm Expansion Training: Resonant Pleasure Technique

Pelvic health is often misunderstood in a culture that falsely believes a "tight pussy" is a healthy one. This week, you'll learn how and, most importantly, *when* to do kegels, and the exercise most womxn need to do first before even approaching kegels.

module 12 - healthy vagina


sensual training

• Everything You Need to Know About the Jade Egg


• Basic Jade - Guided Jade Egg Practice 
• Vaginal Soothing & Deep Energy Cleanse - Guided Practice 

live call replays

• Live Practice: Basic Jade & Vaginal Cleanse
• Orgasm Training: Resonant Pleasure Technique

An avocado... thanks.... The jade egg might look like a tiny nutrient-packed, heart-healthy avocado - she's got all that, but she's lot sweeter ;) Take your vaginal health to the next-level with toning and cleansing practices that pair perfectly with this little helper... 

Couple's play weekend

Welcome to the first Couple's Play Sessions! Healing numbness and restoring vaginal vibrancy requires a total shift in the way that we make love. Whether you're in partnership or not, join these specialty calls to learn tools, practices, and approaches that will support mutual thriving and orgasmic bliss.


live call replays

• Day 1 - A Deeper Connection
• Day 2 - Orgasmic Sex


month 6

orgasmic play week: Goddess elixir

Celebrate your Phase II growth and expansion in our second orgasmic play week!


live call replays

• Orgasm Expansion Training: Squirting for Beginners 
• Playshop: Sacred Slutty Lust

End of phase II pussy gatherings & Rituals

Now that you're well on your way to a charmed, aroused, and gushing pussy, it's time to gather around the Pussy Circle and share the magic arising within your inner sanctums with the tribe. You might be feeling it too... The force of Pussy is getting stronger... where has she been all my life? Right here, darling. Right here. Come and taste.


live call replays

• Pussy Gathering Ritual
• Neural Conditioning to Integrate Phase II

break week(s)

23 - 24

phase 3 - pussy in heat

Month 7 - 9

pussy in heat

A Pussy in heat is a Pussy that knows her power and potency. As we approach the cervix, the great tunnel of death and (re)birth, we shed old false identities and make way for the remembering. Behold the great I am, the greatness that I be. Learn how to stroke your flames and liberate yourself from Pussy to crown. This is the den of of dragons. This is a Pussy in heat.

phase 3


month 7

Phase 3 opening ritual

Everything begins with intention. Before ascending the third spiral and approaching the all-powerful womb, you'll receive and align with the unique intention that will shape your personal experience of Phase III...


live call replays

• Ritual: Phase 3 Opening Ceremony
• 1-hr Private Coaching Session #7 - Cohort 1

module 13 - ENERGY TO FORM

Conscious, soul-stretching sex not only offers a thruway to better sex and deep healing, but enlightenment and deep soul remembrance. At the backdrop of Pussy Elixir and everything in the Universe is energy. All along we've been laying the foundation for you to awaken to the truth of you are...


sensual training

• What is Energy? 
• Understanding the Nature of Your Personal Energy
• To Know Energy is to Know God: Demystifying Kundalini Energy 


• Pussy Power Opener - Guided Breathwork  

live call replays

• Live Practice: Pussy Power
• Orgasm Expansion Training: Energy Pt. 1 

module 14 - women with power 

Are you afraid of your potency? It's time to unravel the fear of intensity, potency, and rage, unlocking your sexual fire in the process. Queen, you're not too hot to hold. There is nothing within you that you can't face... 


sensual training

• Navigating the Fear of Potency 
• The Goddess of Rage 


• In the Belly of the Beast - Guided Practice
• Sacred Sexual Fire - Pleasure Practice

live call replays

• Live Practice: Sacred Sexual Fire
• Playshop: Bitchin'
• Orgasm Expansion Training: Going Primal

module 15 - Creatrix Cervix


sensual training

• The Cervix: Lure, Energetics, & Activation


• Cervical De-armouring - Guided Practice 
• Cervical Orgasms with the Resonant Pleasure Technique - Pleasure Practice

live call replays

• Live Practice: Cervical De-armouring  
• Pussy Consciousness Ritual

Through this tunnel all life emerges. She holds within her, both power and softness. She is firm, yet tender. Bulging, yet hidden. Welcome to Mystery, welcome to the Beginning... Welcome to the Cervix.


month 7

module 16 - The Womb Heart 

Pussy heals. By now, you know, in a very real and visceral way, that nothing stands in isolation. Not our lives, not our desires, and not our pussies. This week, you'll learn how Pussy further innervates with the heart, as well as every major part of your nervous system. 


sensual training

• The Vagus Nerve & Your Cervix 
• Pussy-Heart Alignment 


• Soothing the Cervical Vagus Nerve - Guided Practice

live call replays

• Orgasm Expansion Training: Resonant Pleasure Technique (Cervix)
• Playshop: Building Tribal Rituals

Break Week


module 17 - Sex that Flows

Throughout Pussy Elixir, you've been untethering from toxic programming, familial conditioning, societal expectations, cultural "norms"... now, we untether from the "self." Who are you really? 


sensual training

• Forget What You Think You Know - "Crazy Sex"
• Yin & Yang: Finding Your Sensual Rhythm


• Finding Your Sensual Rhythm Playsheet
• Self-Practice

live call replays

• Live Practice: Full Body Orgasms 
• Orgasm Expansion Training: Energy Pt. 2

module 18 - Pussy Liberated 


sensual training

• Sex Beyond Binaries, Definitions, and Performing 


• Internal Harmonics - Pleasure Practice 
• Pussy Magic for Liberation - Guided Practice 

live call replays

• Live Practice: Pussy Magic for Liberation 
• Pussy Consciousness Ritual 

What happens when we let sex flow? When we let every sensation, impulse, and passion emerge without restraint...? You become Pussy Liberated. Strip it all away. Get naked and let yourself be seen. There's no more pretending to be done here.


month 8

module 19 - flowing with the moon

To be a woman is to be like water. We ebb and flow, some more than others. Understanding your flow, sets you free. You learn what you need, when, and how much of it. When you see your patterns, you can't unsee them...


sensual training

• Flowing with the Moon - The Energetics of Your Menstrual Cycle


• Get to Know Your Flow - Playbook 

live call Replays

• Orgasm Training: Surrender
• Pussy Consciousness Ritual

module 20 - blood moon rituals

There are ancestral memories hidden in the blood of your womb. Embrace your inner witch and alchemize the magic, mystery, and intelligence of your womb. With each cycle, another spiral is revealed. Join in the remembering...



• Blood Moon Goddess - Guided Ritual 
• Full Moon Goddess - Guided Ritual 

live call replays

• Live Practice: Womb Consciousness
• Playshop: Moon Rituals 

Couple's play weekend

Welcome to the second Couple's Play Sessions! Healing numbness and restoring vaginal vibrancy requires a total shift in the way that we fuck. Whether you're in partnership or not, join these specialty calls to learn tools, practices, and approaches that will support mutual thriving and ecstatic sex.


live call replays

• Day 1 - A Deeper Connection
• Day 2 - Sacred Sex

orgasmic play week: Goddess elixir

Celebrate your Phase III growth and expansion in our third orgasmic play week!


live call replays

• Orgasm Expansion Training: Advanced Strokes
• Orgasm Expansion Training: Speed & Orgasmic Timing  

end of phase III pussy gatherings & Rituals 

The foundation has been set. As old blockages finally give way, something new is awakening within you. A primal instinct, a deep Pussy knowing... for the first time, you're realizing I know. I know what my body needs. I know what I need. Gather around the Pussy Circle and breathe life into the you that is arising. You deserve to be seen.


live call replays

• Pussy Gathering Ritual
• Neural Conditioning to Integrate Phase III


month 9

break week(s)

37 - 39


Month 9 - 12

sacred cosmic fucking

Now, it's time to fuck with your entire being - pussy, mind, heart, and soul. Find magic and pleasure in the ethereal as we explore the cosmic womb and expansive orgasms. Get in the glitter rocket - we're ending with a big bang! 

phase 4


month 9

Phase 4 opening ritual

Our fourth spiral takes us even deeper. Pussy indeed is a lifestyle. In this final phase, you will learn how to create from the great cosmic womb and journey courageously into your personal wild. Receive and align with the unique intention that will shape your personal experience of Phase IV...


live call replays

• Ritual: Phase 4 Opening Ceremony


month 10

module 21 - Birth & Holy Womb

Breathing into the womb, we find our way to the stars. To the spaces between life and death. Creation and nothingness. Birth and Destruction. Mastering life and pleasure, requires a little death...


sensual training

• The Womb: Lure, Energetics, & Activation 
• The Goddess of Death 


• The Little Death - Guided Practice 

live call replays

• Live Practice: Sex & Death 
• Playshop: Burning Ceremony 

module 22 - Womb Alchemy 

The womb is the great alchemizer. Everything begins in the womb. Unlock the secrets to orgasmic manifestations this week as we venture into the cosmic womb. 


sensual training

• Into the Cosmic Womb 
• Living & Manifesting from Not-Mind 


• Pure Awareness - Guided Practice 
• Pussy Magic in the Womb-Void - Guided Practice 

live call replays

• Live Practice: Pussy Magic to Birth Your Desires 
• Pussy Consciousness Ritual 

module 23 - Sacred Slut Activation 


sensual training

• Shadow & Distorted Sexual Selves


• The Shadow Slut - Guided Practice 
• Sacred Slut Activation - Primer Practice 

live call replays

• Live Practice: Healing Your Sacred Slut
• Orgasm Expansion Training: Orgasmic Surfing

We all have aspects of our sexuality that scare us or make us feel "out of control." This week, we discuss shadow and distorted sexual selves and how to restore your sacred slut. 




month 11

module 24 - Orgasmic Deepthroating 

Now that you've awakened vaginal pleasure, it's time to advance your erotic skills. The vagina and throat are energetically bound - learn how to use everything in your toolkit to make anywhere orgasmic, even the deep throat...


sensual training

• The Sacred Connection: Vagina & Throat 
• Guide to Divinely Orgasmic Deepthroating


• Divine Deepthroating - Guided Practice 

live call replays

• Live Practice: Orgasmic Deepthroating 
• Pussy Consciousness Ritual
• Playshop: Slutty Playground 

module 25 - wholistic pussy


sensual training

• Vaginal Embodiment Pt. II  


• Wholistic Pussy - Date Night Playsheet
• Wholistic Pussy - Pleasure Practice 

live call replays

• Live Practice: Wholistic Pussy
• Playshop: Crafting Your Own Pleasure Practices 
• Orgasm Expansion Training: Intensity

We are ending in fullness. Feeling deeply connected to every single part of Pussy. Places that were once foreign, unknown, maybe even painful and tight, are now relaxed, toned, and activated. This week, take vaginal embodiment to the next level as you learn how to tune in and create your very own pleasure practices.

module 26 - sex for life


sensual training

• Sex for Life


• Pussy Magic for Radiant Health - Guided Practice 
• Pussy Consciousness - Guided Meditation 

live call replays

• Live Practice: Pussy Magic for Radiant Health
• Pussy Consciousness Ritual

Here's to a lifetime of pleasure. Cultivate radiant health and a streamlined connection to your true knowing. By now, it goes without saying: Pussy is the elixir for life. 

module 27 - where to go from here


sensual training

• Where to Go from Here


• My Next Steps - Playsheet 

live call replay

• Playshop: Pussy for Life  

How we end is just as important as how we begin. Let's end with intention.

end of phase 4 Pussy gatherings & rituals

It's time to gather around the Pussy Circle one last time as we integrate and dream. You are not and will never be the woman you were a year ago. You may have begun this journey, just for pleasure, but have now unlocked so much more. Come and join the Pussy Parade! There is so much to celebrate.


live call replays

• Pussy Gathering Ritual
• Neural Conditioning to Integrate Phase IV

closing ceremony & Activation


live call

• Closing Ceremony & Activation

"My orgasms have intensified"

~ Sara A.

"At the beginning I was super nervous. I didn’t think I needed much help or healing in my sex life, but boy was I wrong! There was so much that I was suppressing in my love life that was so unhealthy... Now, I’m able to relax during sex. To step out of my head and allow my body to experience. I’m able to go with the flow of sensations... I enjoy sex more which I never thought I could!"

"I've seen so much improvement and it's all felt really fun and nourishing to my body, which has been amazing. I've noticed a sense of trust building up..."

~ Jaclyn W.

"Everything is really delivered in a way that allows for a completely personal experience, which has definitely felt empowering.

I always feel so supported moving through all the modules, practices, and replays! Nothing ever feels intimidating or overwhelming, which puts me in a way more open and receptive state. Even running into some resistance through Pussy Elixir, Yanique delivering the practices as places to play and be curious helped me pick up pretty quickly that I'd fallen into the trap of trying to "get it right" and put me back into the headspace of all of this being fun."