vaginal rejuvenation with the yoni egg

Revitalize your vagina with full-spectrum training to release tension, cleanse, and tone your vagina in as little as 6 weeks!

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naturally heal, tone + rejuvenate the vagina using full-spectrum, holistic practices.

do things feel off down there?

it's time to ditch the discomfort, anxiety, and shame and finally cultivate a happy vagina

do you worry that things aren't as "tight" as they used to be down there? or maybe things are TOO Tight...

Or maybe childbirth and/or years of not exercising your vaginal and pelvic floor muscles have left you with weak muscle tone, incontinence, decreased lubrication, or subpar orgasms... These issues all stem from an unhealthy pelvic floor and underperforming vaginal muscles. And they are sure signs that your vagina could use some TLC...

3 Signs Your Vagina Needs Some Love

low-sensitivity + anorgasmia

You don't feel much during penetration and most likely rely on the clitoral glans for pleasure. Numbness may be due to lack of vaginal use and somatic awareness, but may also result from emotional shutdown and relationship wounding or trauma. 

You feel numb or nothing at all in your vagina. 

stress incontinence + low tone

This is a sign of stress incontinence and/or low pelvic floor tone. (It's normal after childbirth!) This can affect your urinary health and also your orgasms. Stronger pelvic floor and vaginal muscles are correlated with bigger orgasms.

You can't hold your bladder when doing activities like running or jumping.

pain + tightness 

Penetrative sex isn't pleasurable. You feel overly tense and have trouble relaxing the vagina open during penetration.

Ow! The vaginal opening is too tight and penetration is painful or uncomfortable.

poor vaginal tone and discomfort during sex can lower your confidence, libido, and even how you feel about your body on a whole

There is a direct link between your vagina + brain

Pussy is an intrinsic part of female consciousness and self-actualization.

If you're feeling off down there... you may be feeling off in other areas of your life as well. Restoring your vaginal health and unlocking your vaginal orgasms not only means more pleasure, deeper orgasms, but more personal power and confidence as well.

I help womxn feel deliciously orgasmic, empowered, and sovereign in their sexuality, business, and relationships.

pussy is the key to your wildest sex and wildest dreams.

My biggest win is feeling more self-love and acceptance. I now see my worth and feel more badass on a regular basis. 

Reconnecting to my body enabled me to step into my energy, connect to my pussy, and to my power. Yanique helped me excavate my desires and the vision of the life I want to live, while helping me understand what was holding me back, identifying my fears around my goals and what they were actually meaning. 

Before, I felt very disconnected from my body and my inner voice. I felt like I was stuck in Limbo, unclear about my goals and desires and forcing and struggling a lot. Feeling constant stress and anxiety paralyzed my actions.

Yanique helped me reconnect to my body, actually being able to hear my inner voice and listen to my intuition, while quieting down and accepting the voice of fear and understanding what she was telling me.

- Lara R.

but a happy, healthy, and orgasmic vagina needs your regular care and attention!

"Can't I just do kegel exercises on youtube?"

kegels (when done correctly) are wonderful! but...

healing and cultivating an orgasmic vagina is not just about toning muscles.

The right amount of tone and neural sensitivity in the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles leads to more pleasure, deeper orgasms, and a fuller sexual experience. Toning is important but BEWARE! This isn't the right first step for every body. In some instances, going straight to kegel and toning exercises can actually inflame pre-existing conditions.

In my Vaginal Rejuvenation program, you'll learn how and most importantly WHEN to focus on toning.

I also teach a somatically holistic view of sexuality. Your pussy and sexual desire are also impacted by your nutrition, level of physical activity, stress levels, and daily + monthly cycles. For optimal pussy health, we must consider the body as a whole. For this reason, focusing on simple contract-and-relax kegel exercises alone is NOT ENOUGH.

female sexuality is bio-psycho-social.

let's break that down:



Activating and accessing Pussy Consciousness is foundational in my work. The way we think, feel, and perceive our pussy and sexuality impacts how our pussy performs and feels during intimacy.

The mind and body are intimately connected. The hips, pelvis, and pussy can hold memories from our ancestors, emotional pain from past relationships, childhood wounds, and trauma. All of this can manifest as physical tension in the pussy and pelvic floor and mentally as disassociation/disconnection from pussy, low sexual desire, low self-esteem, and other emotional issues. Addressing muscle tone without addressing the mind does not get to the root.

The journey to a healthy, orgasmic vagina must involve deep emotional healing, a shift in consciousness, and the nurturing of new belief systems about our body, sexuality, and deservingness of pleasure and love.



The heart is the center of intimacy. Pussy quietly listens to the heart - picking up subtle cues and information that the conscious mind does not. For pussy to flower open and gush from her infinite fountain - for YOU to surrender and let pleasure take over your body - the heart must be involved. You must feel safe, seen, and deeply loved.

A loving relationship that provides true belonging, safety, and nourishment can produce this - but we can also cultivate this orgasmic state of mind within ourselves by first becoming the center of our own hearts, the receiver of our own undivided attention and care.

When you fall in love with your Pussy, your essence, and beauty - love, bliss, and orgasmic pleasure follows.

 In the absence of love and safety, we emotionally and physically shut down.



Your pussy may also be holding trapped trauma and emotions...

Your pussy is responsive to the presence (and absence) of genuine love and adoration...

vaginal healing and rejuvenation must involve all 3 areas: body + mind + heart



to heal your vagina and expand your orgasm, address the



what if you could find a natural, holistic solution that addressed all 3 areas (mind-body-heart) + didn't involve cosmetic surgery or invasive procedures?

Surgery can be an important step for high-risk, severe pelvic floor issues and this program is not a replacement for medical care. However, every woman deserves to know these simple and natural ways to tone the vagina and pelvic floor, before rushing to cosmetic procedures to "tighten" the vagina! Your pussy will go through natural changes and transformations throughout your life (and every month). 

There is nothing "wrong" with vaginal looseness after childbirth, menopause, or months of inactivity. There is nothing "wrong" with vaginal tightness after trauma or wounding.

 It's the body's normal response! To maintain tone, health, and flexibility, we must develop a regular practice of attuning to our vaginal and pelvic health - we must feed, soothe, and exercise our pussies just as we feed, nourish, and exercise the rest of our body!

vaginal rejuvenation with the yoni egg

that's why i created 

Soothe away vaginal tension + strain

Build vaginal tone + cultivate optimal vaginal health

Become more orgasmic + increase vaginal pleasure sensitivity 

naturally heal, tone + rejuvenate the vagina using full-spectrum, holistic practices.

vaginal rejuvenation with the yoni egg

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30 video + audio lessons and practices

surprise Live practice sessions, group coaching, and Q&A Sessions

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"What is the "egg" and how does it help with vaginal rejuvenation?"

The jade/glass yoni egg is an egg-shaped object made from a polished material...

It's commonly used to facilitate vaginal and sexual healing - helping to soothe and tone the vaginal muscles and rewire the vagina for pleasure. It can also be used like a traditional sex toy to unlock new errogeneous zones.

the jade egg practice is believed to have originated from the Taoist tradition, where female practitioners trained wealthy women in the erotic arts...

The practices kept the women looking and feeling youthful and gave them some pretty sweet pussy powers - like the ability to engage the vaginal muscles during sex and help their partners last longer, experiencing elevated spiritual states through the sacred sex practices...

would you like to unlock your pussy's powers? who would you become if you had access to this level of sexual and personal confidence?

Imagine gathering with other women for the same purpose of reclaiming your access to this most vital aspect of female consciousness, relationships, and health. I see it all the time. When a woman reclaims her pussy (and learns how to use it), a blossoming starts to happen. She begins to glow from the inside out. 

"Why jade or glass eggs? Are they actually safe for insertion? Can I use a different crystal or non-crystal yoni egg?"

As an advocate for safe sex and safe sex toys, I teach sexual safety as paramount to sexual sovereignty. For crystal eggs, I encourage the use of the jade egg because it's the crystal that is traditionally used in the Taoist practice - and with good reason! It's durable, scratch-resistant, very minimally porous, and has no fault lines (like the rose quartz, for example). In this program, you'll learn exactly how to clean and sanitize the jade egg before and after EVERY use. 

The glass yoni egg is completely body-safe! This is a great option for those who don't connect to the energetic properties of crystals and want something that is completely non-porous.

a complete guide to purchasing and selecting your egg material and size is located in the "getting started" module.

All practices in this program can be done with any egg you choose - you'll even learn how to use an "energetic" egg for those days you don't want to insert anything at all!

*a moderate practice is key*
This is not a program for a "tight" or hypermuscular pussy.

Please note that this program is not for building a "hypermuscular" pussy or "tight" pussy. Be weary of any program or treatment to just "tighten" the vagina. Remember the vagina is meant to be supple and flexible - a "tight" pussy is not a healthy pussy. I teach a moderate use of the egg with regular vaginal soothing and deep relaxation practices being essential for a healthy and safe practice. A little goes a long way. Once you learn to use your vaginal muscles with the help of the egg, you're more likely to engage them during sex and intimacy and so it's not necessary to build a rigorous practice or overdo it.

the benefits of cultivating a regularvaginal rejuvenation practice...

decrease incontinence

In Vaginal Rejuvenation, you'll learn how to soothe and release tension and effectively build the right amount of tone.


Weak pelvic floor muscles are often the cause of stress incontinence.

While excess tension and tightness in the pelvic floor contribute to urge incontinence.

Help to Prepare the body for an easier (even orgasmic) childbirth

While the jade/yoni egg practice is NOT recommended for women who are currently pregnant, cultivating a healthy vagina and deep pussy connection before conception can greatly improve your birthing experience.


Vaginal and pelvic floor tone supports a healthy pregnancy and can decrease risk of prolapse 

Increasing the pleasure sensitivity in the vagina. Sexual healing work supports a more pleasurable and orgasmic birth

Incontinence can happen at any age! I had my first oopsy at 25 (no children). I've used the practices you'll learn in this program to heal my incontinence.

improve vaginal tone after birth

The jade/yoni egg practices can be introduced as early as 6 weeks postpartum. The body meditations and breathwork practices can be used even earlier to aid your recovery and soothe the body.


Regain tone in the vagina and pelvic floor to aid in your postpartum recovery

Reconnect with your body, pussy, and sexuality

You'll learn exactly what egg size to start with for your body type!

your pussy has so much more to offer

experience more orgasms, more easily, and more intensely...

gently heal Personal + ancestral trauma and wounding trapped in the vagina + hips

The wounding you may be holding in your vagina and hips are NOT necessarily sexual wounds. As a result, this healing work is not just essential for those recovering from abuse and sexual violence, but all women.


Recent studies have shown that trauma is generational and can be passed down and held in the body.

Past trauma and wounding generally show up in the hips and vagina as tension, pain, discomfort, and intense emotions or energies

unleash your sacred eroticism

Become an exquisite lover when you fall deeply in love with all of you and cultivate a gushing, alive, and orgasmic pussy.


Pussy is deeply intertwined with female consciousness and divine expression. 

By healing vaginal numbness and rewiring your vagina for pleasure, you'll unlock a more embodied, free, and sensually alive version of you.

*Results vary for each person. Full program completion and consistent practice is recommended to achieve your desires.

naturally heal, tone + rejuvenate the vagina using full-spectrum, holistic practices.

vaginal rejuvenation with the yoni egg

inside the program...

vaginal rejuvenation with the yoni egg

what makes this jade egg program unique?

A holistic, full-spectrum approach to vaginal rejuvenation and healing

Gentle trauma healing and deep relaxation practices to re-establish safe-touch

Pussy-positive community space that nurtures our basic need for safety, love, and belonging when reclaiming our authentic sexuality


get full-access to the complete vaginal rejuvenation program

Program Modules

8-Week Program - Journey through each module at your own pace!


live call replays

Go deeper with replays of live guided practice sessions from the Vaginal Rejuvenation library.


Practices & Trainings

Get access to all guided practices and sensual trainings

module 1 - vaginal soothing

Sensual training

Vaginal Anatomy

The Egg Inside You

Vaginal Reflexology

Vaginal Soothing


Pelvic Breathing

Pussy Massage

Cultivating a Happy Pelvis & Healthy Vagina 24/7

Daily Stretches for a Happy Pelvis

Decompression and Deep Massages for a Happy Pelvis

Week 1 Call replays

Orientation + Sacred Initiation 

Pussy Consciousness - Live Practice 

"Why can't I feel anything down there?"

your vagina is a muscle. use it or lose (tone + sensation in) it.

For the past few years, I've specialized in helping women heal vaginal numbness. These soothing and toning practices help to improve somatic awareness and vaginal sensitivity.

If you would never skip leg day for months - why do this to your vagina or pelvic floor? Don't miss pussy day! The soothing practices in Module 1 prepare you to effectively and safely tone your vagina and strengthen your pelvic floor in Module 2. These two modules are foundational. You'll learn exactly where you should be starting based on your body's unique needs.

module 2 - yoni egg prep

Sensual trainings

How to Clean + Remove Your Jade Egg

Programming + Creating a Heart Connection with Your Egg 

Cultivating a Luscious and Sacred  Practice

Gentle Re-sensitizing with the Egg

module 3 - vaginal toning + Re-sensitizing

Sensual trainings

How to Clean + Remove Your Jade Egg

Programming + Creating a Heart Connection with Your Egg 

Cultivating a Luscious and Sacred  Practice


Reverse Pussy Breathing for Vaginal Toning

Basic Vaginal Toning with the Egg 

Vaginal Articulation with Reflexology

Pelvic Floor Articulation

Gentle Re-sensitizing with the Egg

Primer Practices

Breast Massage

Pussy Breathing

Sensual Transfiguration

Sacred Bliss Ritual Opening 

Full Body Massage 

Week 3 Call replays

Gentle Vaginal Toning - Live Practice 

module 4 - deep release

Sensual trainings

Pussy Knows: Ancestral Trauma & Past-Life Healing 

Wholly You: Healing the Heart & Deep Vagina to Reclaim Your Full Essence 


Vaginal Soothing & Deep Energy Cleanse

Gentle Trauma Releasing with the Egg

Clearing Your Timeline

Ancestral Healing with the Egg

Week 4 Call replays

Wholly You - Live Practice 

"I have no libido, zero desire for sex or intimacY..."

sex is not a drive. sex is an incentive-driven desire.

Sex drive isn't actually a thing - sexual desire is. If your desire has dropped, the culprit isn't necessarily your hormonal levels or monogamy - it's more likely due to how you feel about your body and sexuality, the beliefs you have about sex, and how satisfied you are in your relationship (with yourself and partner). Addressing the heart-pussy gap, learning what makes your pussy purr, and choosing to become your most radiant sexual self (a process you'll learn in this program) drastically shifts your desire for sex and sexual satisfaction.

module 5 - orgasmic love infusion

Sensual trainings

Infusing the Vibration of Love 

 Unlocking Your Vaginal Orgasms (Jade Premium+)


Deep Vagina Love Infusion 

Expanded Orgasms with the Egg 

Week 5 Call replays

Deep, Orgasmic Lovemaking - Live Practice 

module 6 - advanced toning

Sensual trainings

Deepening Your Practice 


Advanced Practice: The Elevator

Advanced Practice: Gentle Resistance

Advanced Practice:
Standing Exercises

Advanced Play: Our Little Secret

Double Fun

Primer Practices

Erotic Queen Transfiguration

Primal Pussy Breathwork 

Week 6 Call Replays

Own Your Pussy Power - Live Practice 

Advanced Practice: Weighted Lifts

Jade Lovers - Couple's Practice 

Ecstatic Bliss

module 7 - Vaginal spa

Sensual trainings

Pussify Your Diet & Lifestyle

Vaginal Steaming 101 

The 4 Orgasmic Principles 


Squirting: Gush like a Goddess

Pussy Magic for Radiant Health

enjoy a bonus module!

Week 7 Call replays

Celebrations Call + Closing Ritual

Squirting for Beginners - Playshop

your vagina isn't meant to be "tight" or "numb."

a healthy vagina is toned, supple, and pleasure-sensitive.

Receive foundational education on your pelvic floor and vaginal anatomy that every woman should know in order to sexually thrive and prevent pelvic floor issues as you age. A healthy and happy vagina is an orgasmic vagina.

My orgasms have intensified!

At the beginning I was super nervous. I didn’t think I needed much help or healing in my sex life, but boy was I wrong! There was so much that I suppressed in my love life that was so unhealthy... but my normal.

Now, I’m able to relax during sex. To step out of my head and allow my body to experience. I’m able to go with the flow of sensations. It brings me closer to my partner and our sex life has definitely gotten better. I enjoy sex more which I never thought I could ! (I’ve always enjoyed sex). My orgasms have also intensified! It’s been a win all around!

- Sara A.

naturally heal, tone + rejuvenate the vagina using full-spectrum, holistic practices.

vaginal rejuvenation with the yoni egg

part one of pussy academy


Vaginal Rejuvenation

Full access to the complete program, live practice replays, and program support.


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access the full program:

Orientation & Sacred Initiation Call Replays


Vaginal Anatomy, Vaginal Reflexology, Vaginal Soothing | Pelvic Breathing, & Pussy Massage Practices | Cultivating a Happy Pelvis & Healthy Vagina 24/7  |  Daily Stretches for a Happy Pelvis  |  Decompression and Deep Massages for a Happy Pelvis

MODULE 2 & 3:


"Pussy Knows: Ancestral Trauma & Past-Life Healing" & "Wholly You: Healing the Heart & Deep Vagina to Reclaim Your Full Essence" | Vaginal Soothing + Deep Energy Cleanse, & Gentle Trauma Releasing with the Egg Practices | Ancestral & Past-Life Healing with the Egg | Clearing Your Timeline


Infusing the Vibration of Love | Deep Vagina Love Infusion | Unlocking Your Vaginal Orgasms  |  Expanded Orgasms with the Egg 


Deepening Your Practice | Erotic Queen Transfiguration Primer Practice | The Elevator, Resistance Makes the Pussy Grow Stronger, Standing Exercises, Our Little Secret, & Weighted Lifts Advanced Practices | Primal Pussy Breathwork  |  Double Fun, Jade Lovers - Couple's Practice, & Ecstatic Bliss Advanced Practices


Pussify Your Diet & Lifestyle, Vaginal Steaming 101, & The 4 Orgasmic Principles  |  Squirting: Gush like a Goddess  |  Pussy Magic for Radiant Health

6 Live Practice Replays

Celebration Call & Closing Ritual Call Replay


the Pussy Love course

Bonus module (Vaginal spa) + Squirting workshop

Bonus playshop - Sensational lovemaking for couples

$48 Bonus

your PUSSY ACADEMY journey begins with vaginal rejuvenation journey. here's everything included:

How to Clean + Remove Your Jade Egg | Programming + Creating a Heart Connection with Your Egg | Cultivating a Luscious and Sacred Practice | Breast Massage, Pussy Breathing, Sacred Bliss Ritual Opening, Full Body Massage, & Sensual Transfiguration Primer Practices | Reverse Pussy Breathing for Vaginal Toning, Basic Vaginal Toning with the Egg, Vaginal Articulation with Reflexology, Pelvic Floor Articulation  |  Gentle Re-sensitizing with the Egg Practice

you deserve to live and love orgasmically.

pussy academy

Although your Pussy Academy journey is self-paced, you'll still receive ongoing support through PUSSY ACADEMY Live sessions (complimentary 2-year subscription included) and online program support. 

Online Program & Coaching Support

Rest assured, you have continuous access to PUSSY ACADEMY (for the lifetime of the program! That's a minimum of 4 years and extends to our very last live class. We look forward to journeying with you for years and years to come).  So, feel free to complete each program at a pace that feels good to you.

Go at Your Own Pace


Includes 27 pleasure-expanding Program Modules with over 150+ sensual trainings, audio practices, and live class replays with a weekly schedule to keep you on track.

The 1-Year Pussy Elixir: Mystery School Program

everything Included:

Includes 6 Program Modules designed to help you improve your pelvic floor and vaginal tone and gently release trauma from the hips and pelvis.

The Vaginal Rejuvenation Program

Includes 10 Program Modules with practices to fine-tune your sensual mastery and take your orgasms to the next-level.

The Wildly Orgasmic Program

2-Year PUSSY ACADEMY Live Membership, plus each program includes its own bonuses. From additional mini-programs to couple's classes, you're receiving over $8,000 in mega-bonuses.

Over $8,000 in Bonuses

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The PUSSY ACADEMY programs can be comfortably completed within two years, (even with ample rest periods!). During this time, enjoy access to PUSSY ACADEMY Live, where you can join live practices, bonus trainings, and coaching calls.

At the end of your complimentary two year subscription, you may continue to journey with us live with a paid annual or semi-annual subscription.

one payment of $14,249

get these vaginal rejuvenation bonuses when you join PUSSY ACADEMY

Bonus module - vaginal spa

Refresh, revitalize, and squirt (!!) in this bonus module. From vaginal steaming to squirting, your pussy will enjoy this delicious spa day.


The pussy love course

The Pussy Love Course is designed to help you reconnect with your pussy, gently release trauma, and discover your authentic sexual expression.


$48 bonus

Bonus live playshop - Sensational lovemaking for couples

Ready for a fun Tantric date night? Get access to the bonus live playshop that's sure to sweeten your lovemaking.


naturally heal, tone + rejuvenate the vagina using full-spectrum, holistic practices.

unlock your pussy's power

(it only gets sweeter from here...)

on the fence?
Let's chat!

Hi I'm Yanique, the Pussy Queen! I help wild-hearted women reclaim their pussy, release their inner wild wise woman, and experience orgasmic effervescence. Teetering on the fence? Let's chat!

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"Yanique is not only full of knowledge and wisdom, she brings this to you in such a peaceful and guided way."

Sara A.

can you use any type of yoni egg for this program?

Yes! You can use any yoni egg made of any material (i.e. another crystal or glass) that you personally feel comfortable with. A full purchase guide is provided in the "Getting Started" module to help you assess the pros and cons of working with jade, other crystals, and glass.


who is the yoni egg practice not suitable for? can you do this program immediately after giving birth?

The yoni egg practice is not suitable for women who are pregnant (or think they might be) and should not be used until 6 weeks postpartum (pending approval from your physician/care team). The egg should also not be used if you have bladder, vaginal, or rectal prolapse (unless you have consulted with your doctor first and are doing this program in conjunction with other treatment from your medical provider). 

The egg should not be used while you have a vaginal or pelvic infection. If you have any other medical conditions and concerns, please consult your physician to make sure this program is suitable for you. For more questions, get in touch.

is this program for women with vaginismus and/or vulvodynia?

Vaginismus and vulvodynia are often caused by excess tension in the pelvic floor and vagina - usually resulting from trauma or wounding. This program offers holistic tools that may help to soothe away this tension and help you emotionally heal. I recommend starting with the Vaginal Soothing practices in Module 1 and the Deep Healing practices in Module 3 (without the egg). More recommendations are provided in the program for womxn who are experiencing too much tension in the vagina/pelvic floor.

However, this program is an educational tool and should not be used to treat or diagnose any medical ailments. It does not replace medical treatment and assessment by a medical professional. Depending on the severity of your case, this program may be most effective when done in combination with other medical treatment and/or private coaching. To get clarity on which route may be best for you, get in touch.

does this program come with a jade/glass/yoni egg?

You have full liberty to choose what kind of yoni egg you desire to work with in this program. You can choose the traditional jade egg, a yoni egg made of a different crystal, or a glass yoni egg. The program does not come with an egg.

is this program for women with severe prolapse?

This program is not designed for women with severe prolapse. If after treatment your physician has recommended holistic practices and exercises like kegels, then you may consult your physician to see if a yoni egg practice may support you at this stage of your recovery. If you have a milder case of prolapse, you can consult with your physician and/or physical therapist currently to see if kegel-like exercises are recommended.  For more questions, get in touch.

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review full program details

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