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Turns out podcasters get sick too 😅 I’m back after a couple weeks of self-care and oh my bejeezus, is this an episode to rock your world! In this episode of the Woman Gone Wild Podcast, I’m sharing my jade egg review and my first jade egg orgasm… 👀 I’m just gonna leave it at […]

My First Jade Egg Orgasm – 090


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I didn’t think I would be needing to find ways to naturally tone my vagina. I used to think my vaginal tone and wellness was not something I needed to worry about until I was in my late 30s or after having several kids…. Until last winter, on my way back from a run in […]

6 Natural Ways to Rejuvenate Your Vagina


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Goddess, what’s the most important relationship you’ll ever have in your entire life? The one with yourself… and your body! In this week’s podcast, Refriending Your Body, I shared a Body Love Assessment to help you gauge just how comfortable you really are with your body. I’ve written it out here, so you can easily […]

This Quiz Lets You Know How at Home You Are in Your Body – Take it Now!



Last week was a simultaneously painful… and full of pleasure. In the same week I was having a 45 minute orgasm, I was also having panic attacks and crying non-stop. And yet I’m so grateful for it all and also all the inner work I’ve done that allows for such flexibility within my nervous system. […]

Ancestral Wounds & Trauma Cycles – 027


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We all have the tendency to dim our lights when we feel like it’s too uncomfortable for others to see us in our full brightness. Often times, it’s in subtle ways we don’t even recognize. It’s like when you decide not to wear the expensive purse you love, that looks amazing with your outfit, on […]

Are You Dimming Your Light to be More Relatable? Take This Challenge


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