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PUSSY ACADEMY combines three pussy-expanding programs and live coaching into one full-spectrum approach to intimacy, emotional healing, and spiritual evolution.  

With a focus on holistic trauma-informed healing, embodiment, and spiritual development, PUSSY ACADEMY is designed to take you from dissatisfaction, shame, and utter confusion around your sexual wellness and relationships into clarity, orgasmic mastery, and sexual confidence. 

I help women uncover the deepest parts of their being through sacred sex practices and meditations. The PUSSY ACADEMY approach both expands the body's pleasure capacity and opens up a portal to the wisdom of the soul.

Start your PUSSY ACADEMY journey by watching the free training and booking your free 25-min Pussy Decoder session:




pussy academy

Danya N, Mexico

"I've felt loooong states of orgasms, cervical orgasming... It has so much to do with where my consciousness is too.

The space I go into when I put play on the audio practices are completely new each time, as my body's awareness is also ever-evolving."


Pussy heals, expands, and awakens...

jaclyn W, USA

"My biggest breakthrough is in the amount of pleasure and joy I'm now open to receiving and experiencing. Not only has my physical pleasure expanded, I actually started an Astrology business last month, I'm now open to a partner entering into my life, I've started taking better care of my body through a yoga practice and being more mindful with my eating."


Increase your receptivity to pleasure in every area of your life!

Orgasmically create your dream life!

Lara R, Germany

"My biggest win is feeling more self-love and acceptance. I now see my worth and feeling more badass on a regular basis.

My greatest lesson was that when I show up as myself I hold the most love, appreciation, gratitude and worth. I now have a clear vision on my goals and the steps on how to achieve them."


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