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The journey back to wholeness is a process of reclamation and radical self-love. Enter through the sacred gateway... 

become your most orgasmic & potent self

this is pussy academy

PUSSY ACADEMY combines three pussy-expanding programs into one full-spectrum approach to intimacy, emotional healing, and spiritual evolution.  

With a focus on holistic trauma-informed healing, embodiment, and spiritual development, PUSSY ACADEMY is designed to take you from dissatisfaction, shame, and utter confusion around your sexual wellness into clarity, orgasmic mastery, and sexual confidence. 

I help women uncover the deepest parts of their being through sacred sex practices and meditations. The PUSSY ACADEMY approach both expand the body's pleasure capacity and opens up a portal to the wisdom of the soul.

Explore the program and perks. Start your PUSSY ACADEMY journey:

the 3 pussy myths

Experience your pussy's power.

There is scientific evidence that pussy is more than just flesh. Our connection to this part of our body is the difference between feeling vitally present and feeling fragmented and unknown to ourselves. 

When we connect to pussy, we connect to our soul's original essence. 

We begin the process of weaving and re-weaving threads of wisdom that have been activated by our ancestors and past-life experiences. The cells of the body not only store trauma that we gently heal and address throughout PUSSY ACADEMY, but memories and knowledge that when restored and integrated lead us back to the fullness of who we are.

Pussy has the power to bring us ecstatic pleasure, deep healing, alchemical transformation, and spiritual revelations.

experience your orgasmic rebirth 

pussy academy is three in-depth programs in one

vaginal rejuvenation with the yoni egg

7 modules   |   complete in 2 months

The journey begins with a refreshing revitalization of the vagina with exercises to first release tension and trauma from the pelvis and, then, strengthen and tone the pelvic floor and vagina, for a toned, supple and happy vagina. The Vaginal Rejuvenation program is focused on cultivating the foundations for vaginal and pelvic floor health, while gently re-establishing the pussy-mind-heart connection.


pussy elixir: the mystery school

27 modules   |   complete in 9-12 months

A full immersion into Pussy Consciousness to develop your wild feminine power & orgasmic mastery, PUSSY ELIXIR: The Mystery School is the core Pussy Academy program. In PUSSY ELIXIR, you'll receive extensive training on the erotic and sacred sexual arts. This is both a sensual and spiritual awakening... 


wildly orgasmic

10 modules   |   complete in 2-3 months

Unlock longer, deeper, more expansive orgasms. The final program in the series Wildly Orgasmic provides a finishing touch, fine-tuning the skills you've mastered so far and emphasizing the subtle shifts required to become wildly orgasmic.


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vaginal rejuvenation

pussy elixir

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review full program details

wildly orgasmic

part one

part two

part three

start your self-paced journey to liberation and sensual aliveness

everything you need to sexually thrive...

All in one place.

With access to over 50 call replays and 100+ recorded trainings and practices, you will explore a wide variety of practices and techniques including pussy strokes for orgasmic play, goddess/deity invocation and ritual play, Tantric energy orgasms, breathwork for emotional healing, and so much more. 

Over the years, I've crafted over ten programs dedicated to feminine mysticism and self-realization. Every iteration of my programs stretched me and my clients into wondrous new places. 

PUSSY ACADEMY is the realization of my dream to offer one poignant journey that delivered everything. From foundational knowledge about sexual anatomy and the science of female sexuality to deep explorations of the esoteric and how to access your soul's knowing, PUSSY ACADEMY is here to help you make the journey from pleasure enthusiast to erotic virtuoso.

Each of the 3 programs in PUSSY ACADEMY offer a unique focus. Explore each to see what you'll be mastering:

explore each Pussy academy program

get these life-changing, pussy-quivering results

I swear I physically feel softer. The increased pleasure sensitivity has opened me up to a whole new world of soft, slow touch that would've never registered before. The only word that comes to mind is delicious

"I loved SO MUCH about Phase II of Pussy Elixir! Taking the time to build up arousal, creating sensitivity in my breasts, playing with breast orgasms... I feel so much more connected and present in my body now and I spend so much more time with self-pleasure because, wow, was I missing out on so much of my body that wanted to be explored."

- Jaclyn w, USA

"I enjoy sex more which I never thought I could! (I’ve always enjoyed sex). My orgasms have also intensified!"

"Yanique is not only full of knowledge and wisdom, she brings this to you in such a peaceful and guided way. Her meditations are super intense and designed for you to safely talk to the issue, trauma, or old belief system that is holding you back from being your full sex goddess! 

I’m able to relax during sex. To step out of my head and allow my body to experience. I’m able to go with the flow of sensations. It brings me closer to my partner and our sex life has definitely gotten better.

If you're thinking about working with Yanique, just dive into it! Whether you think you need it or not, the answer will be: you will thrive!

- Sara A, canada

"Reconnecting to my body enabled me to step into my energy, connect to my pussy and to my power."

"Before, I felt very disconnected from my body and my inner voice... Reconnecting to my body enabled me to step into my energy, connect to my pussy, and to my power.

My greatest lesson was that when I show up as myself I hold the most love, appreciation, gratitude and worth.

Yanique always made me feel seen and heard and clearly managed to make sense of the mess in my head, clearly identifying where to poke and to show me how to dream big and make those desires a reality."

- Lara R, germany

"I would 100% recommend this journey. I started knowing there were certain things I wanted to explore and move through, which this program has definitely addressed, but I very quickly realized how much more was waiting for me. It's been so expansive in a way that has been gentle and nourishing to my nervous system and psyche."

My biggest breakthrough is in the amount of pleasure and joy I'm now open to receiving and experiencing. I discovered how much resistance I was putting in the way, which showed up in all areas of my life. So not only has my physical pleasure expanded, I actually started an Astrology business last month, I'm now open to a partner entering into my life, I've started taking better care of my body through a yoga practice and being more mindful with my eating. I've gone from kinda sorta putting myself first to fully seeing myself as my priority, which is just the coolest thing ever. It's been amazing! 

- Jaclyn w, USA

unlock new erogenous zones 

with pussy academy

the tantric approach...

Tantra refers to the collection of scriptures and sacred texts that first emerged in India in the 6th century. It is based on ancient spiritual traditions from India and is not just any one religion per se but a conglomerate of religions that teach from different tantras. Traditionally Tantra is taught through a lineage, from one teacher to the next. Tantra is also influenced by the location of where it's being taught as geographic, social, and political influences shape the way Tantra is practiced in India vs. Tibet, or vs. Tantra that is practiced in the West. 

Most commonly in the West, you will find practitioners teaching neo-Tantra, a version of Tantra that emerged in the 19th century during a time when practitioners within and outside the Tantric tradition were seeking to modernize the re-emerging Tantric tradition (which had gone largely underground from the 1300s to the 1900s due to imperialism, political strife, colonialism, and shifting sentiments in India about the seemingly bizarre practices associated with more radical sects of Tantra). 

Some neo-Tantra teachers were familiar with classical Tantra and some were not. Some reduced the practices to be only about sex or pleasure. And some honored the classical Tantric pursuit of BOTH mukti and bhukti. Mukti being Sanskrit for release or liberation, referring to spiritual liberation and awakening. And bhukti referring to the the pursuit of worldly enjoyment and prosperity. The centering of both of these goals is what makes Tantra so unique in the world religions today, and in the religions of India at the time it emerged as well. 

I am of the latter camp of practitioners who seek to offer the core message of classical Tantra, while weaving in my own evolving and expanded spiritual teachings. I offer these teachings to you and innovate my own practices for the goal of experiencing both spiritual liberation and exquisite pleasure.

While classical Tantra did not focus heavily on sex and pleasure as much as many neo-Tantric practices do, this does not make the neo-Tantric practices automatically less legitimate in my eyes. Personally, I see the consciousness or spirit of the Tantric tradition as one that finds liberation in the most restricted parts of any society. Tantra calls us to look inwards into our shadows and re-integrate them with the heart of who we really are.

It is through this journey alone that we experience true freedom, joy, and liberation. 

In the practices of the Indian aghora yogis for example, this is manifested in practices of eating stale, raw meat and wearing cremated ash. These practices are in direct contrast to a caste system within India that celebrates purity and diminishes those who are associated with filth, dirt, or impurity. By associating with the grotesque, the aghora yogis seek to demonstrate that there is God in everything - that the sacred can be experienced in all.

Likewise, when we look at Tantra in the West and the deeply healing, mind-altering sexual practices that have emerged in the past two centuries, I believe Westerners are creating a similar awakening. But instead of going to cemeteries or eating stale meat, they are practicing with sex, which in many parts of Western society is deemed impure or only sacred in specific contexts or when expressed within a rigid set of rules. Through these sacred sexual practices that invite us to reclaim our rejected sexual selves, we have the opportunity to experience deep healing, spiritual integration, and psychological wholeness. The shift in consciousness produced by the biological changes that occur during arousal can also lead to profound spiritual awakening, akin to those experienced in meditation. 

For the women who are called to this journey, to whom Pussy sings to and dreams of... this is for you.

get started

uniquely powerful

For women especially, I find that the Tantric tradition and neo-Tantric sex practices offer a missing link in the healing and integration process that is not found elsewhere because so many healing modalities have not yet honored or understood the feminine and the consciousness that lives in Pussy.

So many women seek out my work because of the energy they feel and activation they receive just from hearing me say "pussy" with such love, endearment, and deep respect. I have done the challenging work of reclaiming the "profane" in our society - female sexuality and potency - not to save you, but to reclaim myself and give myself access to the truly profound and powerful within me. I offer these teachings and what has alchemized within me in the the past 7+ years as a bridge to the knowing and remembrance that is already awakening within you...

Traditional depiction of Sukhasiddhi Yogini from 19th century Tibet

You do not need saving. You are not broken. You need only say YES to the call to be and experience more than you can even imagine.




pussy academy

you deserve to live and love orgasmically.

pussy academy

Although your Pussy Academy journey is self-paced, you'll still receive ongoing support through PUSSY ACADEMY Live sessions (complimentary 2-year subscription included) and online program support. 

Online Program & Coaching Support

Rest assured, you have continuous access to PUSSY ACADEMY (for the lifetime of the program! That's a minimum of 4 years and extends to our very last live class. We look forward to journeying with you for years and years to come).  So, feel free to complete each program at a pace that feels good to you.

Go at Your Own Pace


Includes 27 pleasure-expanding Program Modules with over 150+ sensual trainings, audio practices, and live class replays with a weekly schedule to keep you on track.

The 1-Year Pussy Elixir: Mystery School Program

everything Included:

Includes 6 Program Modules designed to help you improve your pelvic floor and vaginal tone and gently release trauma from the hips and pelvis.

The Vaginal Rejuvenation Program

Includes 10 Program Modules with practices to fine-tune your sensual mastery and take your orgasms to the next-level.

The Wildly Orgasmic Program

2-Year PUSSY ACADEMY Live Membership, plus each program includes its own bonuses. From additional mini-programs to couple's classes, you're receiving over $8,000 in mega-bonuses.

Over $8,000 in Bonuses

24 monthly payments of $649

start your journey

reg price: $15,000

reg price: $2,449

reg price: $4,889

If you were to purchase each of these programs separately, you would pay $22,338. By joining PUSSY ACADEMY today, you're saving 33%!

Get 33% off the regular price

12 monthly payments of $1249

4 monthly payments of $3739

2 Year Access to PUSSY ACADEMY Live

The PUSSY ACADEMY programs can be comfortably completed within two years, (even with ample rest periods!). During this time, enjoy access to PUSSY ACADEMY Live, where you can join live practices, bonus trainings, and coaching calls.

At the end of your complimentary two year subscription, you may continue to journey with us live with a paid annual or semi-annual subscription.

one payment of $14,249

meet your coach: 
yanique bell, the pussy queen

When I share my story with people, I'm often met with bewilderment and yes, a lot of questions. The mind can't quite understand how one makes the transition from being a people-pleasing, celibate, good Christian-girl dedicated to her faith to... well, the Pussy Queen™. To the mind, it feels like a big leap, but in my heart and soul it has always felt like a homecoming… a shedding of false selves and a deep sigh into the me that was always here, despite what I presented to the world out of fear and shame. 

I've always been sensitive to the bigness of the Universe, the wonder of life, and the invisible force that connects us all. I feel it in music. I hear it in the rustle of the trees. I breathe it in with every breath I take. 

I got here by following the very same energy that has brought you here. It's the unquenchable desire to heal, love, and become. I was incredibly afraid of this work when I first started, but I knew it was my work to do - for myself and for you.  


my coaching method

I blend Tantric philosophy, modern science, global spiritual teachings, and my own embodied wisdom to deliver training and tools to experience soul-stretching sex and greater self-realization. I've studied Tantra, sex, and love at the Tantric Institute for Integrated Sexuality. And I received my Bachelor degree in Religion from Princeton University where I studied the intersection between science and religion. 

At the core of my method is a return to Self - not the thinking self with its many identities, thoughts, beliefs, and fears - but the Self that is pure unchanging essence. From this place, all is love.

Whether you're a seasoned meditator and Tantra-enthusiast or just looking to experience better sex, this core teaching is accessible to you and it will revolutionize the way you play, love, work, and move throughout your world.

I believe that everyone deserves soul-deep love and orgasmic effervescence. There's so much more to experience...

Intimacy Coach & spiritual guide

become your most orgasmic & potent self

"I've seen so much improvement and it's all felt really fun and nourishing to my body, which has been amazing. I've noticed a sense of trust building up..."

"Everything is really delivered in a way that allows for a completely personal experience, which has definitely felt empowering.

I always feel so supported moving through all the modules, practices, and replays! Nothing ever feels intimidating or overwhelming, which puts me in a way more open and receptive state. Even running into some resistance through Pussy Elixir, Yanique delivering the practices as places to play and be curious helped me pick up pretty quickly that I'd fallen into the trap of trying to "get it right" and put me back into the headspace of all of this being fun."

- Jaclyn w, USA

"I've fallen in love with my body again."

"I have a lot of sexual trauma I’ve worked through and on for some time so working through a lot of these early pain points was very hard for me emotionally. I was definitely not looking forward to it but my desire to begin dating again pushed me on. Yanique's space holding is ridiculously safe! Now, I’ve actually put myself out there to date again! I didn’t even think that would happen for another year but this transformation has all come about in 6 months which is amazing.

I’ve fallen in love with my body again and my conversations with men feel so empowered. I don’t think I ever felt this level of confidence in dating before!"

- Valerie S, USA

"I have come to call my pussy Miracle Garden."

"I have felt completely held. I don't feel the pressure of having to feel something or experience something 
The space I go into when I put play on the audio practices are completely new each time, as my body's awareness is also ever-evolving. I often like that there is no music in the back, so I don't get distracted by the stimuli of music, other times I put music and create with it. 

I have become more acquainted with my jade egg, and it's the first time after years that I feel safe to practice and explore.  Also to communicate with my husband, and ask for what I need as well as becoming aware of his own needs. 

I have made it a monthly practice, at least, caressing my breasts, breathing through my vagina, working with the Yoni Egg and listening to how I'm feeling. I have written on the prompts and also have noticed how creativity flows more easily when I have these practices. 

- danya N, mexico

Oftentimes I find myself being a witness of shame, when it rises, and being a container to be present and not making myself wrong for it.
I have come to call my pussy Miracle Garden, and my husbands Lingam is called BAruj Kalifa (like the Burj Kalifa in Dubai haha, but Baruj is a name in hebrew that means "blessed").

I have been communicating more often than not with Pussy, and preparing myself also before penetration comes in times of intimacy. I have learned, along with therapy sessions and sexuality sessions we have been having, to surrender a bit more each time, and that it's okay if it doesn't happen. 

I've felt loooong states of orgasms, cervical orgasming and I've also felt rigid and disconnected... 

It has so much to do with where my consciousness is too, as well as my cycle and period... Thank you"

find power in the easeful flow...

become your most orgasmic & potent self

with pussy academy

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vaginal rejuvenation

pussy elixir

review full program details

review full program details

wildly orgasmic

part one

part two

part three


hey queen, i have a question...

"Wow, this is an extensive offering. How do I learn more about each of the 3 programs?"

This is an amazing journey! You can explore each program within the Academy here: 

Vaginal Rejuvenation with the Yoni Egg

PUSSY ELIXIR: The Mystery School

Wildly Orgasmic 

"I have been struggling with a lot of sexual shame. but I want to be that sexually empowered and confident woman I know I can be... will this program be a good fit for me?"

Yes! 100% yes! I have designed this program specifically for women who are looking to heal sexual shame and discover their most orgasmic, empowered, and sexually confident self. I recommend starting with PUSSY ELIXIR first to address your sexual shame and do deeper emotional healing.

Are the bonus live sessions recorded?

Yes! All live sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the Program Site for you to view at the time that is most convenient for you.

How long does it take to start seeing results? (i.e. experiencing vaginal orgasms, feeling more sexually confident, etc.)

The time it takes you to see results depends on if you complete the programs sequentially, as recommended, or if you isolate your main desire and go straight to the training and practices dedicated to that. Because I've crafted each program and the modules within each program to sequentially build upon one another, I recommend going through PUSSY ACADEMY and allowing the results to come to you easily. In this program, you'll be shifting the way you approach your desires and your pussy. Releasing that pressure to force results that often prevents us from manifesting the pleasure we want.

So, if you allow yourself to really experience the program as it was intended, you'll start feeling the shift towards a more easeful and orgasmic, pleasure-first life in Week 1.

If you start with Pussy Elixir or Vaginal Rejuvenation, after the first 2 months, you'll notice shifts in your emotional connection to your body, your pussy will feel more supple and eager for pleasure, and your orgasmic experiences will have shifted as well.

After 6 months, you will begin to really feel masterful and find pleasure opening up in new places as you explore vaginal orgasms, breast orgasms, and more in Pussy Elixir and Wildly Orgasmic.

By the end of the year,  not only will you have developed the erotic mastery you desire, but experienced profound spiritual and personal changes that are simply not quantifiable - this is the element of Pussy exploration that makes it a real mystery.

Everyone's results are unique, but all are profound.

I'm experiencing pain during penetration, vaginismus, and/or discomfort and tension. Does PUSSY ACADEMY address these issues? 

The programs in PUSSY ACADEMY offer holistic approaches to vaginal pain during sex, vaginismus, vaginal tensing and tightness, and vaginal discomfort. The breathwork practices, mind-body tools, and step-by-step guided practices you receive will provide you with deeply healing and immensely transformative tools to gently release trauma, ease tension, and energetically cleanse the vagina and pussy.

This program is not a replacement for medical care, but instead is designed to pair well with most physician prescribed treatment plans.

Since we approach the body from a mind-body-heart-soul perspective in PUSSY ACADEMY, you are able to release tightness and tension that comes from the body being in a chronic stress response due to unresolved trauma, fear, tension, or stuck energy. Your pelvic floor is especially responsive to stress and trauma - when unaddressed, stress and trauma can cause the muscles in the hips, groin, vagina, and entire pelvis to tighten and become guarded and painful to the touch. For this reason, healing on the emotional and spiritual level is paramount. Incorporating the somatic exercises you'll learn in PUSSY ACADEMY will greatly support your pelvic floor health. 

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24 monthly payments of $649

12 monthly payments of $1249

4 monthly payments of $3739

one payment of $14,249