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Every week, we take a deep dive into Pussy consciousness and embodied living. Join in on these soul-stretching, heart-centered conversations guaranteed to get your pussy purring. You'll leave with tools and inspiration to create the love & life of your wildest dreams...

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- Leanne

"I've gone from unlikely listener to a devoted one as I lean into reclaiming my sexuality as sacred and mine to share with whomever I choose... I just wanted to let you know your work is healing me."

"your work is healing me."

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Hey! I'm Yanique — I help wild-hearted womxn unlock the mysteries and sacred potential of their goddess-given pussy.

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Are you fed up with the dating process? Longing to find “the one” already? I feel you. Last night, I found myself in the midst of my own great yearning… This is where I usually reach for my phone and head to Tinder or try to drown it out with Netflix (yup, I’m human too). […]

When Dating Becomes a Drag – 074

romantic woman, alone on beach, podcast on relationships

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This is what my sacred slut knows. Are you ready to speak to yours? Queen/x, your sexuality exists in a kaleidoscope. In this episode of the Woman Gone Wild Podcast, I’m sharing my personal experience with my sacred slut, the wisdom she had for me and how she continues to enhance my sex life. If […]

What Your Sacred Slut Knows That You Don’t – 073

Woman sensually touching

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And this one’s about your butthole. Are you a little squeamish about your booty? I can totally relate. I’ve been slowly reclaiming my anus over the past year and I’ve got 4 tips to help you reclaim this gorgeous part of your body and explore anal sex in this episode of the Woman Gone Wild […]

Reclaiming Your Beautiful Anus – 072

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I want to share more openly with you. One of the things I released in this latest rebirth is the need to appear perfect for you all. I don’t have it all figured out and as a coach, my job isn’t to dish out “advice” from my life experience – that’s what friends and family […]

Releasing the Fight for Love – 071

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Hey, did you miss me? Can you believe it’s been over 2 months?! And you know what’s weird? I had no intention of taking a break from the show. But as I began to close my old programs in March it became clear that something bigger was happening. I felt this urge to shed every […]

Podcast Rebirth – Widening & Deepening Our Circle – 070

Woman Gone Wild Podcast by Yanique Bell

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I’ll be honest, I almost deleted this episode. I’m currently in a stage of letting go, purifying, and restructuring my business and life. As you’ll learn in this episode, a lot of changes are up ahead. I thought about deleting this recording which I made this morning because, well, a part of me is a […]

Meghan Markle, Vibrators, & Pesticides – 069

Meghan Markle interview with Oprah

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We can feel so ashamed when we’re choosing to be with someone who doesn’t treat us right. Don’t worry. This episode isn’t me all up in arms, telling you that if you don’t leave then “you don’t love yourself.” And I’m not going to be lecturing to you that you “know better.” Because that’s not […]

How to Leave a Relationship (even when it feels impossible) – 068

how to leave a toxic relationship, photo of me by a tree

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