experience the magic of pussy

the pussy queen

yanique bell

Inhabit the fullness of you and restore sacred balance and wholeness in these soul-stretching programs to infuse every area of your life with Pussy, pleasure, and wildness.


pussy elixir

pussy + vaginal healing + pleasure

We carry personal and collective trauma in our vaginas, cervix, and womb. In this immersive 4-month program, you'll be restoring a sense of safety, love, belonging, and sovereignty to your vagina, cervix, and womb - unlocking your vagina's healing powers and orgasmic potency in the process.

Pussy Elixir is the balm to: vaginal numbness, discomfort, tightness, and disassociation; trapped vaginal trauma; vibrator dependency; and internalized misogyny.

orgasmic rebirth

pussy + wealth + becoming

Get quiet and hear your Pussy's voice. Pussy invites us to dream bigger and embody the full depth of our being. It's time to come out of hiding. Dissolve false identities and allow yourself to be reborn in this life-altering program.

Orgasmic Rebirth is a deep dive into: inner child healing, shadow work, alchemical transformation, wealth consciousness & self-actualization 

private coaching

pussy + you

You feel the call to go deeper into Pussy consciousness. And you're done being chained to other people's approval. I help fierce and absolutely extraordinary wild womxn shed the mask once and for all and inhabit their full pussy potential and wild essence.

Experience my unique Pussy-centered approach to orgasmic living, profound intimacy, and erotic bliss.

these programs open only once a year.

don't miss your chance to experience Pussy consciousness...

You know that feeling you get when you see something you love in a store and your heart tells you to get it... but you don't. And when you come back the next day, it's all sold out? Don't let this be the one that got away! If your heart is skipping a beat, your pussy is quivering, and you feel the energy between us... dive into the sacred Pussy mysteries with me, babe:

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