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I believe that bliss is accessible, transformative, and foundational. Bliss is the basis of reality and you can experience it now... start with the body.

- Yanique Bell

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I'm a Tantric Intimacy & Empowerment Coach and Somatic Healer. I blend Tantric philosophy, science, and my own embodied soul wisdom to help womxn, mxn, gender non-conforming people, and couples+ go from shame and frustration to lascivious bliss.

The Bliss Body Membership offers us a space to exchange value and show up for our growth and evolution. I hope you will join me in this month's practices and live events. I can't wait to gather with you.

hi, i'm yanique!

past program reviews

— Asante, south africa

 "I am in awe. Fascinated. At a loss for words. It has been therapeutic. It has taught me to be kinder and more patient with myself..."

— Asante, south africa

"Above all, your therapeutic voice during the audio practices has been beyond comforting. I'm learning to love and appreciate my pussy more and that power it encompasses."

— fiona a, United states

 "It really helped me see how sex is linked to my overall health and vice-versa, and I think it's given me a more holistic understanding of the importance of sex and intimacy in our everyday lives..."

— fiona a, United states

"Yanique is an absolutely amazing coach! she has a very nurturing, calming presence... Yanique has shown me that this work doesn't need to be overwhelming..."

— lara R, Germany

"I felt like I was stuck in Limbo. Yanique always made me feel seen and heard and clearly managed to make sense of the mess in my head… I now see my worth and feel more badass on a regular basis!"

— elizabeth p, United states

"The support you receive and the occasionally kick in the butt is totally worth the journey"

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