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Squirting 101

Omggg the squirting episode is hereee! This one was so fun to record. There are many misconceptions about squirting and I’m about to bust them for ya. Why? Because I want every woman to know that squirting is accessible to them and it’s not gross, but liberating and, as you’ll learn in this episode, divine. Tune in if you wanna learn how to squirt… annndddd maybe force your partner listen to this one too *wink wink*

Inside the Episode

  • What is in female ejaculate? Is it just pee?
  • Where does it come from?
  • What you’re actually touching when you touch your g-spot
  • The different kinds of squirting
  • How to get started with squirting
  • Spiritual meaning of squirting
  • What does your pelvic floor have to do with squirting?

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