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I'm quite exquisite at what I do.


I have felt completely held. I don't feel the pressure of having to feel something or experience something.

The space I go into when I put play on the audio practices are completely new each time, as my body's awareness is also ever-evolving. I often like that there is no music in the back, so I don't get distracted by the stimuli of music, other times I put music and create with it. 

I have become more acquainted with my jade egg, and it's the first time after years that I feel safe to practice and explore. Also to communicate with my husband, and ask for what I need as well as becoming aware of his own needs. 

I have made it a monthly practice, at least, caressing my breasts, breathing through my vagina, working with the Yoni Egg and listening to how I'm feeling. I have written on the prompts and also have noticed how creativity flows more easily when I have these practices. 

Oftentimes I find myself being a witness of shame, when it rises, and being a container to be present and not making myself wrong for it.

I have come to call my pussy Miracle Garden, and my husbands Lingam is called BAruj Kalifa (like the Burj Kalifa in Dubai haha, but Baruj is a name in hebrew that means "blessed").

I have been communicating more often than not with Pussy, and preparing myself also before penetration comes in times of intimacy. I have learned, along with therapy sessions and sexuality sessions we have been having, to surrender a bit more each time, and that it's okay if it doesn't happen. 

I've felt loooong states of orgasms, cervical orgasming and I've also felt rigid and disconnected... 

It has so much to do with where my consciousness is too, as well as my cycle and period... Thank you

I have come to call my pussy Miracle Garden.

danya n., mexico



Before working with Yanique, I felt very disconnected from my body and my inner voice. I felt like I was stuck in Limbo, unclear about my goals and desires and forcing and struggling a lot. Feeling constant stress and anxiety paralyzed my actions.

Yanique helped me reconnect to my body, actually being able to hear my inner voice and listen to my intuition, while quieting down and accepting the voice of fear and understanding what she was telling me.

Reconnecting to my body enabled me to step into my energy, connect to my pussy, and to my power. Yanique helped me excavate my desires and the vision of the life I want to live, while helping me understand what was holding me back, identifying my fears around my goals and what they were actually meaning. 

My biggest win is feeling more self-love and acceptance. I now see my worth and feel more badass on a regular basis. 

Now, I actually know how to deal with blockages and overwhelming emotions so that they don’t run the show, while slowly letting go of perfectionism and control. My greatest lesson was that when I show up as myself I hold the most love, appreciation, gratitude and worth.

Yanique always made me feel seen and heard and clearly managed to make sense of the mess in my head...

lara r., germany



At the beginning of Pussy Elixir, I was feeling really nervous and intimidated. My biggest challenge was how guarded I've been throughout my life and never quite knowing how to begin to address and move through that. So my desire to relax and really open up to life and my relationships always felt so limited, which was such a frustrating thing to recognize and not quite know how to dissolve.

I've really loved everything about Pussy Elixir (now Pussy Academy), especially the structure and pacing of it. As someone who started the course while working on stepping out of being a workaholic, the slower pace and breaks have been so, so helpful... I've been amazed at how everything is integrating. I also love all the live calls. The playshops have been a lot of fun along with the rituals. And the private coaching has been amazing and so supportive and has helped me build confidence toward going deeper into the course and myself. I'm no longer worried about what might get stirred up and instead am meeting the experience with so much curiosity. 

I've seen so much improvement and it's all felt really fun and nourishing to my body, which has been amazing. I've noticed a sense of trust building up. I really loved working with pussy "yeses" and "nos" and also connecting with a felt sense of safety has been huge in my ability to be open throughout my day.  

I've felt so safe moving through the course. Every piece feels like an invitation to explore and connect, so I never feel any sort of pressure that I'm somehow doing something wrong or "should be" feeling/thinking/reacting to something a certain way. Everything is really delivered in a way that allows for a completely personal experience, which has definitely felt empowering.


I've seen so much improvement and it's all felt really fun and nourishing to my body, which has been amazing. I've noticed a sense of trust building up...

jaclyn W., Usa



I loved SO MUCH about this program [Pussy Elixir]! Taking the time to build up arousal, creating sensitivity in my breasts, playing with breast orgasms...I feel so much more connected and present in my body now and I spend so much more time with self-pleasure because, wow, was I missing out on so much of my body that wanted to be explored. I also loved all of our coaching sessions! I bumped into some resistance with this phase, and it was definitely the one-on-one sessions that helped me go deeper and open up to all that phase II of Pussy Elixir had to offer!  

My biggest breakthrough is in the amount of pleasure and joy I'm now open to receiving and experiencing. I discovered how much resistance I was putting in the way, which showed up in all areas of my life. So not only has my physical pleasure expanded, I actually started an Astrology business last month, I'm now open to a partner entering into my life, I've started taking better care of my body through a yoga practice and being more mindful with my eating. I've gone from kinda sorta putting myself first to fully seeing myself as my priority, which is just the coolest thing ever. It's been amazing! 

YES! I'm experiencing vaginal orgasms! The resonant pleasure technique [taught in Pussy Elixir] was AMAZING. I swear I physically feel softer. The sensitivity has opened me up to a whole new world of soft, slow touch that would've never registered before. The only word that comes to mind is delicious. And I look forward to those sensations just as much (if not more) as I do an orgasm.

 I also LOVE the de-armouring practices and neural conditioning calls. They really helped me reset and reconnect.


I swear I physically feel softer. The sensitivity has opened me up to a whole new world of soft, slow touch that would've never registered before....

jaclyn W., Usa



I always feel so supported moving through all the modules, practices, and coaching sessions! Nothing ever feels intimidating or overwhelming, which puts me in a way more open and receptive state. Even running into some resistance through Phase II, Yanique delivering the practices as places to play and be curious helped me pick up pretty quickly that I'd fallen into the trap of trying to "get it right" and put me back into the headspace of all of this being fun.

I love Pussy Elixir! I never felt like I hit a point where I felt like something was missing. I've already revisited a lot of the practices and really enjoyed all the live call practices!

Nothing ever feels intimidating or overwhelming in Pussy Elixir/Pussy Academy... I never felt like I hit a point where I felt like something was missing. 

jaclyn W., Usa



I felt so safe, partly because Yanique has an energy that is both humble/approachable and wise. I felt I could say anything and she wouldn't judge, and I also felt empowered by her optimism. She's great at giving permission to be vulnerable by setting an example.

I would recommend getting coaching 100%, no reservations. Yanique is so passionate about her work. With Yanique as your coach, you can finally feel like you have permission to be your whole self without shame, you can finally understand that pussy is power, and that shit is transformational!

Yanique has a mix of kindness and sparkle - that approachability, a super positive energy mixed with real love. I also appreciated the knowledge and experience she brought to our session. I felt I could really trust her.

Oh I just love you, Yanique! You are such a ray of light and I love how fucking smart you are too. Your sense of humor is ridiculous, and you re the boldest badass. 

I was still feeling very stuck in my own inhibition, unable to surrender sexually or let go of other's opinions of me....

Ashley M., USa



At the beginning I was super nervous. I didn’t think I needed much help or healing in my sex life, but boy was I wrong! There was so much that I suppressed in my love life that was so unhealthy... but my normal. The insights I received from our sessions last with me every day.

Now, I’m able to relax during sex. To step out of my head and allow my body to experience. I’m able to go with the flow of sensations. It brings me closer to my partner and our sex life has definitely gotten better. I enjoy sex more which I never thought I could ! (I’ve always enjoyed sex). My orgasms have also intensified! It’s been a win all around!

When I went to see Yanique, I was not an open person. It was so hard for me to talk to anyone about my feelings, emotions, and sex life. She creates such a safe and warm space that I found myself really able to open up. She’s helped me heal child wounds that kept me from being able to articulate my truth! 

Yanique is not only full of knowledge and wisdom, she brings this to you in such a peaceful and guided way.

Her meditations are super intense and designed for you to safely talk to the issue, trauma, or old belief system that is holding you back from being your full sex goddess! If you're on the fence about coaching, just dive into it! Whether you think you need it or not, the answer will be: you will thrive with it!

Maybe you were like me and thought your sex life was amazing and doesn’t need much change. You’ll be surprised how much more we can learn and heal.  

Yanique is not only full of knowledge and wisdom, she brings this to you in such a peaceful and guided way.




I love the overall energy Yanique creates. We worked on some deep inner child and shadow work exercises together. That can be pretty intense and yet somehow Yanique kept the energy flowy and light but at the same time deep. It’s an amazing skill to do that and not something every coach is capable of.

 I have a lot of sexual trauma I’ve worked through and on for some time so working through a lot of these early pain points was very hard for me emotionally. I was definitely not looking forward to it but my desire to begin dating again pushed me on. At the start of coaching, I knew I still did not feel safe even entertaining partnership.

Now, I’ve actually put myself out there to date again! I didn’t even think that would happen for another year but this transformation has all come about in 6 months which is amazing. I’ve fallen into love with my body again and my conversations with men feel so empowered. I don’t think I ever felt this level of confidence in dating before!

Yanique's space holding is ridiculously safe! Again, I’ve experienced a lot of trauma and going into coaching relationships can be scary because there’s uncertainty of how that will all be perceived. Not once did I feel judged or unsafe. Quite the opposite and it made me feel as though I could truly make the type of transformation I desired!

Do it! Seriously just do it. It can be scary, we can create blocks around spending the money but it’s so worth it and the side benefit to doing this work is it’s actually increased the money in my life!

But it’s all because of the deep healing and connection to my body and pleasure. If you commit to coaching and do the work you’ll see transformation in so many unexpected ways and it’s all beautiful. Yanique is just incredible <3

Yanique is just incredible... I’ve actually put myself out there to date again!




In the beginning, I was a little nervous, for sure! I had a whole list of issues for us to tackle, but the two biggest were wanting to fully enjoy being in my body during sex and wanting to connect more deeply with my partner. This had to do with tackling some of the left-over issues I had from sexual assault and a religious upbringing.

I really appreciated that we began from a position of exploring my desires in sex but ended up tackling a lot of the mental and physical blockages I had.

This really helped me see how sex is linked to my overall health and vice-versa, and I think it's given me a more holistic understanding of the importance of sex and intimacy in our everyday lives. The coaching space was very safe and comfortable! Yanique has a very nurturing, calming presence. 

I also loved that we didn't shy away from tackling some of the deeper wounds that came up. And the assignments outside of our sessions were achievable and helped me move forward with my larger goals as well. Yanique has shown me that this work doesn't need to be overwhelming - even when it might seem a little intimidating, she will be there to guide you through these challenges! 

Yanique really helped me add more fun and spontaneity to my life. She helped me to relax and find the right mindset to allow myself to initiate sex with my partner during the week. And her easy-going, very confident presence made me feel more comfortable discussing sex and intimate issues with her- which in turn made it easier for me to discuss some of those things with my partner. Yanique is an absolutely amazing coach.

Yanique, you are PHENOMENAL!!!! If anyone has ever found their calling, it's you.




I felt very supported by Yanique, like I could say anything and it wouldn't be a problem.

I loved how she flows and everything seemed so seamless and even if I felt I was rambling, it all came together in the end.

I now am connected to my inner feminine who is totally like Cleopatra and she supports me and my decisions. I am more confident and firm in who I am knowing I have a piece of myself that has my back.

If you're thinking about working with Yanique, jump off the fence, the work is worth it, YOU are worth it!

Jump off the fence, the work is worth it, YOU are worth it!

contessa A., USA



At the beginning of this journey, I was overwhelmed and nervous. I was facing challenges such as navigating boundaries and people pleasing. I now feel an increased confidence and trust in myself and my desires. During our sessions I felt safe, held, empowered, seen, heard, and a sense of ease brought through all of the above plus laughter.

I really enjoyed the authenticity Yanique brings to each session, her epic listening skills and ability to pick out key details.

I highly recommend getting coaching, it has literally been life-changing for me. The support you receive and the occasionally kick in the butt is totally worth the journey.

I highly recommend getting coaching, it has literally been life-changing for me...

Elizabeth P., USA




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