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Presence, Pleasure, & Awakening - Live Class

bliss body membership event via zoom

May 17 at 9 AM ET

Third Eye Chakra Lovemaking - Live Class

bliss body membership event via zoom

June 7 at 10 AM ET

Summer Solstice Ritual - Live Gathering

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June 21 at 12 PM ET




I help wild-hearted womxn, mxn, and couples recover their original essence, fall deeper in love, and experience their sacred sexuality.




tantric intimacy & empowerment coach + Educator

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The "x" in womxn and mxn is a celebration of diversity! I strive to offer inclusive, heart-centered coaching where you get to discover and choose what feels true, good, and right for YOU. This is a space of open exploration and play. Please, come as you are.


More of a trouple? Or a pod? You're welcome here too *kiss.* 

real love starts

I blend Tantric philosophy, science, and my own embodied soul wisdom to help womxn, mxn, and couples go from shame and frustration to lascivious bliss. I promise you you're not broken. Your desires aren't crazy. 

You deserve a love as deep and wild as you are...


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