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Slow, deep, spiritually-expansive pleasure is my expertise — and there's no better match for your conscious pleasure practice than orgasmically designed toys to both delight and enlighten.

WAANDS' selection of crystal yoni eggs and wands are 100% natural, without dye, bleach, or polymer treatments. They're a wonderful, non-toxic alternative to plastic sex toys and naturally healing, especially for those sensitive to crystal energy. (Plus, they're just irresistibly cute.)

 WAANDS also offers crystal butt plugs, a glass Cervix Wand that pairs perfectly with my Pussy Reset de-armouring class, and a steel Venus wand.

I'm so excited to be a WAANDS affiliate; investing in non-toxic, consciously shaped pleasure toys is a non-negotiable for me. My pussy deserves the best and yours does too.

Use this link when you're ready to purchase and enter my code "YANIQUEBELL" to save 10% on your purchase: 

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Use code "YANIQUEBELL" at checkout to get 10% off your purchase

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