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Are yoni eggs safe? Here’s How to Safely Implement a Yoni Egg Practice

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If you search online, you’ll find mixed messages about the yoni egg practice. And as I peruse through the naysayers (and the uncompromising yay-sayers), I find one thing in common: an incomplete or false understanding of the yoni egg practice. Are yoni eggs safe? Well, it depends on three factors:

  • The kind of yoni egg used
  • Your pelvic floor health (Take this pelvic floor self-assessment to see if you should be starting with vaginal toning practices, like the yoni egg practice and kegels, OR vaginal soothing practices)
  • Your practice approach

When you address each of these three factors, you can safely implement a yoni egg practice — or learn when it will be appropriate to add a yoni egg practice in the future.

First, I would love to address the elephant in the room. Why are there fervent naysayers?? Well, it’s quite obvious when you think about it.

The yoni egg practice involves women inserting a non-penis shaped object into their vaginas for their own sexual pleasure and pelvic floor care. These toys do not imitate heterosexual sex… AT ALL. They have absolutely nothing to do with how women are “supposed” to receive pleasure.

Even more, we are still behind in our research on female sexuality and medical research is still largely based on results gained from predominantly male participants.

The vagina has been feared and scorned for much too long, and, quite frankly, journalists and professionals unacquainted with the yoni egg practice personally, are quick to jump to conclusions simply because the yoni egg doesn’t look like the dildos they’re used to (and more bafflingly, because they don’t actually take care to deeply research the practice). Despite the hundreds of thousands of women worldwide who positively benefit from the yoni egg practice, their voices are not heard. Many women experience this firsthand when they go to the gynecologist or even when speaking to a partner. Despite the clarity in which we speak, it can be hard to cut through the deafening force of vagina-aversion and pussy-squeamishness (aka misogyny) that has afflicted so many of our global societies for far too long.

So, let’s bust down some of the wonky things you’ll read about yoni eggs:

  1. “Yoni eggs cause infections.” ANY sex toy used improperly and not cleaned can cause infections. Heck, how many of us have gotten infections from male partners??? Yet, we don’t see articles telling us to swear off men. I’ll be addressing the kinds of yoni eggs below, and which to opt for if you’re prone to infections.
  2. “Yoni eggs cause pelvic floor issues.” ANY pelvic floor toning practice is not appropriate for those who have a tight pelvic floor. That’s why you’ll want to begin your yoni egg practice with a pelvic floor self-assessment and/or get one done by a pelvic floor physical therapist. You’ll also want to be mindful of your practice approach as I’ll discuss below, because the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles do not have the same function as your abs or biceps, and should not be trained with the same approach.
  3. “Yoni eggs can scratch your internal walls.” Yoni eggs are made of smooth stone or glass and just like with any other sex toy, made of glass for example, you should not insert it if it is cracked, chipped, or otherwise compromised. While one might hope this is common sense, this argument being used to dissuade women from using yoni eggs, makes me think otherwise 😅
  4. “Yoni eggs are unethical.” A few years ago, I believe around 2019, GOOP came under attack for selling yoni eggs. If you’re familiar with GOOP, you’ll know they’re pretty frequently under attack for one reason or another. While I’m not here to argue the ethics of all their products, practices, and teachings, I will say that in order to experience the spiritual benefits of working with a yoni egg, it’s best to explore the yoni egg through guided practices and rituals like those you’ll find in my Vaginal Rejuvenation program.

While I have complete faith in every woman’s ability to experience sexy mythical experiences on their own (and in fact, we do so on our own regularly, often without realizing it), GOOP’s claim that women would be completely transformed and experience the benefits of an “ancient Chinese practice” without guidance is a bit of a hard sell. Yes, the yoni egg is a product based on what is believed to be an ancient Chinese practice and it’s modern use by Western practitioners promotes not only pelvic floor wellness but emotional healing and increased self-compassion. The fact that these practices are offered in a modified version can be very disheartening and interpreted as unethical by some.

However (and unfortunately in some cases),Western medicine has always taken methods from ancient traditions and other societies and repackaged it as it’s own. Take a look at the current mindfulness movement or how Ibn al-Haytham fathered the scientific method or other medical advancements that stem from ancient Islam… should we discard these practices and treatments as well? Ultimately, when it comes to the yoni egg practice, I believe it comes down to how we integrate these practices and the respect each practitioner demonstrates to the original Taoist and Tantric traditions they are drawing from. I also believe it’s important that practitioners let students know that they are not necessarily engaging in an “ancient practice” but a modified version of it, as the details of many of these practices are lost, fragmented, or inaccessible.

In this way, not every practitioner is created equally and each has their own approach. Personally, my coaching methodology blends Tantric philosophy, modern science, and my own embodied soul wisdom. I believe every practitioner should be transparent about their approach. It is highly unlikely that you’ll find a yoni egg practice that exactly mirrors one you may find in Ancient China… but that doesn’t make it any less valuable, healing, and life-changing. Modern practitioners are guiding in response to our modern social landscape and the emotional blocks women feel currently when it comes to sex, intimacy, self-acceptance, and spiritual expansion. Judge your practice not just on how well it lines up to the past, but how best it serves you now in the present. Sometimes the two overlap, but it’s ok if they don’t overlap completely.

So now that we’ve got that covered, let’s talk about how to actually implement a yoni egg practice safely.

How to Safely Use the Yoni Egg

Personally, I like to think about yoni egg practices similar to how I approach yoga, dance, or exercise (except it’s for your vagina and pelvic floor). All of these movement practices can be infused with a spiritual element or be deeply stress relieving. So, they impact us on a physical, emotional, spiritual, and interpersonal level, depending on the depth of our practice.

And just like with any other movement practice, you don’t want to say, for example, add extreme heavy lifting or try to run a marathon, unless you’ve properly worked your way up to that level of fitness AND it’s safe to do so based on your current health concerns. Likewise, the yoni egg practice is NOT appropriate for those experiencing certain physical conditions and should be implemented gradually.

Let’s dive deep into how to safely implement a yoni egg practice by paying attention to the 3 components of a safe yoni egg practice:

  • The kind of yoni egg used
  • Your pelvic floor health
  • Your practice approach

The safety of your yoni egg practice depends on the quality of the yoni egg you purchase! Yoni eggs come in a wide variety of materials, including a range of crystals and high-quality borosilicate glass (the glass commonly used to create glass dildos).

When choosing a yoni egg, you’ll want to decide between a crystal or glass yoni egg. And then, you’ll want to choose the right size (small, medium, or large).

Crystal yoni eggs are yoni eggs made from crystal. Jade is the crystal traditionally used for yoni eggs — and the crystal I personally favor, though I also own other crystal varieties. Nephrite Jade is the most dense crystal yoni egg you’ll find in most stores, making it heavier than the rest, largely non-porous, durable, and crack-resistant. Unlike other crystal varieties like rose quartz, it’s not prone to chipping or fissures, making it a sturdy choice and the most optimal for first-time yoni egg users who may be more likely to drop their egg. (Again, if your egg takes a fall and ends up cracked or damaged, discontinue use immediately. It still makes for a beautiful ornament or touch stone!)

Nephrite jade yoni egg
Nephrite Jade Yoni Egg

The energy of the jade crystal is also well-balanced and gentle enough for sexual healing as it supports the heart chakra and promotes emotional healing. Some may find that a yoni egg made of black obsidian, for example, feels too heavy and harsh (but this is largely up to personal preference and sensitivity to energy. Everyone relates to each crystal differently).

Yoni eggs variety

Here are some of the other crystal yoni eggs you may encounter and their energetic properties:

  • Amethyst – Emotionally soothing and promotes harmony and inner peace
  • Black Obsidian – Energetically grounding and protective. Clears negative energy and emotional blocks
  • Blue Quartz – Balances the throat chakra and enhances communication
  • Clear Quartz – Purifies and balances all chakras and enhances psychic abilities
  • Indian Jade – Balances the heart chakra and promotes prosperity and stability
  • Red Carnelian – Balances the sacral chakra and promotes womb connection and increased self-confidence
  • Rose Quartz – Encourages unconditional love and acceptance and soothes heartache and grief

When working with a crystal yoni egg, you’ll want to choose one that is 100% natural and genuine stone and free from any dyes or chemical processing. A full purchase guide is provided in the Getting Started module inside Vaginal Rejuvenation >>>

glass yoni egg
Glass Yoni Egg

The most body-safe yoni egg is a glass yoni egg.

Since crystal yoni eggs are simply polished stone, they are not 100% nonporous. This means they must be kept clean and properly sanitized (learn how to properly clean and insert your yoni egg in my Vaginal Rejuvenation program).

As I mentioned earlier, the fact that crystal yoni eggs require consistent cleaning in order to remain body-safe and not harbor bacteria has worried some in recent years, but this is true of EVERY sex toy. (And crystal yoni eggs, at least, are free from the many harmful chemicals you’ll find in artificially dyed plastic sex toys).

So, while crystal yoni eggs are relatively safe when properly cleaned and handled with care, if you’re prone to infections, I recommend opting for a glass yoni egg instead, just to be safe.

While I myself have a very sensitive vaginal biome and have used my crystal yoni eggs for years without issue, take the precautions that feel right for you. A glass yoni egg is just as effective as a crystal yoni egg and I’ll teach you how to energetically program any yoni egg you choose, so that you can still have the benefits of working with a healing stone.

Yoni eggs come in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large. The exact measurements may vary from store to store, but remain roughly the same.

Most women will feel comfortable beginning with a medium sized egg and it’s my recommendation.

The small egg is more challenging to hold inside and can be used to advance your practice when your muscles are more toned. If you’re very physically active and already have a strong pelvic floor or have a compressed vagina (so much so that a tampon or finger cannot be inserted, for example), then you can begin with the small egg.

The small egg is also recommended for women and teenagers who are being initiated into their sexuality and have little to no experience with penetration.

The large egg is recommended for women who are starting their yoni egg practice after giving birth, post-menopause, or those who feel highly disconnected from their pussy. The larger egg may also be used if you’re currently healing chronic stress incontinence or prolapse — but only if approved by and in conjunction with other treatment from a physical therapist, physician, and/or pelvic floor specialist.

As I frequently reiterate in my Vaginal Rejuvenation program, the yoni egg practice is NOT about having the tightest vagina. Tight/tense vaginal muscles are not healthy. So the aim isn’t to force ourselves to get to a smaller yoni egg size, but instead to nurture the full contraction AND relaxation required for proper pelvic floor and vaginal function.

So, be gentle with yourself and start with the appropriate size for you 💗 This will also help you safely practice and not overly strain yourself trying to practice with a yoni egg size that is too small. (This is similar to weightlifting. While you may want to lift 30 lbs, you’re not going to get there by forcing your body to lift more than it can. Start with where you are and responsibly build strength gradually and effectively to avoid injury or emotional discouragement.)

There are a couple more things to consider when purchasing your yoni egg — A full purchase guide is provided in the Getting Started module inside Vaginal Rejuvenation >>>

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect yoni egg for you, let’s talk about your actual yoni egg practice. There are generally four modes of practice:

  1. Vaginal soothing
  2. Vaginal toning
  3. Vaginal re-sensitizing
  4. Emotional healing and expansion

A well-rounded practice will include all four, but some practices are designed to accentuate or solely focus on one of these modes of practice (and with good reason).

If you’re experiencing tightness in the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles, yoni egg toning practices and any other kind of vaginal toning practice should NOT be implemented, unless you’re working with a pelvic floor specialist who may be guiding you through specific contract and relax sequences to invite a deep muscular release. Note that even in these sequences, the goal is to RELAX the tight muscle, before trying to strengthen it.

You cannot effectively build strength on tight muscles. You must first work to soothe and relax these muscles before adding toning exercises.

This is why the Vaginal Rejuvenation program begins with an entire module dedicated to Vaginal Soothing practices: a collection of breathwork practices, stretches, massages, decompression, and daily guidelines to support the release of tight pelvic floor and vaginal muscles.

The Happy Pelvis class from this module is currently available for freeWatch it Now to learn daily guidelines that help to prevent tight pelvic floor muscles, so you can avoid ailments like incontinence and pain during sex.

Get Started with the Free Happy Pelvis Class and a Mini Yoni Egg Practice:

And take this pelvic floor self-assessment to check your pelvic floor tone >>>

If you are not experiencing excess tension, then you can begin to incorporate yoni egg toning and re-sensitizing practices. Some emotional healing yoni egg practices, like the ones listed below, can be done with or without a yoni egg, depending on your level of comfort. If the vaginal opening is too tight, then complete them without a yoni egg, while you continue to repeat the vaginal soothing practices.

Yoni Egg practices for Emotional Healing and Expansion that are yoni egg optional:

  • Vaginal Soothing & Deep Energy Cleanse (from Module 3)
  • Gentle Trauma Releasing w/ the Yoni Egg (from Module 3)
  • Ancestral Healing with the Yoni Egg (from Module 3)
  • Clearing Your Timeline (from Module 3)
  • Deep Vagina Love Infusion (from Module 4)
  • Kiss the Honey Pot (from the Bonus Module)

These practices can double as Vaginal Soothing practices and can be used to invite a deep release, because the mind, heart, and body are connected. We feel our heartbreak in our pussies. We hold trauma as tension and numbness in our hips, pelvis, vagina, and womb. As we work to heal from these emotional experiences, the body responds in kind.

And that’s what makes the yoni egg practice so beautiful and deeply revitalizing for women. It offers a bridge to our repressed emotions and a way to stream love to these wounded aspects of our Self. The Vaginal Rejuvenation guided practices supercharge these untraditional sex toys and transform them into gentle healers and cycle breakers, empowering you with the tools to become your most orgasmic and potent self.

Get Private Coaching with Intimacy Coach Yanique Bell. Text reads: Explore somatic-based and Tantric tools and practices to approach your inner world with radical compassion, master your orgasm, and attract soul-deep love.

If you’re currently recovering from trauma, heartbreak, or instability, I highly recommend adding Private Coaching to your program purchase. However, if it’s outside your budget, you’ll have access to email support and can reach out whenever you need additional support throughout your Vaginal Rejuvenation journey.


  • While you are pregnant (or might be)
  • Before 6 Weeks Postpartum
  • If you have a bladder, vaginal, or rectal prolapse (unless you have consulted with your doctor first and are doing this program in conjunction with other treatment)
  • During heavy menstruation, if you have a period. Your body is in a natural state of release at this time. If your flow is heavy just for a day or two, you can consider using it on your lighter days.
  • With weights, weightlifting, or string resistance practices, if you have an IUD. If you have an IUD, consult with your doctor to see if weighted yoni egg practices are appropriate for you. (Doing other yoni egg practices WITH the string or an undrilled egg should not affect your IUD. Confirm with your doctor if you are concerned.)
  • If you have a vaginal or pelvic infection or other medical condition in your vaginal, pelvic or uterine regions.
  • Anally.

Following these guidelines are essential for implementing a safe and pleasurable yoni egg practice.

As you can probably tell already, I prefer to teach a balanced approach to the yoni egg practice. I’m obviously a big fan of the practice, but not without caveats. Just like any other exercise, there are limitations and guidelines for safe practice and a well-informed practitioner should be guiding you with this in mind.

While the pelvic floor is similar to the abdomen in structure — much like the abdomen it consists of layers of muscles and similarly supports breathing and physical activity — the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles serve a different function. These are not muscles that you want to bulk up, like you may do with your glutes, thighs, or biceps.

Healthy muscles in the vagina and pelvic floor have the function to contract AND to relax completely.

As such and as I guide in the Vaginal Rejuvenation program, it’s best to approach your practice with something of a “dancer’s body” mindset. Dancers tend to be strong, but lean and flexible. Similarly, we’re aiming for graceful strength and optimal flexibility. The vagina should be able to gradually open and expand with ease and also contract freely (as it does during orgasm).

The stronger the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles the stronger your orgasm.

And the more your muscles can relax open, the more enjoyable and pain-free penetration is.

➡️ We need both functions for optimal sexual wellbeing. So, keep this in mind as you advance your yoni egg practice. Excessive toning is not necessary. A regular 30 minute practice 2-3x per week (as desired) is more than enough to cultivate a happy vagina.

As you become more accustomed with the yoni egg practice, you can even walk around with the egg inside, but it’s not advisable that you sleep with the egg inside or wear it for longer than 4 hours. Again, a regular 30 minute practice 2-3x per week (as desired) is more than enough to cultivate a happy vagina.

Vaginal Rejuvenation, a 6-week yoni egg program. Get started now

So, are yoni eggs safe? For the most part, yes, when used with special considerations to 1) the kind of yoni egg used, 2) the current health status of your pelvic floor, and 3) how you approach your practice. And remember, you don’t have to figure out this yoni egg stuff all on your own. Get the Vaginal Rejuvenation program today and start a fully guided 6-week yoni egg journey to naturally soothe, tone, and orgasmically re-sensitize your vagina and pelvic floor.

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