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Are you fed up with the dating process? Longing to find “the one” already? I feel you. Last night, I found myself in the midst of my own great yearning… This is where I usually reach for my phone and head to Tinder or try to drown it out with Netflix (yup, I’m human too). […]

When Dating Becomes a Drag – 074


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I want to share more openly with you. One of the things I released in this latest rebirth is the need to appear perfect for you all. I don’t have it all figured out and as a coach, my job isn’t to dish out “advice” from my life experience – that’s what friends and family […]

Releasing the Fight for Love – 071


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Which is better? A soulmate or a twin flame? In this somewhat controversial episode, I’m peeling back the curtains and taking a closer look at the romantic mythologies we tell ourselves, their origins, and how they match up with the latest science on love and attraction. Probably should’ve titled this one Love 101. If you’re […]

Soulmates, Twin Flames, & the Fallacies of Attraction – 065


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Ok, I’m just going to come out and say it. Do you have a romantic fantasy that you daydream about over and over again? And have you been doing it for years? Honestly, I kinda thought this was just a weird thing that I did, but I’m now starting to think that there’s a lot […]

Upgrading Your Romantic Fantasies – 056


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I swear, setting boundaries is like the flossing of relationships: If you didn’t grow up doing it and one day you finally decide to be a responsible adult and floss (probably after a miserable trip to the dentist), it probably hurt like sh*t the first time. I’m talking bloodshed, tears, cursing… but you really hate […]

Kissing the Ground with Your No – 055


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So, who’s ready to crawl out their skin? 😅 This eye-opening episode is either gonna leave you going “OMFG YES! This is what I’ve been feeling but didn’t know how to put into words” or “What the actual f*ck…? How did I not see this before??” Either way, you may find yourself aggressively nodding, finger-snapping, […]

Problematic Spirituality & the Feminine NO – 054


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