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This conversation thoooo 🔥🔥 Ok, loves, I’m getting real personal in this week’s episode of the Woman Gone Wild Podcast. We’re talking about a topic that I’ve been wanting to discuss for a few MONTHS: how to heal internalized racism. And specifically, how I’ve been doing so… with my pussy (and psstt… how you can […]

Healing Internalized Racism with Self-Pleasure – 067


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Who says healing can’t be fun? And oh my, dare I say orgasmic?! Happy Black History Month, Gorgeous! In this super special episode of the Woman Gone Wild Podcast, I’m holding space for *womxn of color.* So, if you’re a person of color who identifies with having a pussy, whatever gorgeous shape she might take, […]

Orgasmic Ancestral Healing for Womxn of Color – 066


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Last week was a simultaneously painful… and full of pleasure. In the same week I was having a 45 minute orgasm, I was also having panic attacks and crying non-stop. And yet I’m so grateful for it all and also all the inner work I’ve done that allows for such flexibility within my nervous system. […]

Ancestral Wounds & Trauma Cycles – 027


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Imagine this pure, luminescent pearl… it’s cool to the touch and absolutely mesmerizing. It’s ultimate perfection and purity. Though we may not want to admit it, many of us are chasing after this pearl – this highest expression of — well, of everything. Of ourselves, our spiritual path, and when we discover sacred sensuality, of […]

Unconditioning Yourself & Getting Back to Pure Alignment – 007


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“She’s a strong woman.” I’ve used these words to describe just about every prominent female figure in my life. My mother. My grandmother… but what do these words really mean? Softening, as a woman, may seem downright dangerous, but what’s at stake if we don’t? Is a woman’s strength based solely on her ability to […]

Soft Edges, Strong Core – Recovering from the Archetype of the Strong (Black) Woman – 004


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Sexual shame is so much a part of us that many of us can’t even remember when we picked it up. I know I can’t. Yet, it has clouded my entire life and when I was finally ready to release it, it took me months to work out how to release shame. My History with […]

Wish I’d Known this Sooner – The Actual Cause of Shame & 6 Ways to Release It



Not so fast! Before you scrap your “lower emotions” and just “choose to be happy,” take a moment to listen to what your emotions are trying to tell you. They may be the difference between just how long that happiness lasts, before you hit another low and get in yet another funk. In this post, you’ll […]

How to Deal with Emotions in a Healthy Way – The Magical Effects of Honoring Your Lower Emotions


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