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Even after a relationship ends, love still persists. And depending on how a relationship ends, the fact that this love still burns, like the eternal flames of the Gates of Hell, this love that we once held so dear can ironically start to cause pain, discomfort, confusion, and suffering. Loving what we believe we can’t […]

How to Detach from Someone You Love Deeply (but need to let go)


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Energetically detaching from your desire is often believed to be the key to manifesting wealth, harmonious relationships, and yes, ending all suffering… but is that true? Just because something sounds right, doesn’t mean it is. In this case, this is only partially true – can you spot the false truth? In this episode of the […]

How to Practice Detachment for Positive Outcomes in Love & Life – 111


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We can feel so ashamed when we’re choosing to be with someone who doesn’t treat us right. Don’t worry. This episode isn’t me all up in arms, telling you that if you don’t leave then “you don’t love yourself.” And I’m not going to be lecturing to you that you “know better.” Because that’s not […]

How to Leave a Relationship (even when it feels impossible) – 068


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It’s tea time!! 😉 Ok, so it wasn’t just resistance that was stopping me from recording last week’s episode. I actually went through a breakup, albeit a relatively minor one, but the entire experience brought me major AHA! moments. In this episode of the Woman Gone Wild Podcast, I’m sharing what I’ve learned from the […]

The Conscious Breakup Glow Up – 036



Ex-lovers can sometimes feel like gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe. Except a lot worse. No matter how much you scrape it off and try to disentangle. No matter how many cords you cut and energetic releases you undergo… you take a step forward and you can still feel that stickiness. Your foot […]

Tantric Meditation to Release Ex-Lovers – 016


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