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Who says healing can’t be fun? And oh my, dare I say orgasmic?! Happy Black History Month, Gorgeous! In this super special episode of the Woman Gone Wild Podcast, I’m holding space for *women of color.* So, if you’re a person of color who identifies with having a pussy, whatever gorgeous shape she might take, […]

Orgasmic Ancestral Healing for Women of Color – 066


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Last week was a simultaneously painful… and full of pleasure. In the same week I was having a 45 minute orgasm, I was also having panic attacks and crying non-stop. And yet I’m so grateful for it all and also all the inner work I’ve done that allows for such flexibility within my nervous system. […]

Ancestral Wounds & Trauma Cycles – 027


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Contemplating the impact of the Grandmother Hypothesis in her Pulitzer Prize winning book Woman: An Intimate Geography, Natalie Angier writes: If young women have long needed older women, and if that need was an organizing principle in early human society, then our constitutional hunger for our mothers cannot, should not end at puberty. It is […]

Woman: Beyond Measure – Thoughts, Theories, Tears, & Tea in Celebration of Womankind



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