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Reading the Signs: How to Accept the Past and Release Broken Things

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Is everything working in your life and home? Or, can you already think of a few things that are long past their glory days? What does it mean when things start to break down around you? In this post, you’ll learn how to read spiritual signs of broken things.

Spirit is always sending you signs 

I used to be timid about asking God for signs. It sounded so archaic to me. Who did I think I was asking GOD for signs? Like, He’s GOD. He has better things to do. I didn’t think I was worthy of approaching God in that way, but my experience of God has since changed and I know that God isn’t some man in the sky but a Spirit that lives within all of us, within all of matter. On an energetic level, there is no separation between us and God. Jesus knew it. You know it. I know it. 

So, when things break down, my ears perk up and I pay attention. 

Everything in my world is a reflection of my inner world and my connection to Spirit. 

What it means when things break

Last week, I was marveling with a friend about how amazing the past two weeks have been for me. I’ve reached huge milestones in my business and my dreams are manifesting before my eyes. I have such clear vision and conviction that I’m taken care of and when I think back to 2018, when I felt so scared, unsure, and doubtful, I can see the miracle of my arrival to this point in my life. 

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And then we got out of the car, I went to put my ear muffs on and they snapped right in half. I can still hear the crack. It was the literal sound of breakthrough. I laughed and smiled, because I knew what that meant: something new is on the horizon. 

Just like this, your broken thing may have a message for you too. Here’s how to read spiritual signs behind that seemingly insignificant object:

Are you clinging in fear?

I thanked the ear muffs for how they supported me in the past five years and sent them blessings as I threw them away. Part of me wanted to hold onto them, because they’ve become such a part of my daily world this season. I even asked my friend if she thought I could make them work until the end of the day. Her response: “you’re pushing it.” 

While I didn’t have the initial reaction I would have, even a year ago, which was to get instantly frustrated at the fact that I had to now go look for new ear muffs to buy and worry about my finances, I still had fear around making it through the day without them. For just a moment, I doubted that I would be taken care of and so I actually contemplated clinging to this broken, unusable thing out of fear. 

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reading the signs

For me, the message that came through from Spirit was that not only was something new on the horizon, but I was going to be taken care of today. 

You see, being future oriented was how I stayed afloat as a child. A vision is all it takes to keep me going. No matter how difficult the season, you give me a vision and I will suck the marrow out of that chicken.

In this month’s growth kit, I shared how the first thing I think of when I think of “home” is my envisioned future home and not present or past home. 

I’ve found it easy to believe that Spirit is guiding me and helping me manifest a life in the future; however, it’s a little harder to rest in the truth that I’m completely supported in the present moment. This is tied to how I’ve identified with “home” in the past and I see for yourself how your relationship with home informs your current experiences and choices. 

The breaking of this seemingly trivial object was a reminder that yes, something new will come to replace it, but I’m also supported enough in the present to freely release it, without worry, as I wait to receive something even better.

How to Read Spiritual Signs of for Your Own Broken Things

This was the message that was specifically meant for me during that time. But how do you interpret your broken things? 

  1. Open up and allow yourself to receive signs in this way

    Some of us are more attuned to receiving messages from our spiritual team through numbers or words, but these messages can truly come from any avenue. All matter is existing within the spiritual plane after all. 

  2. Request the message

    The next time something breaks, or if you’re holding onto broken things around your home right now, ask: what message do you have for me? Trust your knowing and what comes up. 

  3. Accept the past and thank the broken item for all it’s support 

    A few months ago, as you might recall, I announced that I was going to manifest a move to Hawaii. Even though I didn’t have a new home yet, I went around my childhood home allowing memories to surface and touching and thanking every object for their service and all the support and comfort they gave me, even those that weren’t mine. It was an energetic breakage from these items. I accepted the history and wished them blessings and good fortune with their new and future owners. 

    Every time something is ready to exit your life, whether it was broken or not, energetically thank it and bless it with gratitude for all that it has done for you. This is a wonderful practice in gratitude and creates space for something new to come in. 

  4. Release it 

    Set it free, so that you now have room for something else.

The symbolic importance of our physical home 

living room, how to read spiritual signs of broken things

If the world is our mirror then our homes and everything in it is that reflection we come to again and again. Make sure you’ve built a home you enjoy coming home to. Even if you’re dreaming for a new home, like myself, how can you rest in the present support you have from Spirit and uplevel your home to reflect the truth you hold within? 

Pick one or two items that intuitively feel right to release at this time and welcome in something new. 

Take it a step further

Now that you know how to read spiritual signs of your broken things, take this week’s comfort zone challenge: Lighten Up: The Intuitive Spring Cleaning Challenge.

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