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There is a lot of uncertainty in the air…. and that can be stressful ???? That’s why I’ve created a simple practice to help you release some of that pent up stress and anxiety. I’ll be guiding you through an embodiment exercise to feel what is coming up, release it, and then invite pleasure. If […]

Tantra Yoga ▲ Pleasure Practice for Stress and Anxiety


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Imagine this… a super soft practice mat for you to do all your yummy sensual practices on…. AND it’s biodegradable and good for the planet. Yup, it exists lol I’m as shocked as you are. Last week’s bootylicious moon wasn’t the only thing I was hardcore crushing on… I recently got my very first yoni mat […]

EcoLuxe Yoni Mat Review & Live Sensual Tantric Practices in 2020!


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