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Ready to learn how to effectively self-soothe as an adult? Ok, roll up your sleeves, but first… I have a confession. I used to self-soothe with food, binge watching, and even my schoolwork and excessive reading. On the surface, as a little girl who was masking her depression very well, I appeared “shy.” I would […]

3 Powerful Steps to Effectively Self-Soothe as an Adult


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Turns out podcasters get sick too πŸ˜… I’m back after a couple weeks of self-care and oh my bejeezus, is this an episode to rock your world! In this episode of the Woman Gone Wild Podcast, I’m sharing my jade egg review and my first jade egg orgasm… πŸ‘€ I’m just gonna leave it at […]

My First Jade Egg Orgasm – 090


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Cuz’ I was a little bit of a tease last month… In episode 49, I shared a Guided Breast Massage and promised to share more on why breast massages are so powerful, from an energetic perspective. This is me keeping that promise πŸ˜‰ Tune in to this episode of the Woman Gone Wild Podcast to […]

The Secret Power of Your Breasts – 051


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Not so fast! Before you scrap your “lower emotions” and just β€œchoose to be happy,” take a moment to listen to what your emotions are trying to tell you. They may be the difference between just how long that happiness lasts, before you hit another low and get in yet another funk. In this post, you’ll […]

How to Deal with Emotions in a Healthy Way – The Magical Effects of Honoring Your Lower Emotions


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