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Ok, I’ll be honest. Intentional third-eye chakra activation work hasn’t always been my jam. It brings up memories of YouTube energy forecasters stating that the thing that was missing from my life, the thing that would solve all my problems, was my third eye opening… I didn’t even fully understand what the third eye was […]

Third-Eye Chakra Activation for Soul-Tingling Sex


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To be awake to pleasure, you must be in the present moment. Learn how pleasure can facilitate your awakening and, in fact, necessitates a deep presence, in this episode of the Woman Gone Wild Podcast. This is how you transform sex through presence. This is a Bliss Body members-only episode. And the Bliss Body Membership […]

Present Waking Pleasure (A Tasty Tease) – 094


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It’s time to journey into the ethers with me, goddess. Introducing the Pussy Lure series, a collection of channeled messages, sensual poetry, and stores of all things divinely feminine. I’m kicking off the series with a dreamy message I channeled a couple weeks ago. So, nestle in, hit play, and allow me to lure you […]

Pussy Lure – the Beauty of You – 064


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