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For too long we’ve attached anger to destruction. Consider God’s “righteous wrath.” What do you think of? Souls burning? People repenting out of fear? What if anger was constructive and not destructive? In this post, you’re gonna learn how to release anger from the body by receiving the REAL message behind anger and uncovering what […]

How to Release Anger from the Body for Conscious Action & Transformation


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We’ve been taught to be ashamed of jealousy and get rid of it altogether, but what’s your jealousy trying to tell you? Here’s how to reframe jealousy and use it to get what you really want: We Often Judge & Shame People for Feeling Jealous… In American culture, we commonly employ jealousy in these two […]

How to Reframe Jealousy & Use it to Get What You Really Want


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You can’t rush clarity, but there are ways to get it sooner. This week in the Mastering Lower Emotions series, we’re looking at jealousy and envy with new eyes. In this week’s featured post, I shared how you can uncover hidden desires using jealousy and envy. We’ll be utilizing that reframe in this week’s challenge. […]

Don’t Know What You REALLY Want? Make an Envy List for Clarity


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Not so fast! Before you scrap your “lower emotions” and just “choose to be happy,” take a moment to listen to what your emotions are trying to tell you. They may be the difference between just how long that happiness lasts, before you hit another low and get in yet another funk. In this post, you’ll […]

How to Deal with Emotions in a Healthy Way – The Magical Effects of Honoring Your Lower Emotions


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