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I’m gonna be real. When I say your inner good girl is “ruling” your dating life, I really mean “ruining.” If you have a long-standing pattern of always trying to be the good girl, you’re gonna want to listen to this episode like five times over. It’s sooo important that you understand why your inner […]

3 Telltale Signs Your Inner Good Girl is Ruling Your Dating Life – 044


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Ok, so we’ve all heard the affirmations “I’m enough,” “I love myself,” “I’m worthy,” etc. but how do you actually embody these truths and really fully believe them? In this episode of the Woman Gone Wild Podcast, I’m sharing how to go from saying affirmations to actually making them your reality. Here’s how to love […]

Codependency & the YES Meditation for Radical Self-Love – 031


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Many of us grew up on the lie that to love someone is to save them, to give all of ourselves to them in a show of Christ-like sacrifice. Time has taught me otherwise. Where do we draw the line between love and self-deletion? If I’ve given all of me, what me is left to […]

Taking on Other People’s Stuff? Maintain Your Joy with this New Look at Empathy


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