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Boundary setting can feel especially difficult when you’ve spent years, if not your entire life, doing literally the opposite. Instead of learning how to say no, ask for what you really want, and speak your limits, you built a habit of abandoning yourself and your needs, waiting for others to guess your needs instead of […]

Boundary Setting for Recovering People-Pleasers – 095


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As we grow and transform it can feel so difficult to alter our old auto-responses and behavioral patterns. We know how we’d like to show up and respond, but, in the moment, we still can’t seem to shift those old neural pathways. If you’re struggling to be the new you within old relationships, know that […]

A Simple Practice to Bring the New, Conscious You Into Old Relationships & Patterns (… Even With Your Mother!)


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Many of us grew up on the lie that to love someone is to save them, to give all of ourselves to them in a show of Christ-like sacrifice. Time has taught me otherwise. Where do we draw the line between love and self-deletion? If I’ve given all of me, what me is left to […]

Taking on Other People’s Stuff? Maintain Your Joy with this New Look at Empathy


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