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The vagina is a portal rich with sensation and aliveness — if you know how to flip the “on” switch. In this post, I’ll be sharing 4 ways to increase your vaginal pleasure sensitivity, so you can find that “on” switch as soon as tonight. And no, it’s not the switch you’re thinking of. But […]

4 Ways to Increase Your Vaginal Pleasure Sensitivity


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Your body is capable of earth-shaking orgasms. But unlike witnessing other celestial events, it doesn’t take rocket science to access these orgasmic states of consciousness. If you’ve been struggling with your orgasms or are ready to reach the next level but don’t know how, this episode is for you. Tune into this week’s episode of […]

The Wildly Orgasmic State of Consciousness – 106


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Most mxn are not experiencing their full sexual potential and don’t even know it. Since male sexuality is ubiquitous in our society, we often assume we know all there is to know. But chances are, you’re only scratching the surface. Mxn are actually able to last from 20 minutes to hours during sex and can […]

Last Longer in Bed with Breathwork – 082



So, we know that stress has a myriad of not-so-fun effects on our bodies, especially chronic stress. But, how does stress affect sex? Is sex better or worse when you’re stressed? And how do you mitigate the effects, so you can ensure more feel-good sexy time with your partner(s)? In this episode of the Woman […]

Stressed Sex – 063


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Do you want to have extended orgasms and become multi-orgasmic? In this episode of the Woman Gone Wild Podcast, I’m sharing the secret to better sex. And it just might surprise you 😉 Do you want to be “good” at sex? In reclaiming my sexuality, I’ve often found myself striving to be “good” at sex. […]

The Secret to Better Sex – 013


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