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What is Tantra? – 011

December 17, 2019

Ok, so for a while I was telling friends that Tantra is “a sexual spiritual practice” or “meditative sex” or “sex yoga”… all of these kind of gesture at the truth, but the more I study Tantra, the more I learn it’s deeper and richer than that. In today’s episode of the Woman Gone Wild Podcast, I’ll be answering the simple question: “What is Tantra?”

Specifically, I’ll be drawing on the teachings of Christopher D. Wallis, author of Tantra Illuminated, and sharing what Tantra means to me and the implications Tantra has for women, in general.

Inside the Episode

  • The Sanskrit meaning of “tantra”
  • The etymology of the word “tantra”
  • What qualifies a practice as Tantra
  • How to know if what you’re being taught is really Tantra
  • The unique philosophy that distinguishes Tantra from other religions
  • What Tantra means to me – the wider implications of the Tantric tradition and how that affects our relationship with our bodies and our pussies.

Listen wherever you get your podcasts.


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