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Ready to experience wild and tender love?

Well, it’s time to take a closer look “down there.”

Intimacy is a human right. We all desire it and need it to live happy and fulfilled lives… but it can also feel like the most elusive fruit in the garden!

Opening up and entrusting another human with our most sacred truths and outrageous desires is nothing short of jumping out of a plane with a parachute (that you’ve never tested). You think, why would anyone ever do this? Until, you’re suspended in midair, in complete awe & surrender, thinking, why didn’t I do this sooner??

I wanna help you have that same experience in your love life. If things are wonky and not looking like the fantasy you always dreamed about, it’s time to go inward and down… like wayyy down πŸ˜‰

I’m Yanique Bell, Healer & Coach

I help women experience wild intimacy & orgasmic bliss.

I’ve done all the overthinking and analyzing, so you don’t have to (well, anymore)!

Who is this for?

Are you tired of…

constantly being the one that’s not chosen? You’re ready for someone who truly desires you and makes it clear that they do! And you don’t just want a relationship that feels good, but one that also helps you to continue to grow and evolve in the ways that matter.

Do you feel…

like you’re spinning in circles a little bit? You keep attracting the same kind of relationship dynamics again and again (and it’s getting old!). Sometimes, you feel like you’re constantly cycling in the same stories, trauma, woundings, and/or limiting beliefs… where’s the escape hatch?!

Do you want…

to feel the freedom to ACTUALLY be yourself? You’re ready to feel confident enough to go after ANY one you find attractive and compliments your desires.

What they’re saying about me…

I felt like I was stuck in Limbo. Yanique always made me feel seen and heard and clearly managed to make sense of the mess in my head…

Reconnecting to my body enabled me to step into my energy, connect to my pussy, and to my power.

I now see my worth and feel more badass on a regular basis.

Lara, Web Designer from Germany

Before I was really frustrated and overwhelmed

Yanique has helped me reconnect with my pussy and my true desires.

Yanique knows what she’s doing and she has a knack for helping you get to your core issue, release it, and move forward to live the life you want. 

So worth it!

Kelly, Freelancer & Sorceress from New Jersey

You don’t need to shape shift and

pretend to be someone else,

in order to receive your dream love.

It’s time to stop shrinking and hiding yourself!

Wild & Tender love starts from the inside…

The plot twists in your story that will create a love that lasts…


A Reconnection to Pussy

Pussy is the heart of our work together. Through a deep and loving relationship with Pussy, you’ll shed limiting beliefs and stories, integrate trauma, and free emotional blockages that are preventing you from fully embodying your authentic wild essence. Are you ready to experience the magic of Pussy?


Mind-Body-Soul-Pussy Alignment

Have you ever tried walking two dogs that wanna go in two different directions? I’m not a dog owner, but I’ve seen some train wrecks… It looks crazy! And when your mind, body, soul, and Pussy aren’t on the same page, you can feel crazy too.

This misalignment looks like self-sabotage, making poor decisions you know aren’t in your best interest, going after unavailable people, procrastinating, overworking, filling the Void in unhealthy ways, saying silly things like “there’s no good men in the entire NYC area,”… you get the picture.

I help you get to the core of what’s REALLY holding you back, so we can give your entire system an energetic tune up that will clear the way for love, wild sex, full body orgasms… whatever you desire!


Increased Confidence & Clarity

Go from constantly wondering if you’re good enough or saying the “right” thing… to actually vetting THEM! We totally flip the script and get you back into a place of empowerment. You’ll get clear on exactly what you want (and it may even surprise you!) and create a foundation of true self-love and confidence to go out and get it!

Trust and believe: this confidence and clarity will trickle out into every area of your life.

My Signature Package

Private Pleasure & Intimacy Coaching

for women who are ready to live the fantasy


β˜‘ 4 coaching calls per month

β˜‘ Email Coaching (Mon – Sat)

β˜‘ Personalized Tantric Pleasure Practices & Meditations

β˜‘ Somatic Healing Therapy

β˜‘ Coaching Membership Site

β˜‘ Flexible Scheduling

β˜‘ *VIP Days – 4 Hour Intensives

β˜‘ *Membership to Group Courses, Workshops, etc.

*Select packages only

You’ll leave with

a renewed sense of self, an increased pleasure capacity, and wild & tender love

Before I was really frustrated and overwhelmed… Yanique has helped me reconnect with my pussy and my true desires.

So worth it!


Your Questions Answered

I’m already in a relationship, but I’m drawn to your work. Is this coaching only for single women?

I love that you’ve already found someone you love getting to know! This coaching is ideal for any woman who feels like there’s something missing from her love life. Maybe, you feel like you get obsessive and annoyed by little things, like how long your partner takes to text you back. Or, you find that you’re easily triggered and want to self-sabotage when things get too easy or good…

Every relationship requires a bit of elbow grease, but if you feel like you’re constantly swimming upstream and you’re not getting the pleasure and love you desire, let’s chat! This is definitely for you.

What do you mean by “wild and tender love”?

Wild and tender love is how I like to describe the kind of love that allows you to totally surrender into the primal and be who you truly are at your core. No masks, no hiding your love of astrology or the “impossible” dreams you’re chasing. Just full permission to be fully you. Unedited. Raw. And unabridged.

And be generously and tenderly held and loved in all your messiness, weirdness, and quirks. It’s a love that fully accepts you and helps you grow into the highest, most wildest and authentic version of you.

Do you recommend this for women who just came out of a relationship?

At the end of a relationship, we tend to either swing to one of two extremes. Either we dive straight into the next one or become reserved and fearful about getting back out there.

Coaching will give you the space to fully process and heal from your last relationship(s), and put an end to the patterns and behaviors that created those heartbreaks. I don’t push my clients to rush into dating, even the single ones! We work on your relationship with yourself and your pussy first. Dating then comes as a natural and organic desire and impulse to give and receive love and pleasure, rather than a need to fill a Void… you are already whole and complete!

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