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yanique bell


Pussy Magic for Soulmate Love Attraction 

february 9th @ 7 PM ET

Sensual Refresher Kit Members-Only Class

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Join Intimacy Coach & Spiritual Guide Yanique Bell in this ancient ritual practice, with origins in the Celtic and Tantric tradition. Learn how to re-embody the essence of divine worthiness as you call in soulmate love. 

suggested props for this class:

yoni egg, dildo, and/or lube, as desired

In this ritual, you'll be focusing your life force vitality towards your relationship desires. I invite you to incorporate any pleasure toys that make you feel divine, potent, and magnetic.

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Healing breathwork to commune with your sacred heart. Are you nursing heart wounds? Our intimacy fears become blocks to experiencing the love we want in dating and/or our relationships. The session begins with a self check-in to melt away some of our heart-numbing fears.

Pussy magic ritual to get in the energy of "soulmate love," as we personally define it. What kind of love are you hungry for? Manifesting is all about allowing yourself to be in the energy of what you desire... but do you actually know what that love feels like? Allow me to guide you into the core essence of your desire so that you can hold this vibration with greater ease.

Orgasmically expand with your desire. Be prepared for some surprises as Pussy further expands and illuminates the path to your desire.

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Access to live group coaching and live practices, where I'll guide you through a practice from the kit each month.

5 sensually revitalizing practices

Learn how to gently melt away numbness, awaken new sensitivity, and reconnect with your sensual essence.

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Get deeper insight about each practice, Tantra, and my personal journey in the accompanying 5-day email course. 

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The complete guidebook, detailing the benefits of each practice, additional tips for orgasmic living, and how to include your partner in the fun!

bonus practice

Delight your inner witch with a bonus treat: the Basic Pussy Magic practice - a manifestation ritual for the erotically adventurous.

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