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Slower… Deeper… Softer… – 050

October 8, 2020

Decoded messages from the Goddess, a Halloween prophecy, morning quanderings over hot cacao… this is me naked and a little bit afraid. In this episode, I’m coming to you a little more unfiltered. There’s things I haven’t said, or maybe I have said them and forgotten… but it feels like there’s been a version of myself that I’ve been afraid to let you see. When I first started blogging, about 3 years ago, I was 2-3 years into a process of deep healing and spiritual unraveling. I felt self-centered when I would speak about “my” beliefs or “my” story and so in the past year, I’ve really turned the mirror onto you. Creating content that I felt represented you. But something is shifting, my story, my journey… it feels like yours too. We are in this together. Come through the looking glass with me in this 50th episode of the Woman Gone Wild Podcast. This wild woman is joining the modern female mystics… in not so certain terms.

Wild Women to Modern Female Mystics

The past 2 months, I’ve felt a plateau in my spiritual practice… Like there’s been something deeper that I’ve been avoiding and that my pussy has been calling me to… And it’s not dancing, naked in the woods for the gram.

And there’s nothing wrong with dancing naked in the woods and sharing your joy with the world. I’m inspired by those women. I LOVE those women. On some levels, I’ve wanted to be “that” woman, but there’s something calling me deeper, into a different path… you might be hearing the call as well.

A call to go




but not exactly in the ways you might be thinking…

Inside the Episode

  • The message I received from the Goddess (is this message for you, too?)
  • Two big questions I’m pondering right now about Pussy & Love
  • The superficial definitions of what it means to be “feminine” that are limiting us
  • What I really mean by “slower,” “deeper,” and “softer”
  • A look into the new Fall Program and how you can get over $3,000 of bonuses

Listen wherever you get your podcasts.

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