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Experience wild intimacy & orgasmic bliss

My Methodology Combines Science & Pleasure

I’ve spent 5+ years studying the mind-body-spirit connection, starting at Princeton University where I studied religion and science. I combine Tantra, somatic therapy, breathwork, neuroscience and pleasure, to create a magical healing alchemy that actually gets to the source of what’s stopping you from having the pleasure & love you desire.

This is for women who are ready to experience wild and tender love.

What do I mean by “wild and tender love”?

Wild and tender love is how I like to describe the kind of love that allows you to totally surrender into the primal and be who you truly are at your core. No masks, no hiding your love of astrology or the “impossible” dreams you’re chasing. Just full permission to be fully you. Unedited. Raw. And unabridged. 

And be generously and tenderly held and loved in all your messiness, weirdness, and quirks. It’s a love that fully accepts you and helps you grow into the highest, most wildest version of you.

Private Pleasure & Intimacy Coaching

for women who are ready to live the fantasy


☑ 4 coaching calls per month

☑ Email Coaching (Mon – Sat)

☑ Personalized Tantric Pleasure Practices & Meditations

☑ Somatic Healing Therapy

☑ Coaching Membership Site

☑ Flexible Scheduling

☑ *VIP Days – 4 Hour Intensives

☑ *Membership to Group Courses, Workshops, etc.

*Select packages only

The recipe for wild, legendary love…


A Strong Connection to Pussy

Through a deep and loving relationship with Pussy, we’ll shed energetic and emotional blocks that are preventing you from fully embodying your authentic sensual self.


Mind-Body-Soul-Pussy Alignment

Get mind, body, soul, and Pussy on the same page, so you can stop self-sabotaging and actually receive the love and pleasure you desire.


Increased Confidence & Clarity

Go from constantly wondering if you’re good enough or saying the “right” thing… to actually vetting THEM! Get clear on exactly what you want and have the confidence to go out and get it!

Before I was really frustrated and overwhelmed… Yanique has helped me reconnect with my pussy and my true desires.

So worth it!


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6 Months

It’s your turn to get amazing results!


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