from numb, painful, and/or tense to a buttery soft, supple, and orgasmic vagina

Melt away stress, tension, and trapped trauma from the pelvis and vagina using breathwork, asana, and 6 energy-healing pressure points

reset your pussy

Ouch! Does this feel familiar?

If any of this sounds like you, then you're in need of A PUSSY RESET.

You feel vaginally tight, dry, or tense. You're experiencing discomfort or pain during sex…

AND/OR Your desire for physical intimacy with yourself or a partner is low (or nonexistent) and you're starting to realize it's more than “just a phase." Several months have passed and you just don't feel as connected to your sexuality as before…

AND/OR You're heartbroken or emotionally closed off. You're trying to focus on self-care but you don't know where to start or how to process the emotions you've muted in order to get through the day…

AND/OR You've experienced trauma in the past and you notice yourself numbing out, freezing, disassociating, or tensing during intimacy. You might dread physical intimacy altogether…

AND/OR You feel a lot of shame around your sexuality. You feel disconnected from your pussy and don't know where to even begin…


I have come to call my pussy Miracle Garden. I have learned, along with therapy sessions and sexuality sessions, to surrender a bit more each time. I've felt loooong states of orgasms, cervical orgasming… I've learned it has so much to do with where my consciousness is.”

danya n.

During this Pussy Reset session, I'll be guiding you through an extended pussy massage healing practice to gently release trauma, stress, stuck emotions, and tension from the vulva and vagina. Simply show up, follow my lead, and you'll glide over resistance and breakthrough to a deep release, with space to integrate and rewire your pussy-heart network.

Soften and gently heal from within

Take a peak inside:

1.5 HRS

Go deeper with the extended session. Explore 6 vaginal and vulva pressure points for a deep emotional release.

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As you melt away tension, you can expect to feel pleasure increase in the vulva, vagina, and pelvis and a warm, cozy feeling of safety and security.

why is this de-armouring practice so important?

Restoring this foundation of safety, love, and security is essential if you want to experience soul-deep intimacy with yourself and others. (And for toe-curling orgasms)

Treat yourself to a pussy reset

inside the pussy reset session:

Introductory breathwork and meditation to prime your nervous system for deep healing.

what's included?


Somatic exercise using breathwork and a simple asana to release stuck emotions, tension, and trauma from the hips and pelvis.


Step-by-step expertly guided pussy healing massage utilizing breathwork and energy healing for deep emotional release.


6 pressure points to release trapped emotions, tension, and trauma from the vulva and vagina and effectively complete the stress cycle.


Ending with a time of sensual play and exploration to encode safety and build new pussy-heart pathways.


an easily repeatable practice you'll come back to again and again.

Treat yourself to a pussy reset

Repeat as desired for optimum results

Healing takes time and this practice is best when repeated. Gift your body the time it needs to shift those blocks and make lasting changes in your psyche.

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lifetime access

Ideal luteal phase or waning moon practice

Life will continue to evolve and bring challenges. Repeat the Healing Pussy Massage practice monthly for sensual upkeep and stress relief.

adapts to your flow

"Will I ever lose access?"

Nope, your healing practice will be delivered as a downloadable video and audio file, so you can download the session for lifetime access. You'll also have access to the program site.


"Do I need any props?"

Not necessarily. A dildo or wand is recommended to enhance the vaginal massage, however you can complete the massage with fingers. In fact, I always recommend starting with fingers to gently open and to increase your pussy-brain connection. Additionally, you may incorporate lube as desired.

"My body is not feeling open to sensual touch at the moment (due to i.e. heartache, trauma, disconnection, stress…) – how would this help?"

I'm holding you with so much love during this tender time ❤️ Our pussy and body are so responsive and emotional pain often translates to physical pain and disconnection. I invite you to feel into energy of the session. Then, take a breath into your pussy and feel if she is an intuitive “yes” to this practice.

If you decide to purchase, I recommend simply listening in at first. Receive from the loving energy of the class and follow along with the breathwork, releasing the need to touch or massage. Then, as you invite more feelings of safety, your body may become receptive to soft touch. Follow along with the session, as you feel led. Since you have lifetime access, you can always repeat the practice and can go further with each repeated practice.

Yanique Bell,
the Pussy Queen™

For so long I thought there was something fundamentally wrong with me and my pussy. I struggled with numbness and an inability to orgasm with a partner for years.

I wanted to feel empowered and competent when it came to sex and most importantly I desired to experience soul-deep intimacy.

This desire led me to explore sensual healing and ignited a soul calling to share this remarkable modality with the world. 

Healing trauma with your pussy? Sign me up! I am beyond delighted to share these highly transformative practices and tools with you. There is simply nothing else like experiencing an orgasmic rebirth.

intimacy coach & spiritual guide

Lara r.

“Now, I actually know how to deal with blockages and overwhelming emotions so that they don’t run the show, while slowly letting go of perfectionism and control.”

Jaclyn W.

“I swear I physically feel softer. The increased sensitivity has opened me up to a whole new world of soft, slow touch that would've never registered before."

Sara A.

“I enjoy sex more which I never thought I could! (I’ve always enjoyed sex). My orgasms have also intensified!”

Experience a cathartic release

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The 90-min extended pussy massage session (fully guided)

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