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If any of this sounds like you, then you're in need of sensual refresh 🥰

You want to slow down, but you feel constantly on edge. Even when you have a bit of free time, you find yourself filling it with action or making another to-do list. Your nervous system is running on all cylinders and you just don't know how to get off the treadmill.

Or, You feel disconnected from your body and pussy, you can't remember the last time (if ever) you touched your body sensually, just for the feel of it. Not to squeeze out an orgasm, but for the connection and the joy of it. You know intentional self-pleasure is important, but you never feel "in the mood" for it. 

Or, You want to experience better orgasms (or orgasm for the first time). You've tried the trendy sex toys and nothing seems to be working. You just feel blocked or numb down there and you don't know where to even start.

It's no secret that good sex comes from a deep bodily connection. As analytics, over-thinkers, chronic stressors, people-pleasers, or trauma survivors, our minds can often over-ride our impulses, causing us to shut down, hold back, or feel stuck when it comes to pleasure and sensuality.

But what if you could master holistic tools that
  • Releases stress/stored trauma
  • Quiets the thinking mind,
while simultaneously bringing you deeper into the body (in a safe and nurturing way) and increasing your sensitivity to pleasure...?

get out of your head and into your body

Welcome to a more liberated, orgasmic, and happier you.

What you'll learn:

Healing Somatic Practices for Self-Love and Gentle Trauma Healing

Holistic Intimacy Techniques That Connect the Mind, Body, Pussy, & Soul

Breathwork to Access the Primal Brain & Unlock Your Wildest Orgasms

"Now, I’m able to relax during sex. To step out of my head and allow my body to experience. I’m able to go with the flow of sensations..."


3 Signs Your Pussy Needs Some Love

low-sensitivity + anorgasmia

You don't feel much during penetration and most likely rely on the clitoral glans for pleasure. Numbness may be due to lack of vaginal use and somatic awareness, but may also result from emotional shutdown and relationship wounding or trauma. 

You feel numb or nothing at all in your vagina. 

Low sensual desire + toxic shame

Self-intimacy feels uncomfortable or awkward. You feel intense feelings of shame when you self-pleasure or you feel emotional numb. You don't know how to connect to yourself in this way. 

You feel shame around your desires and make little time for self-connection.

pain + tightness 

Penetrative sex isn't pleasurable. You feel overly tense and have trouble relaxing and letting go during intimacy (solo or with a partner).

Ow! The vaginal opening is too tight and penetration is painful or uncomfortable.

go slower, deeper, softer...

Open up to a world of rich sensation, rediscovering your sensual center in the process. The Sensual Refresher Kit includes 5 sensually revitalizing practices to get you out of your head and back into your body. 

5 pleasure practices to...

release stuck emotions

ease numbness and restore pleasure in the vulva and vagina

embody and encode unconditional self-love and self-acceptance

discover your authentic sexual expression

"This really helped me see how sex is linked to my overall health and vice-versa, and I think it's given me a more holistic understanding of the importance of sex and intimacy in our everyday lives."

- fiona A.

greeting your pussy and intention setting

Get introduced to what is easily one of the most sensually refreshing practices you'll ever experience: pussy breathing. 

Increase somatic awareness  |  Gently re-sensitize  |  Restore your pussy-brain connection

Practice #1

Exploring the inner sanctum

Shed tension and pent up emotion in a practice that is not only deeply soothing and restorative but also works to gently release trauma from the vulva, vagina, and cervix. Practice #2 is a pussy massage. 

Gently release trauma  |  Soothe away tension and tightness  |  Explore safe-touch

Practice #2

slow like honey breast massage

Pussy and heart are profoundly connected. Energetically, according to the Taoist tradition, the heart is connected to the deep vagina and cervix. 

Re-sensitize the breasts/chest  |  Release stuck emotion and resentment  |  Deepen into unconditional self-love

Practice #3

the vaginal altar

The vagina is a portal to the awakened self. Through sacred pussy rituals and embodiment, we can uncover our original soul essence and experience spiritual enlightenment. Experience your sacred self in Practice #4 - the Vaginal Altar.

Deepen your spiritual practice  |  Gently heal sexual shame  |  Increase self-connection

Practice #4

Sex Goddess Activation

There are so many facets of your sexuality, identity, and creativity that you won't even be able to guess at from your current vantage point. Uncover your inner Sex Goddess in this final practice.

Primes the sexual brain for liberated sexual play  |  Increases sexual desire |  Unlock your authentic desires and the confidence to pursue them

Practice #5

basic pussy magic

Pussy Magic is an ancient practice that can be found in the Celtic and Tantric traditions. This ritual practice uses your sexual energy to shed resistance and energetically align with your desires.


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the tools you need to break the ice and ease back into your sensual self

live monthly practices & community calls (replays)

Access to replays from live practices, where I'll guide you through a practice from the kit each class.

5 sensually revitalizing practices

Learn how to gently melt away numbness, awaken new sensitivity, and reconnect with your sensual essence.

5-day email course

Get deeper insight about each practice, Tantra, and my personal journey in the accompanying 5-day email course. 

20-page guidebook

The complete guidebook, detailing the benefits of each practice, additional tips for orgasmic living, and how to include your partner in the fun!

bonus practice

Delight your inner witch with a bonus treat: the Basic Pussy Magic practice - a manifestation ritual for the erotically adventurous.

Get access to the new, sleek course site complete with bonus tips and insight to deepen your sensual connection.

monthly Live Practices and group coaching

5 modules of sensual trainings & step-by-step guided practices

Join our pussy-positive tribe and receive community support

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Yanique Bell,
the Pussy Queen™

For so long I thought there was something fundamentally wrong with me and my pussy. I struggled with numbness and an inability to orgasm with a partner for years.

I wanted to feel empowered and competent when it came to sex and most importantly I desired to experience soul-deep intimacy.

This desire led me to explore sensual healing and ignited a soul calling to share this remarkable modality with the world. 

I am beyond delighted to share these highly transformative practices and tools with you. There is simply nothing else like experiencing an orgasmic rebirth.

intimacy coach & spiritual guide

it's giving "soft girl era 💅🏾"

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