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are you ready for a reckoning?

You've seen glimpses of the magic lying dormant within you... the power, the knowing, the things that have no name. What if you let yourself go there... There's nothing hiding in the dark, but the raw, unabashed YOU.

I guide womxn deeper into their power, ecstatic bliss, and fire. Cradled between your thighs is everything you need to crack your world right open...

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activate pussy consciousness with this free meditation

activate pussy consciousness activate pussy consciousness activate pussy consciousness

There was a time when pussy ornaments and statues of womxn, squatted, pluming back the curtains of their vulva to reveal the sacred opening of their vaginal cathedral, adorned the entrances of churches, villages, and citadels (tap to reveal).

If you're like most womxn, your connection to your pussy, sexuality, and aliveness was severed in childhood or early adulthood. But the severing of the sacred feminine has been going on for centuries...

It didn't start with you but it can end with you.

Get this free meditation to activate Pussy consciousness and deepen your connection to the sacred feminine within. When you do, you'll also be joining my tribe of wild-hearted, pussy-centered womxn. I'm cultivating spaces for you to discover and embody ALL of you:

The Kilpeck Sheela-na-Gig in Herreford, UK and an Ashbourne carving some believe to be a Sheela-na-Gig. Photos from the Wikipedia Common & Sheela-na-Gig Project.

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i help wild-hearted womxn unlock the mysteries and sacred potential of their goddess-given pussy

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there is scientific evidence that your pussy is more than just flesh. pussy is "an intrinsic component of the female brain" and "has a fundamental connection to female consciousness itself."

quoted from Naomi Wolf

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