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wildly orgasmic

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Unlock longer, deeper, more expansive orgasms

welcome to a more liberated, orgasmic, and happier you

The 4-month deep-dive to rewild the way you play and unlock your deepest, most expansive orgasms.

Restore Body Love & Confidence

Master Holistic Intimacy Techniques That Ignite the Mind, Body, & Soul

Access the Primal Brain & Unlock Your Wildest Orgasms

you deserve earth-shaking pleasure

Why settle for anything less?

Coming from a long line of women who have sacrificed their pleasure, happiness, and desires for others, it can be hard to claim our pussies and our orgasms as ours to experience, love, and enjoy. 

You love, dream, and desire big. At times, your heart feels as big as the ocean, you want to give so much to the world. It's time to pour some of that love back into you...

Your pussy is capable of earth-shaking orgasms.

the 3 orgasm mistakes

These are the most common pleasure mistakes and they come at a big cost...

Rushing ahead to the "good part" 

Much of mainstream sexual education and the early science on sexuality promotes a distorted version of male sexuality as the standard of "normalcy" - one based in fast thrusts, quick climaxes, and low intimacy.

As young adults and children, we can internalize this distortion as "normal" and rush our pussy's natural and "slow" preparation for deep pleasure in an attempt to keep up. And when we feel disconnected, unaligned, and numb in our pussies, the shame we feel deepens the distortion, leading us to believe there is something wrong with us or something wrong with our pussy. 

may interconnect with deeper feelings of:

  • Unworthiness
  • Feeling "something is wrong with me"
  • Fear of taking up too much space or time
  • Childhood trauma of not being seen/enough
  • Emotional/somatic numbing and shut down


We feel the expectation to orgasm, enjoy sex, meet standards set by others, and/or protect our partner's feelings. As a result, when we're not enjoying sex or, even more debilitating, don't know what's gone wrong or how to "fix" it, we resort to performing and faking. 

The performance helps us to stay in control.

But in reality, we feel completely out of control and even incompetent when it comes to our own bodies and sexuality. This is a really tender place to be. When we stop the performance, we get to sit with the truth and begin the journey to self-knowing and self-led orgasmic expansion.

may interconnect with deeper feelings of:

  • Perfectionism and needing to be perfect in order to be loved or desired
  • People-pleasing. poor boundaries, anxious attachment, and self-abandonment
  • Self-doubt and suppressed desires or shame




A society that disinherits women of their pussy, puts pussy ownership and onus on men. Particularly for heterosexual or bisexual women, we may then internalize this separation and likewise expect our partners to "make us orgasm."

The truth? YOU are the one opening up to pleasure and allowing your orgasm to occur. 

You are the one feeling the sensations and reacting to them. You are the one opening your heart and laying witness to love. Our partners may inspire and support us in cultivating an environment and relationship where we can orgasmically thrive, but ultimately we must learn how to turn ourselves on and install our own orgasmic pathways.

may interconnect with deeper feelings of:

  • Sexual shame (religious or societal)
  • Disconnection from pussy, body, or sexuality
  • Fear of "losing control" if you were to embody or explore your sexuality further
  • Fear of judgment or rejection,  impacting decision-making & expression in numerous areas of life


your body is...

capable of soul-tingling orgasms, orgasms that expand your heart and push the very edges of the soul.

elevate your sexual experience

In Willdy Orgasmic, you'll form new, healthy habits around sex & self-pleasure and learn new techniques to elevate your play:

NO MORE faking your orgasms

NO MORE worrying about whether or not you'll orgasm

NO MORE ignoring your desires or putting them last

NO MORE debilitating shame during masturbation or sex

NO MORE waiting for approval or the perfect lover

It's no secret that good sex comes from a deep bodily connection. As analytics, over-thinkers, chronic stressors, or people-pleasers, our minds can often over-ride our sexual impulses, causing us to shut down, hold back, or feel stuck when it comes to sex.

But what if you could master holistic tools that releases stress/stored trauma, quiets the thinking mind, while simultaneously bringing you deeper into the body and increasing your sensitivity to pleasure...?

get out of your head and into your body

"Now, I’m able to relax during sex. To step out of my head and allow my body to experience. I’m able to go with the flow of sensations..."


imagine being able to orgasm with so much ease that sex becomes your new playground where you can experiment with how your orgasm moves through your body...

I went from being vaginally numb and disconnected from my pussy to effortlessly and wildly orgasmic. In the process, I learned orgasm is a skill. Not an innate ability. Anyone can LEARN how to become wildly orgasmic.

easily and reliably orgasm, become...

wildly orgasmic

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A 4-month sexual deep-dive to master your orgasms, enhance your pleasure sensitivity, and refine your approach to intimacy.

weekly Live Practices and group coaching

10 modules with sensual trainings & step-by-step guided practices

Join our pussy-positive tribe and receive community support

Our sex life has definitely gotten better. I enjoy sex more which I never thought I could! (I’ve always enjoyed sex)."


"My orgasms have intensified!

unleash your wildest orgasms

take back your pussy power!

Too often, we receive an overwhelming amount of negative messages about our bodies and sexuality. You might still be wrestling with these feelings of shame or unworthiness.

You don't have to go back in time to rewrite the script. You can choose right here, right now, to step into a whole new orgasmic reality. One where pussy is divine, sacred, and loved. One where you feel confident, worthy, and magnetic. YOU get to choose.

inside wildly orgasmic

week one

Set your intentions and prep for your Wildly Orgasmic journey.  Access the Healing Hub for pre-program support to prepare your nervous system for pleasure expansion with pussy reconnection practices, gentle trauma releasing exercises, shame healing practices, and more.

this week:

Module 0 - Getting Started

Module 0 - Getting Started


The Healing Hub


The Orgasmic Body-Mind-Heart

module one

The mind-body connection is just as true when it comes to pleasure as it relates to anything else. Your pussy is deeply connected to your heart and mind. The stories you have been told and the beliefs and fears you hold directly impact your access to pleasure. In this module, you will take charge of the narrative and cast a new, empowering vision of your sexuality. You'll also learn how to communicate this vision to the subconscious mind, laying the foundations for an orgasmic mind-body-heart.

inside module 1

week two


The Orgasmic Mind-Body-Heart


Pussy-Heart Alignment - Guided Breathwork & Meditation


Wildly Orgasmic - Guided 5 Senses Activation


Sex is Not a "Drive": Sexual Seasons & Your Stress Cycle


Sexual Inventory Playsheet

restore pussy-brain connectivity

imprint your desires on the subconscious brain so it works for you, not against you

energetically restore the link between pussy & heart

Orgasmic Focus

module two

Somatic awareness (awareness of the body) is foundational for pleasure sensitivity. However, most of us are living in our minds, rather than our bodies, feeling that we're too stressed or have too much going on and don't have time to reconnect. In this module, you'll learn that 20 minutes is all it takes to rebuild your somatic awareness and restore your sensitivity to pleasurable sensations in your pussy and all throughout your body. You'll also master the soft, gentle focus that releases tension and pressure and allows for easier orgasms.

inside module 2

week three


The 3 Core Pleasure Expanders: Breath


Easing into the Body - Guided Body Meditation


Deepening into the Body - Guided Body Meditation


Advancing the Practice with Self-Pleasure

rebuild somatic awareness

Increase pleasure sensitivity

Release performance anxiety and pressure

The 3 Core Pleasure Expanders: Breath

module three

When we look to remedy our sex lives, we often reach for more powerful vibrators and toys that will hit the spot. But did you know there are ways to expand pleasure in your body naturally? These 3 core pleasure expanders help you to become the artist of your orgasms. We begin with breath. In this module, you'll learn how to use your breath to enhance your arousal (which allows the vaginal tissues to engorge and become more pleasurable to the touch).

inside module 3

week four


The 3 Core Pleasure Expanders: Breath


Yin Breathwork for Arousal - Guided Breathwork


Yang Breathwork for Arousal - Guided Breathwork

Naturally enhance arousal & libido

prepare the vagina for increased pleasure

week five

Take a break, catch up on any practices or live calls you missed, or continue to play and explore. Access additional resources and recommendations in the Healing Hub.

Rest, Integrate, & Free-Play

The 3 Core Pleasure Expanders: Sound

module four

Continue to naturally expand your pleasure sensitivity using the tool of sounding. Emotionally rich orgasms require the freedom to express authentically during sex. In this module, you'll awaken your primal sound and finally give yourself permission to fully let go during sex using this module's practices. Sounding is also a gentle healer. So, if you are recovering from trauma and wounding, or working with a tight pelvic floor, sounding will help to release some of this physical and emotional tension. 

inside module 4

week six


The 3 Core Pleasure Expanders: Sound


Awakening Primal Sounding - Yang Practice


Awakening Primal Sounding - Yin Practice


Advancing the Practice with Self-Pleasure & Sex

Liberate energy in the sacral & root chakra

discover your authentic primal expression

embody your inner wildness and reclaim your sexual prowess

The 3 Core Pleasure Expanders: Presence

module five

Now that you've formed a good awareness of sensations and touch, it's time expand your awareness of all 5 senses. Similar to taking a psychedelic, arousal leads to the release of chemicals into the body that alter our state of mind. And just like psychedelics, our starting state of mind, intention, and depth of presence greatly impacts how we perceive stimuli during sex. In this module, you'll experience directly how a shift in presence can lead to a richer sexual experience, allowing you to receive more pleasure from every touch, taste, sound... 

inside module 5

week seven


The 3 Core Pleasure Expanders: Presence


5 Senses Immersion - Guided Practice & Date Night


Sex as a Meditation - Guided Pleasure Practice

experience sexual pleasure through all 5 senses

deepen spiritual presnence and feel soulfully connected to your partner

Entering the Wildly Orgasmic State

module six

Time to put it all together! In Module 6, you'll use the 3 core pleasure expanders you've mastered to enter the wildly orgasmic state. This is a state of awareness that is more alive, receptive, and sensationally aware than our everyday state of awareness.  In this state, cortical control is decreased (you move from being in the mind to being in the body), and you have greater access to your primal brain and natural sexual impulses. In this state, you trust your body and you surrender to the experience, releasing into orgasm.

inside module 6

week eight


Orgasmic States of Consciousness


Using the 3 Core Pleasure Expanders to Shift into a Wildly Orgasmic State


Entering the Wildly Orgasmic State - Guided Pleasure Practice


Using the 3 Core Pleasure Expanders to Unlock Vaginal Orgasms - Guided Pleasure Practice

quiet the mind & access the primal brain

feel free to flow with sensations and trust your body's impulses

orgasm more easily and effortleslsy

week nine

Take a break, catch up on any practices or live calls you missed, or continue to play and explore. Access additional resources and recommendations in the Healing Hub.

Rest, Integrate, & Free-Play

Tantric Orgasms: Full-Body Orgasms

module seven

Now, it's time to expand your developing sexual mastery.  Begin your exploration of Tantric Sex with an introduction to key philosophies and energy circuits that allow sexual energy to expand all throughout the body. In Module 7, we go beyond pussy to experience more full-bodied pleasure. Full-body orgasms are orgasms that spread beyond the pussy and into the torso and even legs. You have the power to direct your orgasm and, in this module, you'll learn exactly how.

inside module 7

week ten


Two Tantric Philosophies to Enhance Your Sex


Full-Body Orgasm Energy Pathway - Breathwork Practice


Full-Body Orgasms - Guided Pleasure Practice

expand your orgasm into new places

Liberate your sexual energy and unlock full-body orgasms

Tantric Orgasms: Altered Consciousness

module eight

Did you know that you can use your sexual energy to shift your quality of awareness? In Module 8, you'll learn how to enhance your orgasms and invite altered states of consciousness using orgasmic energy play. Specifically, you'll learn how to create a surrendered and empowered state, but you can use these tools to shift into any state of consciousness you desire. Let's play!

inside module 8

week eleven


Creating Energetically Surrendered and Empowered States for Enhanced Orgasms


Orgasmically Surrendered - Guided Pleasure Practice


Orgasmically Empowered - Guided Pleasure Practice 

alter your state of consciousness using energy play

deepen spiritual presnence and feel soulfully connected to your partner

week twelve

Take a break, catch up on any practices or live calls you missed, or continue to play and explore. Access additional resources and recommendations in the Healing Hub.

Rest, Integrate, & Free-Play

Breast Orgasms

module nine

The breasts are often forgotten or ignored due to low sensitivity and lack of knowledge. Most women don't know that their breasts can become exquisitely pleasure sensitive and, yup, orgasmic! In this module, you'll restore your connection to your breasts and learn how to turn your cherries on. The pussy and heart are energetically connected. As you activate one, you activate the other. 

inside module 9

week thirteen


Three Routes to Breast Orgasms


Guided Breast Massage


Breast Orgasm - Guided Pleasure Practice

build pleasure sensitivity in the breasts

reconnect with your soft, sensual side

Extended Orgasms

module ten

Expanded orgasms are orgasms that are emotionally rich, spiritually deep, and long-lasting. You have journeyed through the practices to unlock emotionally rich and spiritually deep orgasms. In Module 10, you will continue to build your pleasure capacity and conquer any fears of intensity you may be carrying. An extended orgasm can last from a few additional seconds and minutes to a few hours. Your pussy is capable of so much more than you ever imagined...

inside module 10

week fourteen


Befriending Intensity


Orgasmic Intensity - 5 Senses Reality


Extended Orgasms - Guided Pleasure Practice

restore pussy-brain connectivity

imprint your desires on the subconscious brain so it works for you, not against you

who this is for

wildly orgasmic is for you if...

  • You want to orgasm more easily and reliably. 
  • You feel vaginally numb or disconnected from your pussy.
  • You have trouble getting turned on and are experiencing low sexual desire.
  • You feel creatively blocked and burned out. Life is losing it's sparkle.
  • You don't know what you really want when it comes to sex. Or, you're afraid of asking.
  • Breast, full-body, and extended orgasms all excite you - you can't wait to learn!

You can become wildly orgasmic anywhere in your body! There really is a whole world of pleasure available to you, you've only scratched the surface...

Wildly Orgasmic is the 4-month deep-dive to rewild the way you play and unlock your deepest, most expansive orgasms.

Restore Body Love & Confidence

Master Holistic Intimacy Techniques That Ignite the Mind, Body, & Soul

Access the Primal Brain & Unlock Your Wildest Orgasms

Unlock longer, deeper, more expansive orgasms

easily and reliably orgasm, become...

wildly orgasmic

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Rest assured, you have continuous access to PUSSY ACADEMY (for the lifetime of the program! That's a minimum of 4 years and extends to our very last live class. We look forward to journeying with you for years and years to come).  So, feel free to complete each program at a pace that feels good to you.

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Includes 27 pleasure-expanding Program Modules with over 150+ sensual trainings, audio practices, and live class replays with a weekly schedule to keep you on track.

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Includes 6 Program Modules designed to help you improve your pelvic floor and vaginal tone and gently release trauma from the hips and pelvis.

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The Wildly Orgasmic Program

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At the end of your complimentary two year subscription, you may continue to journey with us live with a paid annual or semi-annual subscription.

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safe & qualified coaching

Feel confident in your investment knowing that I go the extra mile to create safe, elevated, and pussy-positive spaces for you to orgasmically thrive.

I am a Certified Tantric Sex, Love, & Relationship Coach

My coaching has been reviewed and tested by the Tantric Institute for Integrated Sexuality

I am dedicated to offering safe and inclusive online spaces and with clear Community Guidelines

Hi, I'm Yanique Bell,
the Pussy Queen

meet your coach!

I help wild-hearted humans reclaim their sexuality and rediscover their original soul essence. My own quest to heal my sexual shame and vaginal numbness led to a deep call to share this work with the world. I created Wildly Orgasmic because I believe every single person deserves to feel wildly and deliciously orgasmic in their body. This program is for anyone who has a pussy who wants to finally learn how to make their pussy purr ;)

When I'm not doing my part in the Pussy Revolution, you'll find me hiking the Northeast with friends, working on my novels, snuggling up to bae, trying out a new plant-based recipe, or making my way through the latest book that has captured my imagination. I can't wait to see you in the next live call!


to expand your orgasm, address the



Unlocking your deepest, wildest, most soul-tingling orgasms is not just about the physical...

Orgasming is a skill. (Not an innate built-in feature.) And just like any other skill, you can learn it. Increasing your somatic awareness (awareness of the body and sensations in the body) and pelvic floor tone, as well as cultivating orgasmic neural pathways in the body all lead to more pleasure, deeper orgasms, and a fuller sexual experience. 

I teach a somatically holistic view of sexuality. Your pussy and sexual desire are also impacted by your nutrition, level of physical activity, stress levels, and daily + monthly cycles. For optimal pussy health, we must consider the body as a whole. 

female sexuality is bio-psycho-social.

let's break that down:



The way we think, feel, and perceive our pussy and sexuality impacts how our pussy performs and feels during intimacy.

The mind and body are intimately connected. The hips, pelvis, and pussy can hold memories from our ancestors, emotional pain from past relationships, childhood wounds, and trauma. All of this can block our orgasms and limit our pleasure sensitivity.

The journey to a wildly orgasmic pussy must involve deep emotional healing and the nurturing of new belief systems about our body, sexuality, and deservingness of pleasure and love.



The heart is the center of intimacy. Pussy quietly listens to the heart - picking up subtle cues and information that the conscious mind does not. For pussy to flower open and gush from her infinite fountain - for YOU to surrender and let pleasure take over your body - the heart must be open. You must feel safe, seen, and deeply loved.

A loving relationship that provides true belonging, safety, and nourishment can produce this - but we can also cultivate this orgasmic state of mind within ourselves by first becoming the center of our own hearts, the receiver of our own undivided attention and care.

When you fall in love with your Pussy, your essence, and beauty - love, bliss, and orgasmic pleasure follows.

 In the absence of love and safety, we emotionally, physically, and sexually shut down.



Your pussy may also be holding trapped trauma and emotions...

Your pussy is responsive to the presence (and absence) of genuine love and adoration...

orgasmic expansion must involve all 3 areas: body + mind + heart

a program that ONLY FOCUSES ON finding your g-spot or superficial techniques DOES NOT ADDRESS THE FULL SCOPE OF FEMALE SEXUALITY AND orgasmic wellness

go all the way with wildly orgasmic

Learn how to experience toe-curling orgasms with natural, holistic tools. No batteries necessary! You'll be powering up your own pussy!

results you'll feel good about

No crystal ball needed, here's what's in your future:

Decreased numbness, increased pleasure sensitivy

Bring pleasure sensitivity back to your vagina, breasts, and more. The tools you'll learn will allow you to feel more sensations and experience pleasure in new places.

Orgasm with greater ease 

Learn how to tip yourself over the orgasmic edge again and again. If you're currently looking to curb a dependency on porn or vibrators, you're in the right place!

Feel sexually liberated and confident

Reclaim your wild pussy power! Shed shame and feel more confident in your sexuality!

*Exact results will vary per person and will depend on practice time and program attendance.

i'm quite exquisite at what i do.


At the beginning I was super nervous. I didn’t think I needed much help or healing in my sex life, but boy was I wrong! There was so much that I suppressed in my love life that was so unhealthy... but my normal. The insights I received from our sessions last with me every day.

Now, I’m able to relax during sex. To step out of my head and allow my body to experience. I’m able to go with the flow of sensations. It brings me closer to my partner and our sex life has definitely gotten better. I enjoy sex more which I never thought I could ! (I’ve always enjoyed sex). My orgasms have also intensified! It’s been a win all around!

When I went to see Yanique, I was not an open person. It was so hard for me to talk to anyone about my feelings, emotions, and sex life. She creates such a safe and warm space that I found myself really able to open up. She’s helped me heal child wounds that kept me from being able to articulate my truth! 

Her meditations are super intense and designed for you to safely talk to the issue, trauma, or old belief system that is holding you back from being your full sex goddess! If you're on the fence about coaching, just dive into it! Whether you think you need it or not, the answer will be: you will thrive with it!

Now, I’m able to relax during sex. To step out of my head and allow my body to experience. I’m able to go with the flow of sensations...


Before working with Yanique, I felt very disconnected from my body and my inner voice. I felt like I was stuck in Limbo, unclear about my goals and desires and forcing and struggling a lot. Feeling constant stress and anxiety paralyzed my actions.

Yanique helped me reconnect to my body, actually being able to hear my inner voice and listen to my intuition, while quieting down and accepting the voice of fear and understanding what she was telling me.

Reconnecting to my body enabled me to step into my energy, connect to my pussy, and to my power. Yanique helped me excavate my desires and the vision of the life I want to live, while helping me understand what was holding me back, identifying my fears around my goals and what they were actually meaning. 

My biggest win is feeling more self-love and acceptance. I now see my worth and feel more badass on a regular basis. 

Now, I actually know how to deal with blockages and overwhelming emotions so that they don’t run the show, while slowly letting go of perfectionism and control. My greatest lesson was that when I show up as myself I hold the most love, appreciation, gratitude and worth.

My biggest win is feeling more self-love and acceptance. I now see my worth and feel more badass on a regular basis. 

lara r., germany

I love the overall energy Yanique creates. We worked on some deep inner child and shadow work exercises together. That can be pretty intense and yet somehow Yanique kept the energy flowy and light but at the same time deep. It’s an amazing skill to do that and not something every coach is capable of.

 I have a lot of sexual trauma I’ve worked through and on for some time so working through a lot of these early pain points was very hard for me emotionally. I was definitely not looking forward to it but my desire to begin dating again pushed me on. At the start of coaching, I knew I still did not feel safe even entertaining partnership.

Now, I’ve actually put myself out there to date again! I didn’t even think that would happen for another year but this transformation has all come about in 6 months which is amazing. I’ve fallen into love with my body again and my conversations with men feel so empowered. I don’t think I ever felt this level of confidence in dating before!

Yanique's space holding is ridiculously safe! Again, I’ve experienced a lot of trauma and going into coaching relationships can be scary because there’s uncertainty of how that will all be perceived. Not once did I feel judged or unsafe. Quite the opposite and it made me feel as though I could truly make the type of transformation I desired!

Do it! Seriously just do it. It can be scary, we can create blocks around spending the money but it’s so worth it and the side benefit to doing this work is it’s actually increased the money in my life!

Yanique is just incredible... I’ve fallen into love with my body again... I don’t think I ever felt this level of confidence in dating before!


In the beginning, I was a little nervous, for sure! I had a whole list of issues for us to tackle, but the two biggest were wanting to fully enjoy being in my body during sex and wanting to connect more deeply with my partner. This had to do with tackling some of the left-over issues I had from sexual assault and a religious upbringing.

I really appreciated that we began from a position of exploring my desires in sex but ended up tackling a lot of the mental and physical blockages I had.

This really helped me see how sex is linked to my overall health and vice-versa, and I think it's given me a more holistic understanding of the importance of sex and intimacy in our everyday lives. The coaching space was very safe and comfortable! Yanique has a very nurturing, calming presence. 

I also loved that we didn't shy away from tackling some of the deeper wounds that came up. And the assignments outside of our sessions were achievable and helped me move forward with my larger goals as well. Yanique has shown me that this work doesn't need to be overwhelming - even when it might seem a little intimidating, she will be there to guide you through these challenges! 

Yanique really helped me add more fun and spontaneity to my life. She helped me to relax and find the right mindset to allow myself to initiate sex with my partner during the week. And her easy-going, very confident presence made me feel more comfortable discussing sex and intimate issues with her- which in turn made it easier for me to discuss some of those things with my partner. Yanique is an absolutely amazing coach.

...helped me to relax and find the right mindset to allow myself to initiate sex with my partner during the week.


easily and reliably orgasm, become...

wildly orgasmic

get started with pussy academy

"I can only orgasm solo, but not with my partner... will this help me?"

Yes! You'll receive "Hot Tips" in each module and guidance on how to incorporate the tools into your sex life with your partner! 


"I don't like to self-pleasure/masturbate and struggle with my orgasms... is this program for me?"

Yes! You'll learn holistic pleasure tools that you can use with your partner, if you prefer to play with a partner. However, you will also have the opportunity to explore self-pleasure more intentionally (step-by-step guided audio practices are included in each module!). Shame or limiting beliefs about masturbation may come up and that's why you'll have access to live sessions via Pussy Academy. These beliefs may be limiting your orgasmic potential, so whether or not you choose to self-pleasure, it's a good idea to work through these blocks in our live sessions, so you can become wildly orgasmic with your partner.

"I've never had an orgasm (solo nor with a partner)... can this help me?"

Yes! You'll learn a holistic sex tools to re-sensitize and deepen your pleasure. You'll also be able to ask questions and get support during the Pussy Academy live calls. The tools you'll have access to in Wildly Orgasmic are the core tools I use with all my clients.

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wildly orgasmic

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"Do it! Seriously just do it. It can be scary, we can create blocks around spending the money but it’s so worth it! do the work and you’ll see transformation in so many unexpected ways and it’s all beautiful."

Valerie S.

Unlock longer, deeper, more expansive orgasms

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24 monthly payments of $649

12 monthly payments of $1249

4 monthly payments of $3739

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