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EcoLuxe Yoni Mat Review & Live Sensual Tantric Practices in 2020!

March 15, 2020


Imagine this… a super soft practice mat for you to do all your yummy sensual practices on…. AND it’s biodegradable and good for the planet. Yup, it exists lol I’m as shocked as you are.

Last week’s bootylicious moon wasn’t the only thing I was hardcore crushing on… I recently got my very first yoni mat ???? and it’s by a lady duo that I’m in love with and just had to share my support for.

I met Charli & Anna in a beautiful synchronistic way and when they told me about their yoni mats (*ahem* they also told me that Mama Gena had one too and I totally fangirled) I knew I had to get my hands on one! I scanned their shop, saw the SACRED YONI MAT and fell in love! When it arrived, as you’ll see, I fell even deeper in love ????

Not only is my mat gorgeous, but it’s SUSTAINABLY SOURCED & ECO-FRIENDLY ???? I share more in the video, but real quick specs: these mats are made from VEGAN SUEDE, 100% natural tree rubber (which is biodegradable), and NON-TOXIC ink. 

Now, y’all know how important Mama Earth is to me!! It’s like my two favorite things – pussy & the planet – wrapped up in one!

I love Charli & Anna’s dedication to the environment, and they’re even committed to improving their rubber sources as their business grows. Gotta love women-owned businesses!

If you can’t already tell, these women are truly after my own heart – I mean, Earth-friendly pussy mats?! Sign me up! I am the Pussy Queen, after all ????

Free Live Tantric Pleasure Practices

In this video, I share my review of the Sacred Yoni Mat by the EcoLuxe store, the More Collective, ANNDDDD also how you can join my free LIVE Sensual Tantric Practices – YUP I just added 3 more practices to this month!

These practices are totally free and all you need to do to join is sign up here

I’ll be guiding you through meditations and tantric pleasure practices to awaken your inner wild women, heal trauma, and step into the most vibrant and delicious version of yourself!

Get 10% off your very own yoni mat

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget! Here’s your special DISCOUNT CODE to get 10% OFF your own yoni mat (which you can bring to our live practices!):

✨???? Use code YANIQUE10 at checkout to get 10% off ????✨

Shop yoni mats by the More Collective

Get the Sacred Yoni Mat

Alright, love! So excited for you to join me at one of the live practices!!

xoxo Yanique, The Pussy Queen

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