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Allowing for Death & Rebirth – Your Womb Knows Best – 043

August 4, 2020


My Queen… your womb knows best. This week, we’re diving into womb magic and playing with some potent AF energies. This year has been ripe with opportunities for growth and transformation. And when you align with your body’s intuitive cycles of death and rebirth, you’re able to transform with a lot more ease and flow. In this episode of the Woman Gone Wild Podcast, you’ll be learning how to tune in and channel your womb power for orgasmic transformation and manifestation.

Channeling Your Womb Power

So, why’s your womb such a big deal anyway?

Well, since you asked: Your womb is associated with your sacral chakra. In Tantra and yoga traditions, this is the seat of your creative power and sexual energy. Essentially, your womb holds your power to create – not just life but everything you wish to manifest.

In this episode, I’ll be inviting you to tune into a bit of this womb magic for yourself and see what’s arising in YOUR womb. So, get your journal out and listen somewhere you can sit in undisturbed, meditative bliss.

Inside the Episode

  • A simple guided practice for tuning into your womb
  • The “mystery of menstruation” that puzzled humanity for centuries
  • The real reason why we bleed
  • What we can learn about transformation & rebirth from our womb
  • What I learned on my July “self-retreat” and spiritual winter
  • Changes coming to the podcast this month!

Links Mentioned

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