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Partner-Friendly Pleasure Practice for Deep Body Love – Winter Solstice Practice – 059

December 18, 2020


The Winter Solstice Practice has arrived 🥳 And you can do this one with or without a partner! This year has been quiet the experience and this season-change, I wanted to gift you something extra special. This luscious, extended practice is like honey for the soul. It took me three delicious days to create and it’s truly a gift from my heart to yours. Whatever you’ve been through/are going through this year, you deserve to feel deeply loved, held, and cherished and that’s why I’ve created this pleasure-packed practice just for you. Close out the 50s with me in this celebratory episode of the Woman Gone Wild Podcast 🥳 (psssttt if you’ve been looking for sensual exercises for couples, you’ve found them)

What You’ll Need for This Practice:

  • A Mirror
  • Sensual playlist
  • Body-Friendly oil (optional)
  • Vagina-Friendly lube (optional)
  • Pleasure Toy (optional)
  • A journal for reflection
  • Partner 💞 (optional)

I’ll be sharing how to modify this practice if you’re doing it with a partner inside!

Share with Your Sister Goddesses!

One of the things I’ve absolutely loved about podcasting is being able to reach women all over the world. It’s truly been inspiring and motivating to hear from some of you who’ve been impacted by my work and experienced shifts just from tuning in to the show.

So, if you love the podcast and know a sister goddess who needs some extra body love, share this practice with her!

We’re all in this together and the more women owning their crown in this world, the better 💗

Spread the love, Goddess ✨

More Sensual Exercises for Couples Coming in 2021…

I’ve included some very special announcements in this episode (no spoilers! you’ll have to tune in to find out). But, one thing I didn’t add and do wanna get you excited about is more podcasts and programs for couples coming in 2021 🥳 While mind-bending sex and soul-deep love starts with YOU, I’ll also be creating programs that you can do with your special someone very soon. Stay tuned (and get excited! – feel free to email me and share what you wanna learn/explore)!

Inside the Episode

  • Intro to the Winter Solstice Practice and how to get the most out of this practice
  • How to modify this practice for partnered play
  • The Full-Length Guided Pleasure Practice for Deep Body Love
  • Surprise announcement inside!

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