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When Dating Becomes a Drag – 074

July 23, 2021


woman gone wild podcast, ep. 74, when dating becomes a drag

Are you fed up with the dating process? Longing to find “the one” already? I feel you. Last night, I found myself in the midst of my own great yearning… This is where I usually reach for my phone and head to Tinder or try to drown it out with Netflix (yup, I’m human too). Instead, I found my heart beckoning to me to go inwards… to let the full force of my desire engulf me. If you’ve also been struggling with loneliness and longing while dating, this episode of the Woman Gone Wild Podcast may bring a breath of relief… If you’re feeling starved for love, come and be nourished.

Longing & Loneliness while Dating – The Pearl at the Core…

Have you allowed yourself to experience your hunger? No, I mean really experience it. Most of us are so afraid of our hunger, that we reach for anything that we can munch on as quickly as possible. This is how we find ourselves in relationships that don’t make sense and consuming things of little nourishment.

So, are you ready to sit in the longing?

Are you ready to face the beast that is your own hungry, starving heart?

Are you ready to look her in the eyes, let her crash down on you, foaming at the mouth? Witness her in her wildness?

Underneath the hunger is a pearl… Come and see.

inside the episode

  • What 10 year old me knew (that I’m now relearning)
  • Why we avoid our longing
  • Going beyond the hunger for manifestation and soulmate attraction…
  • … and finding soulful peace – the cosmic womb from which everything is born

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