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Throat Orgasms – 046

August 24, 2020


When I experienced my first throat orgasm a few weeks ago, I honestly couldn’t believe it happened. While I mentally believed that it was possible, a part of me didn’t really feel that it was possible for me – so, when it did… well I was pleasurably surprised lol. So, if you saw this title and thought “Ok, now this must be clickbait” – I can totally relate. Get ready to have your mind blown in this episode of the Woman Gone Wild Podcast! You definitely don’t wanna miss this one.

What Do Throat Orgasms Feel Like?

I know you’re curious 😉

And I’m not giving away any spoilers! You’ll have to tune into this week’s episode to find out, but I do wanna emphasize as I shared in the podcast, that everyone’s experience of orgasm and pleasure is unique.

I used to read other women’s descriptions of what their orgasm felt like. I had a knowing that there was so much more that I could be experiencing in my own body and reading their stories inspired me… but also made me feel like I was seriously missing out.

One of my recent growth edges, and possibly yours as well, has been to be in total acceptance and celebration of the way my body experiences pleasure.

I’m sharing my throat orgasm experience not to add yet another thing that to make you feel inadequate, but to inspire you to do this delicious work, and discover for yourself what kind of pleasure your body is capable of. If ya really wanna know what it feels like, you gotta try it out for yourself 😉

Inside the Episode

  • The different routes to orgasm
  • The common misconceptions about orgasm and pleasure that keep most women stuck
  • The mindset shift around pleasure that’ll revolutionize your sex life
  • Why working with sexual energy will set you (and your sexuality) free, regardless of your age or physiology
  • How I experienced my first throat orgasm

Links Mentioned

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