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Summer Solstice Sensual Practice for Clarity & Desire Activation – 037

June 20, 2020

Ready to uncover your true desires for this summer? They may not be what you think! In this sultry summer solstice sensual practice, you’ll be connecting with Earth energy and uncovering your deepest desires. This episode of the Woman Gone Wild Podcast is one you’ll want to come back to again and again. Grab your journal, create a sacred space, and drop into this luscious summer solstice meditation and sensual practice!

Summer Solstice Meditation & Sensual Practice

What You’ll Need

  • A comfortable space where you can practice/meditate without disruptions
  • Anything that helps you feel sensual, tune into your intuition, and connect with nature (i.e. crystals, plant medicine, incense, candles, etc.)
  • A journal and planner (optional)

We’ll be working with a bit of pleasure in this practice. If you would like to self-pleasure afterwards, you can prepare what you would like to play with today as well!

Inside the Episode

  • What I’m experiencing energetically during this solstice and eclipse season (do you feel it too?!)
  • A fully guided sensual practice to uncover hidden desires and bring you clarity
  • How to access your intuition and receive the next steps to achieving your goals
  • The different ways of intuitively “knowing”

Listen wherever you get your podcasts.

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