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Stressed Sex – 063

January 28, 2021

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Couple cuddling in bed, how does stress affect sex?

So, we know that stress has a myriad of not-so-fun effects on our bodies, especially chronic stress. But, how does stress affect sex? Is sex better or worse when you’re stressed? And how do you mitigate the effects, so you can ensure more feel-good sexy time with your partner(s)? In this episode of the Woman Gone Wild Podcast, we’re talking about stressed sex and its effect on the brain. Tune in!

How does stress affect sex?

As you can imagine, your brain responds to sexual stimuli differently when you’re stressed. In this episode, you’ll not only learn exactly how your brain responds when stressed, but the ideal environment for pleasure!

When coaching clients, I take a holistic approach and, as you’ll learn in this episode, with good reason. Sex is so much more than fancy positions and expensive toys. If you want really great sex, you have to take a holistic approach because there’s so many other areas of life that intersect with what happens in the bedroom.

There’s already so many reasons to mindfully manage your stress levels, but if you want soul-tingling orgasms, these scientific studies might just give you the motivation to finally take up a meditation practice (or join my new membership program ✨ Slower, Deeper, Softer ✨ for sensual mindfulness practices, seasonal retreats, holistic sex training, and more!).

inside the episode

  • Why stressed sex feels different (even if you’re using it to decompress)
  • The ideal environment for pleasure and epic orgasms
  • How stress affects the way your brain responds to sexual stimuli
  • What happens in the brain when you are in a safe and relaxed environment
  • 5 ways to release stress from the body and nervous system
  • My favorite ways to complete the stress cycle and restore pleasure

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It takes a village of goddesses to raise a Queen. If you’re like me, pleasure doesn’t come naturally. Choosing pleasure is, well, a choice! If you want daily reminders to keep saying YES to your pleasure & your pussy, follow me on Instagram at @yanique_bell. Remember to tag me in your screenshot of this week’s episode with the hashtag #womangonewild, so I can share your screenshot on my story too!

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