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Soulmates, Twin Flames, & the Fallacies of Attraction – 065

February 12, 2021


Couple cuddling, difference between soulmates and twin flames

Which is better? A soulmate or a twin flame? In this somewhat controversial episode, I’m peeling back the curtains and taking a closer look at the romantic mythologies we tell ourselves, their origins, and how they match up with the latest science on love and attraction. Probably should’ve titled this one Love 101. If you’re dating or in a relationship now and confused on how to detect whether or not you’ve found a soulmate or twin flame, you’ll want to tune into this very special Valentine’s Day edition of the Woman Gone Wild Podcast. You’ll learn the difference between soulmates and twin flames and which you should be aiming for…. if any 😳

Unpacking the Difference between Soulmates and Twin Flames

So, there’s a lot of surprises in this episode. One being that the origin stories of soulmates and twin flames aren’t so different *wink wink*

I also had a growth moment preparing this episode because honestly I’ve always been pretty repulsed by the idea of a “twin flame.” And given the charged and tumultuous nature of these relationships, I just didn’t understand WHY anyone would ever want to go find their “twin flame.”

But, as you’ll see, I came around to the idea AND I also poked some holes into my idealized concept of “soulmates” too 😅

Are you Team Soulmates or Team Twin Flames?

Wherever you land on this spectrum – hey, maybe you want both! – get ready to have your assumptions challenged and take a real, keen look at WHY you’re buying into either narrative and what your soul may be longing for underneath all the stories and fairytales.

You might have a Santa isn’t real moment in this episode, but it’s my hope that on the other side you’ll land where I am right now. Looking for what’s REAL. Not the ideal. Not the fairytale. But, what’s really real.

So, forget your relationship status for a moment this V-Day weekend and let’s just get down to the basics – what’s love and how do the stories we tell about love, limit or expand our worlds?

inside the episode

  • Soulmates – origin stories, what they are, and how to detect them
  • Fallacies in the soulmate mythology
  • Twin flames – origin stories, what they are, and signs that you’ve met your twin flame
  • My biggest bone to pick with the twin flame narrative
  • How twin flames help us heal
  • How soulmates and twin flames match up to modern attachment theories and the psychology of love
  • The true unmet need under your desire for a soulmate vs. twin flame

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