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Soft Edges, Strong Core – Recovering from the Archetype of the Strong (Black) Woman – 004

October 15, 2019


“She’s a strong woman.” I’ve used these words to describe just about every prominent female figure in my life. My mother. My grandmother… but what do these words really mean? Softening, as a woman, may seem downright dangerous, but what’s at stake if we don’t?

Is a woman’s strength based solely on her ability to withstand unimaginable hardship, suffering, and trauma? What does it say about our society that a woman’s strength is derived from her ability to withstand immense oppression, silencing, and sometimes violence? And subsequently, what do we create in our own realities in order to be seen as strong and resilient?

Soft Edges – The Key to True Power, Strength, and Resilience

When we go through life cultivating a strength that is only born from strife, we alter our biology. We train our nervous systems to contract out of habit and anticipate attack, violence, and abuse. We think we’re getting stronger, when really all we’re doing is learning how to suffer well.

The practice of softening our edges gives us an opportunity to reclaim an innate and immutable strength and power that is native to our authentic, divine natures. As we soften, we become more compassionate, receptive, and fluid. Our demeanor shifts and our reality is able to twist and bend in whatever way we desire.

Getting soft is not about weakening our resolve or core essence, but learning to interact with our world and everyone in it with a fluid power akin to the ocean – a strength powerful enough to carve out canyons and gentle enough to house a delicate jellyfish.

Softening as a Woman, Softening into the Feminine

Inside the Episode

  • What happens to our psyche as we try to go through life with a contracted and hard shell
  • The difference between the strong woman archetype and having a strong core and soft edges
  • 5 key ways to soften and strengthen while still remaining open, empowered, and receptive

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