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Sexual Winters & How to Stay Balanced – 058

December 12, 2020

It’s a cloudy, foggy Saturday and the sun is setting. I’ve been feeling more like Winter each and every day since December began. I just want to hibernate and meditate and do less. I’ve been indulging this natural transition in my energy levels, slowing down and following what feels good… and I’m not alone. Many of us are also becoming better listeners of our bodies. We’re being more conscious about what we consume and how. We’re more intent on understanding ourselves and our body’s natural seasons and rhythms. But, are you honoring you sexual seasons as well? In this episode of the Woman Gone Wild, you’ll be learning about the sexual seasons, specifically Winter, and how to stay balanced so when that hot girl summer inevitably rolls around again, you can actually make the best of it 😉

Understanding Your Sexual Seasons

Let’s face it. Our society puts a ton of crazy expectations on all of us. And a huge one is this push for constant activity.

I was feeling this expectation myself this past week, specifically around sharing on social media. Honestly, I just didn’t have anything to say and I didn’t want to say anything either. I just wanted to spend some time in quiet contemplation and doing the “behind the scenes” work of my business. And yet I felt this nagging nudge all week long that people were gonna think I had somehow disappeared off the face of the Earth if I went 5 days without speaking…

Now, it feels silly writing this out, but these were actual thoughts I had lol!

And if you’re not running a public facing business and #cantrelate then you might be able to relate with the incessant expectation to be “on” all the time in other ways.

Specifically, turned on.

You might have this idea that an “embodied woman” is a woman who’s always sensually dancing like those women on Instagram or holding rage parties with her girlfriends or running around naked in the woods…

You might be subconsciously dropping one stifling belief system about sexuality and womanhood and replacing it with another…

Stacking on a new set of impossible to-dos and omfg when will it end??

Well, the buck stops here with this Queen, Goddess.

I hope that when you tune into this episode you can let out a delicious sigh of relief.

You DON’T have to be on all the time. In fact, that’s not how your pussy works. So, take a breather, put your feet up, let that Jade Egg rest in its nest… if Winter is calling, open the door and let her in…. 😌

Inside the Episode

  • What a Sexual Winter is and what you might be confusing it with…
  • How to know when you’re in a Sexual Winter
  • Why we freak out when we’re not “on” or a “yes” to sex and what to do
  • How to differentiate between sexual shut down and a Sexual Winter
  • Community Question Answered: How do you stay balanced in the midst of change?

Listen wherever you get your podcasts.

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