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Rekindling Desire for Sex, Love, & Life – 026

April 7, 2020


Sexual desire doesn’t just happen. I know, I know, it seems like it does – the lighting is just right… jeans are hugging in the right places… it’s pure chemistry and hormones, right? In this episode of the Woman Gone Wild Podcast, I’m sharing why desire isn’t automatic and 3 steps to consciously increase your desire for sex, love, and life. You’ll leave knowing how to increase sexual desire and keep it going for, well, as long as you want.

Have Your Cake (And Want it Too)

How to Increase Sexual Desire

Ok, I’ll warn you ahead of time lmao. I may or may not have lost myself in what felt like a 10-minute rambling about a slice of chocolate cake from Costco ???? But the point is, we don’t really know how to really enjoy pleasure in our society. We’re not as hedonistic as we think we are. We’ll have a fat slice of cake sitting in front of us, enjoy the first few bites, and then distract ourselves from the experience because our capacity for pleasure is so small.

This will leave you unsatisfied in the long run and remorseful when you get to those last bites (where did all the cake go?!).

In this episode, I’m sharing how to have your cake… and want it too. If you’ve been struggling with your sexual desire, or your desire for anything for that matter, this episode is for you, my sweet Goddess.

Introducing #AskthePussyQueen

And this week, I’m introducing a new segment to the show! Queue the drumroll!!! (preferably from Haim)

I’m so excited to introduce Ask the Pussy Queen! I’ll be answering your questions on sex, love, and relationship… and I’ve got a sense of humor so if you have an unrelated question that tickles me, I might answer that too ????

Wanna join in the fun? Submit your question, here!

Inside the Episode

  • How to have your cake… and want it too
  • 3 steps to rekindle desire for sex, love, and life
  • Why desire and turn-on have nothing to do with your partner
  • How to know when your desire has genuinely shifted
  • The first step to creating a life and love you truly desire… that most women miss
  • What’s really going on when you start to think “I want more”
  • #AskthePussyQueen Question Answered #1: How do you let go of a great lover who doesn’t give you what you need and often treats you like crap outside the bedroom when you just keep hanging on!?
  • #AskthePussyQueen Question Answered #2: Is it normal to think about sex a lot as a teenage girl?

Listen wherever you get your podcasts.

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