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Refriending Your Body – 040

July 14, 2020

What if I told you I’m married… and I’ve been married for a while. And so are you. No, I’m not talking about my make-believe marriage with Henry Cavill – though can we talk about that for a second?? No, stay focused. I’m talking about our very real marriage to our BODIES. We are all in a relationship with our bodies, and till death shall we part. And divorce isn’t exactly an option. We have to do life through our bodies. So, it’s time to check in with your most beloved love coach (moi!) to find out how to make this relationship one for the big screens. In this week’s episode of the Woman Gone Wild Podcast, you’ll learn how to reconnect with your body and an easy assessment you can take today to find out just how comfortable you are with each other.

How to Reconnect with Your Body

There are so many ways to start getting back in touch with your body and rekindling the love between the two of you. You can take your body out on a spa date, go hiking together, self-pleasure in the moonlight, try Qigong – the possibilities are endless!

The Body Love Assessment

But before you just jump into some new activity or meditation practice, tune in. Take the Body Love Assessment in this episode to find out what areas of your relationship are most in need of repair. Then, create a plan of action.

I’ve shared the assessment in a separate blog post, linked below. Print it out or bookmark the page and refer to it as you do the assessment in the podcast.

Inside the Episode

  • My relationship status with my body
  • Common ways we misuse and mistreat our bodies… sometimes without realizing it!
  • The major AHA I had around dieting and mindful eating this year (seriously, never going back)
  • A helpful reframe that will help you see your body in a whole new light
  • The Body Love Assessment – Take this quiz to find out how comfortable you are with your body (and where your relationship could use a bit of work)

Listen wherever you get your podcasts.

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