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Reclaiming Your Beautiful Anus – 072

July 1, 2021

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Tantric Sex Podcast on anal sex for beginners

And this one’s about your butthole. Are you a little squeamish about your booty? I can totally relate. I’ve been slowly reclaiming my anus over the past year and I’ve got 4 tips to help you reclaim this gorgeous part of your body and explore anal sex in this episode of the Woman Gone Wild Podcast. This is anal sex for beginners…

Mxn, this is for you too.

As promised, the podcast is expanding to include topics for mxn and couples! In this episode, I’m specifically speaking to womxn, but if you’re an ass-loving man, this episode is for you too 😘 You’ll gain insight about why your partner may be a bit shy about her booty (even when you shower her with compliments) and what you can do to help her love that glorious butthole just a little more.

Anal Sex for Beginners: 4 Tips to Reclaim Your Anus…

If you’re bold and daring, I challenge you to listen to this with your partner or with dildo (and lots of lube) in hand! Do the 4 steps together and set up an anal party where you both can explore each other’s glory hole.

You can thank me later!

inside the episode

  • The evolution of the booty in pop culture
  • Go beyond butt size… what may really be making you shy about your booty
  • 4 Steps to Reclaiming Your Anus
  • How I experience anal orgasms… without even stimulating my anus 😜

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It takes a village of gods, goddesses, and goddexes to raise Queens, Kings, and royal beings. If you’re like me, pleasure doesn’t come naturally. Choosing pleasure is, well, a choice! If you want daily reminders to keep saying YES to your pleasure & deepen your sacred sex practice, follow me on Instagram at @yanique_bell. Remember to tag me in your screenshot of this week’s episode with the hashtag #womangonewild, so I can share your screenshot on my story too!

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